Winter Haven

Address: 1285 1st St S, Winter Haven, FL 33880

Phone Number: (863) 656-5777

Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Jordan P.

Assistant Manager: Becky H.

Patient Reviews

Shaka was great
21:52 21 Oct 19
Very clean and orderly, pleasant atmosphere nice knowledgeable employee's.
lisa cantrill
lisa C.
22:11 17 Oct 19
Dodd Richard
Dodd R.
20:40 17 Oct 19
Edwin Castro
Edwin C.
17:00 14 Oct 19
Great knowledge of products and very helpful!
Mel Kitchens
Mel K.
12:43 14 Oct 19
robert girard
robert G.
17:42 09 Oct 19
Tina Carter
Tina C.
19:41 08 Oct 19
Staff very knowledgeable. Very nice lines not extremely long lines
Kathleen Hench
Kathleen H.
15:59 05 Oct 19
Absoulty Fantastic
Missy Holley
Missy H.
19:57 04 Oct 19
Flower was dry and leafy..
Deborah Hagan
Deborah H.
02:28 04 Oct 19
Such a pleasant visit from everyone when entering the store! Thanks to Holly, Jordan and Jasmine for making us feel so welcomed whether on the phone or in person!❤️🤗 It’s much appreciated!
Teresa Pultz
Teresa P.
22:12 01 Oct 19
Super awesome staff all around. They’re knowledgeable and patient and help you out the best they can. They’re flowers are much more affordable for that high quality good good. Holly , Jordan all of them are the dopest people to get your herbal remedies from. If you go anywhere else you’re losing out. Be smart and go to Winter Haven LHS. Look out for Holly. She’s the real MVP.
Caleb Acord
Caleb A.
18:08 01 Oct 19
I always have a great experience here. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable of the products. Holly & Jordan, thank you for your help today! You guys are awesome 😁
Elizabeth Kersey
Elizabeth K.
16:41 01 Oct 19
Aubrie Flint
Aubrie F.
16:03 01 Oct 19
Love there products and very helpful staff
Joshua Mendoza
Joshua M.
04:47 30 Sep 19
Jessica Noland
Jessica N.
21:00 26 Sep 19
Mary Brock
Mary B.
21:34 21 Sep 19
kyle Bumbalough
kyle B.
18:09 17 Sep 19
Quick convenient and a great idea to put in a bank vault
Dakota Boyd
Dakota B.
20:20 14 Sep 19
Love the staff here very helpful♡☆thank you
Anna Edwards
Anna E.
20:20 13 Sep 19
Gisel Fetrow
Gisel F.
19:18 12 Sep 19
Juan Perez
Juan P.
16:28 12 Sep 19
Rafael Liboy
Rafael L.
23:01 06 Sep 19
Pamela Bell
Pamela B.
22:29 04 Sep 19
Good services
Jim Fagner
Jim F.
19:19 03 Sep 19
This is a great time to be alive, I'm watching a law based on lies die! Cannabis has medicinal values and stops pain. This is great for people like me who have allergies to opioids. Liberty Health Sciences are great people and compassionate. Prices are lower than on the streets. Thanks to Liberty Health sciences I no longer have to break any laws to ease my pain. I'm always treated with respect and there's no way to express in words how much gratitude I have and love my pharmacy! AWESOME!
Donald Lewis
Donald L.
13:29 02 Sep 19
Just like a family I rate 10+
Tammy Pittman
Tammy P.
16:39 01 Sep 19
So happy this place is open for business
Lois Quinones
Lois Q.
11:27 01 Sep 19
Johnny Ratliff
Johnny R.
19:18 30 Aug 19
Jazmin was GREAT!!!!! She was VERY helpful. She is well educated on the products.
Queen Amanda Adeoba
Queen Amanda A.
12:52 30 Aug 19
Eric Cornell
Eric C.
06:03 24 Aug 19
Great service! Need to landscape/trim bushes and trees so disabled people can stay on the sidewalk.
R Cohen
R C.
16:37 22 Aug 19
Awesome blossom! Staff always friendly!
Leslie Sleepe
Leslie S.
21:38 18 Aug 19
So far, the best in Florida!
Elaine Morales
Elaine M.
11:11 14 Aug 19
Ruben Rangel
Ruben R.
19:03 10 Aug 19
Jasmine was incredibly kind and patient with us while we stumbled through our first visit. Great staff who definitely have a report with the local community
Chris Wojcek
Chris W.
22:42 08 Aug 19
Richard Bitter
Richard B.
19:21 08 Aug 19
Susie Nichols
Susie N.
20:16 05 Aug 19
james williams
james W.
21:39 04 Aug 19
This dispensary was good. The prices were very good and the product was excellent. This maybe the best priced dispensary I've found. Like all dispensary, their full supplies were not in stock. I would highly recommend this dispensary. First time customers receive a discount making the prices even better.The Blue Dream sativa is an excellent flower.😎
Stan Bass
Stan B.
20:39 04 Aug 19
Joseph Larkins
Joseph L.
19:26 01 Aug 19
Top notch services and products. Thank you 🙂
Randy Edwards
Randy E.
16:30 01 Aug 19
Some of the best flowers I've ever seen!
billy dehart
billy D.
18:26 24 Jul 19
Brian Turley
Brian T.
19:44 20 Jul 19
Von Marie Jimenez
Von Marie J.
19:28 19 Jul 19
Awesome Staff awesome flower
Paul Vigna
Paul V.
22:58 18 Jul 19
Joshua Dancy
Joshua D.
18:06 14 Jul 19
Employees are very nice and they expain everything to the fullest .But they need to stock up on the holidays. Have been out of flower for a week and i really need my meds
Sheldona Smoak
Sheldona S.
13:12 12 Jul 19
Ken Copeland
Ken C.
02:06 12 Jul 19
The people were very nice, especially Jazmin who helped me. She showed n told me what to do. She also helped to get the strains n strengths I have been using from elswhere. I will go bacck. 🐸all the prices r TOO HIGH EVERYWHERE.
Teri Higgason
Teri H.
21:47 10 Jul 19
Good prices and free coffee
Dean Longo
Dean L.
18:48 09 Jul 19
19:39 08 Jul 19
Shelique Lacovey
Shelique L.
15:44 08 Jul 19
Nicholas Richmond
Nicholas R.
17:51 30 Jun 19
Linda Wetzel
Linda W.
15:08 28 Jun 19
Very clean facility, very nice people behind the counter that serve you.
patricia brennan
patricia B.
21:05 26 Jun 19
Lee Fallis
Lee F.
19:27 23 Jun 19
jeromie johnson
jeromie J.
20:36 20 Jun 19
Professional, great service and products.
Marilyn LeDuc
Marilyn L.
21:03 09 Jun 19
Friendly staff. Clean place. Lowest flower prices around. Could stand to have more product availability.
Shawn Donadio
Shawn D.
08:26 08 Jun 19
Angel Rodriguez
Angel R.
00:32 07 Jun 19
Nice on the senses, sterile like but w the warmth of humanity. Staff friendly and knowledgeable. In and out service. Private consulting rooms,in case you want to consult w someone. This place is legit. And the prices are better than i could get on the street's.
Derbil Mc Dillet
Derbil Mc D.
05:36 04 Jun 19
Irene Von Leue
Irene Von L.
15:40 03 Jun 19
Super friendly and fast customer service!!! I love these guys and gals!!
Tricia Henix
Tricia H.
19:54 31 May 19
Beautiful facility I can't wait until they have more smokeables available in stock you better call ahead
Jeffrey Clayton
Jeffrey C.
15:29 30 May 19
Brandon Woodard
Brandon W.
01:02 25 May 19
Very friendly very helpful
Stephanie Justman
Stephanie J.
16:24 23 May 19
vfrwy velez
vfrwy V.
18:31 20 May 19
Maria Hurley
Maria H.
21:23 15 May 19
Quality products with, in my opinion, more appropriate size and price increments. The staff is extremely helpful, as one in particular took time to show me how to use a more tech-type instrument. Also nice to not have to drive 1+ hours for great products.
Jay Sykes
Jay S.
20:47 15 May 19
Aubrey Ferguson
Aubrey F.
20:08 12 May 19
Shawn Bowermaster
Shawn B.
16:18 06 May 19
I have nothing but great things to say!! Thank you LHS!
renee varney
renee V.
11:57 05 May 19
Melissa Pawley
Melissa P.
21:09 03 May 19
Very convenient
George Patterson
George P.
09:42 23 Apr 19
Great vape cartridges
Charles Walker
Charles W.
19:26 21 Apr 19
Very clean and professional dispensary. They have a couple "waiting rooms" that have comfy couches and TVs. They also have big screens in different areas with live menu displays. Product is really great and the price is amazing for loose flower.
John Monteiro
John M.
16:32 19 Apr 19
Gena Wray
Gena W.
18:59 13 Apr 19
Diva Dog
Diva D.
17:20 13 Apr 19
Dave Gebel
Dave G.
19:10 10 Apr 19
The best!!!
Kathleen Scarpati
Kathleen S.
16:51 31 Mar 19
BJ Beamer
21:32 27 Mar 19
Life saver for me
David Render
David R.
21:32 23 Mar 19
Went there and they where friendly and very helpful. Met the manager. Keep up the good work.
Tony Ketchum
Tony K.
01:26 21 Mar 19
Very friendly staff. Quick, understood the products. A little overpriced
Deborah Henry
Deborah H.
18:02 20 Mar 19
Friendly, informative, professional
Cynthia Prezioso
Cynthia P.
15:01 16 Mar 19
Sam Watts
Sam W.
08:10 16 Mar 19
Ashley Ramos
Ashley R.
19:35 26 Feb 19
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. No long lines to wait in. The products they offer are of great quality. The THC blend on the Mary's Medicinals works great!!! Pax pods are the way to go also. You know when your battery is losing its charge. They run discounts often and have a great reward point system💚 Go see them today and tell them I sent ya!!!😉
Misty McKenzie
Misty M.
19:19 26 Feb 19
Nice people, easy process
Naomi Barrett
Naomi B.
11:41 22 Feb 19
The folks that work in the dispensary are Awesome! They will explain things to you and give you a consult if new to it. Very helpful on suggestions as to what will help you best. Topical gel is the BOMB!
Barbara Stone
Barbara S.
14:48 14 Feb 19
Jordan Peters
Jordan P.
14:17 13 Feb 19
Reina Mirian Andujar
Reina Mirian A.
23:22 06 Feb 19
Great experience, knowledgeable staff.
Stephanie Coker
Stephanie C.
03:33 04 Feb 19
Tina Wakley
Tina W.
20:42 25 Jan 19
I visited their dispensary two days ago for the first time. The staff is wonderful. Extremely helpful. Great products and prices. They had my order ready in less than ten minutes. I'll be referring a friend also.
Baldassano Benjamin
Baldassano B.
01:26 25 Jan 19
Provides services to the community
Kent Vargas
Kent V.
23:57 24 Jan 19
Friendly knowledgeable staff
Chuck Yates
Chuck Y.
23:33 19 Jan 19
Great people great product
Joe Val
Joe V.
22:50 15 Jan 19
Zach Hendrick
Zach H.
16:14 12 Jan 19
Awesome Service, Knowledgeable Staff, David answered all my questions and made my first visit very comfortable for me. A++
Genoveva Serrano
Genoveva S.
21:49 09 Jan 19
So friendly. Gave me as much time and explanation I needed. Felt so much more informed when i left there. Great hours seven days a week.
Ursula Phillips
Ursula P.
01:39 09 Jan 19
Great group! Fast and friendly service! Thanks guys!!
Jeremy Nihiser
Jeremy N.
19:27 05 Jan 19
Knowledgeable and friendly staff, prices are ok
Tara B.
Tara B.
02:12 04 Jan 19
They took the time to explain everything in details, and answer all of my questions. Truly went out of their way to make me feel satisfied with the purchase. They even help me set up the phone APP for the vapor pen, very ingenious product. Very satisfied customer and highly recommend it.
Maria Rodriguez
Maria R.
03:54 24 Dec 18
Jenna Tiffany
Jenna T.
13:02 22 Dec 18
Perfect Weather
Perfect W.
22:15 16 Nov 18
Kaitlyn Fletcher
Kaitlyn F.
15:51 15 Nov 18
Dr. Seemed really concerned and family was clean and quite
R Williams
R W.
02:01 09 Nov 18