Medical Benefits of Terpenes

What Are Terpenes? Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are found in many plants but are commonly associated with cannabis. More than 120 different types have been identified and each cannabis strain has a unique terpene type and composition. Several of these are known to have medicinal effects which may vary in efficacy due to the […]

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Update to Delivery Services

As we continually pursue providing patients with the highest level of care and medical cannabis products, we are making some adjustments to our delivery services. To qualify for free delivery, patients’ orders must total $150 or more of product (after discounts). For orders under $150 (after discounts), a delivery fee of $25 will apply to […]

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selecting your cannabis strain medical marijuana

Selecting Your Medical Cannabis Strain

One of the most important things you can do to help your medical marijuana products work optimally for you is to find the right types of strains that react well with your condition or conditions, and don’t leave you with any unwanted side effects. While a number of physicians agree that the list of side […]

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where to buy CBN in Florida

Discovering CBN and Its Benefits

There is growing of evidence to support the idea that access to non-psychoactive medical marijuana products has helped cannabis gain a stronger following in the medical industry. There is a significant portion of the general population (as well as medical practitioners) who recognize potential benefits, yet prefer to avoid the psychoactive side effects of some […]

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How to Qualify for Medical Cannabis in Florida

How to Qualify for Medical Cannabis in Florida Many people find they are curious about medical cannabis and its potential benefits to their health and quality of life. Those seeking relief from anxiety, assistance with pain management, or other various reasons turn to cannabis for a potential answer to challenges they’ve battled for long and […]

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medical marijuana dispensary florida

What Veterans Should Know About Medical Marijuana

Veterans May Find Greater Support for Medical Marijuana Veterans’ benefits can span far and wide depending on their level of service and service-connected disabilities. Things like retirement plans, VA home loans, GI bill, and (most importantly) medical care are all within reach of those who have served and qualify. However, veterans’ benefits have historically had […]

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