Our oral solution contains whole cannabis extract in a liquid form. The oral solution is ingested orally and can be taken with foods and beverages of your choice. The solution is alcohol-free. It contains natural flavorings to enhance the taste experience and offers patients with a longer duration of effects. Compared to other cannabis products, oral solutions have a longer onset of effects. Our convenient dropper allows for easy titration and flexibility in dosing to ensure that patients get a consistent dose every time. The oral solution is available in multiple dosage concentrations for your convenience.

Back in Stock, 8.15.19:
Blue Dream, Super A5 1/8ths
Jack Frost, Blue Dream pre rolls

Blue Dream and Super A5 1/8ths and Jack Frost, Blue Dream pre rolls are back in stock at all LHS locations on Thursday, 8.15.19. Available in-store only at this time.

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