Tampa (Hyde Park)

Address: 2605 W Swann Ave #400a, Tampa, FL 33609

Phone Number: (813) 425-4744

Hours: M-F 10am-7pm | Sat 10am-2pm

Manager: Jordan P.

Assistant Manager: Michael D.

Patient Reviews

They really care about getting you the right products for your area of concern. Best store in town
Renee Boranko
Renee B.
19:41 19 Oct 19
After an extremely difficult time transferring from Michigan to Florida (make sure you ask questions, get things in writing had to pay two doctors before got the right script then could not get the right medication). Finally CannaMD came to my aide and mentioned Liberty Health Services cannot thank the universe enough for finally getting the medication needed so badly. This is the first day since moved to Florida that I am not severely sick and super depressed – Thank You Liberty Health Services this medication has rescued me from awful prescription drugs that make a person more sick than their illness does most the time. Thank You! Five Stars is for Product – Because was told a Manager would call me back or contact me and they did not. But the medication makes up for most of it except how expensive this whole thing is in Florida and still reeling from losing the $80 or so I lost due to the delivery mix-up. Ordering and Delivery: must give Ordering One Star as the customer service person who took my order told me a complete different thing than how the order delivery really worked. I was promised, asked more than once, that would be notified on Saturday as to when my order would be delivered sometime during the week. Asked again at end of call and told Customer Service Person then if the order will not be delivered till next week I am going to take a friends advice and attempt Busch Gardens even though had to take heavy medication due to no Medication in Florida for Four Months after Receiving Card (My Michigan Card is Over a Decade Old) – Went to Busch Gardens, not cheap especially for a permanently disabled person *bye and bye in Michigan disabled people and the terminally ill get their cards for $25 a year & no continues doctors’ appointments!” Fair YES! Michigan really has it down for really sick people. Just got to Busch Gardens and was notified my order was on its way. So ruined my friends day, and defiantly mine as I was on Hold for FOUR HOURS. T.G. the Order was delivered on Monday however, it was not what I ordered. So all in all something is wrong with this portion of Liberty Health Services but Thank God because finally got medication that allows me to function without taking anti-seizure medication and the dreaded auto-immune disorder drugs. So for the second day since had to move to Florida starting to feel like maybe I can pack up and go home. 
Jardin La Fleur
Jardin La F.
15:58 15 Oct 19
Great 1st experience
Karen Walkrr
Karen W.
20:04 13 Oct 19
Been coming here ever since I became a cannabis patient. By far the friendliest most interactive one I've tried out of 4. They treat you nicely, have patience, and answer any questions you throw at them. The space they operate out of is a little small, so lines may look like going out of the room and to the main doorway but don't let that turn you off. They work quick and efficiently I never had to wait more than 20 minutes even on a busy day!Bonus, they have discount deals from time to time and you accumulate points for discounts. They're amazing.
Alexander Casas
Alexander C.
19:54 11 Oct 19
It was my first time going today wow! Loved this place ....staff was very friendly....PLEASE COME OUT TO LUTZ/LAND O LAKES WE NEED YOU OUT THERE!!!:-)
Jeremy Messersmith
Jeremy M.
19:44 08 Oct 19
Vicki Knott
Vicki K.
14:19 05 Oct 19
Easy in and out! Fast and courteous!
Christina Beall
Christina B.
21:08 04 Oct 19
Juan Perez
Juan P.
19:08 01 Oct 19
LHS is great they're all knowledgeable about all products and laws and very fast in and out too!
Mike Delgado
Mike D.
01:41 01 Oct 19
Great place to shop for your cannabis meds. So nice and knowledgeable.
Miguel Figueroa
Miguel F.
13:25 30 Sep 19
This place is very clean, staff is super fast and awesome customer service. I'll come here for now on.
Kari Papertooth
Kari P.
15:42 27 Sep 19
Prices on everything except their carts and pens are lower then every body else. It's hard to go to anybody else after going here
william cichy
william C.
13:20 23 Sep 19
04:58 21 Sep 19
This place has some of the friendliest folks I've dealt with, in any industry. T This is a very comfortable and friendly place to get your medicine.
Javier Vidueira
Javier V.
18:15 09 Sep 19
This is my new favorite dispensary. They have by far the best prices on flower. It would be nice if they had indica more often, but this still now the only place I go for flower. Their prices on the other products are probably pretty comparable to the other places, but the Mary's Medicinals products do look really good. And the staff is always very friendly and helpful and there is usually no wait for service.
Matthew Levine
Matthew L.
15:06 07 Sep 19
Satisfied with my purchase. Great customer service. I'll be back!!!
Melissa Hasty
Melissa H.
22:27 30 Aug 19
Nicole Davidson
Nicole D.
19:13 30 Aug 19
Dian Olsen
Dian O.
17:22 17 Aug 19
Wezley Singleton
Wezley S.
21:41 15 Aug 19
Devony Butler
Devony B.
19:14 14 Aug 19
They explain everything well great product
c Carter
c C.
19:24 09 Aug 19
Top quality, in service products and convenience!
Sami Tampa
Sami T.
19:49 26 Jul 19
Tammy Robles
Tammy R.
16:49 26 Jul 19
Friendly helpful good parking, prices are good as is the quality
David West
David W.
23:36 25 Jul 19
The best medicine you can get for the price. Love!
michael trabold
michael T.
19:39 18 Jul 19
Leonard Cochran
Leonard C.
16:48 18 Jul 19
Tara Cano
Tara C.
16:01 18 Jul 19
BiigKush BudzTone
BiigKush B.
02:41 18 Jul 19
Carol Lewis
Carol L.
21:42 14 Jul 19
I’ve found that Liberty products have helped me the most. The ratings and strengths are accurate and the people knowledgeable.
Howard Miller
Howard M.
10:02 27 Jun 19
Wow! Just wow.. so nice to go to a dispensary as a new patient and talk to folks who KNOW WHAT THEYRE DOING. Try know the products. They take the time to listen and help you make the best choices for you!! I’d give 5 stars but FINDING it is a bit of a challenge—even with GPS. Signage is nonexistent and nothing on website let’s you know to look for CICERO MEDICAL GROUP—yes, suite #400...and parking BLOWS due to the heavy traffic and medical complex... not enough handicapped parking and had to park on the hospital side-not easily done with a DAV and 100% disabled patient/passenger with limited mobility.
valerie maud
valerie M.
15:56 25 Jun 19
Amazingly nice and informative workers I love this place
Just a Bit Random
Just a Bit R.
11:27 24 Jun 19
Very quick and Sam is the best sales man
Donna Rivera
Donna R.
15:55 08 Jun 19
Rob B
Rob B
17:57 01 Jun 19
Fig In Ybor
Fig In Y.
17:04 01 Jun 19
Very friendly place the staff is nice A+
Robert Prunn
Robert P.
21:13 22 May 19
Cindy Morgan
Cindy M.
14:05 15 May 19
Best Prices in town & quality is of product/service is A+..
Big Derek
Big D.
11:50 27 Apr 19
Dennis Griffin
Dennis G.
01:12 20 Apr 19
Great topicals from Mary’s Medicinals for all-day discreet relief - tender Jordon was very helpful!
Akira Gollihue
Akira G.
21:44 12 Apr 19
Overall I was really happy with my experience at Liberty Health Science. The staff was extremely pleasant, and also very well informed in regards to products and overall industry knowledge. The prices were fair, and the first time customer coupon was really nice. A pretty good variety of products to choose from with a couple familiar name brands as well as a few other ones as well. The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is because overall the store is quite small, and offers a medium amount of different products. Also, the store location isn’t the most convenient for first time shoppers. To conclude it was a nice petite dispensary that is close to the downtown area, and does a good job at serving its customers. Thanks guys!
16:26 31 Mar 19
ivana rivera
ivana R.
15:02 12 Mar 19
Benji Lewis
Benji L.
23:23 26 Jan 19
Liberty Health Sciences was recommended to me as a new medical marijuana card holder. I wasn't sure what to expect, but my first visit with them was great. The staff were wonderful and extremely patient and helpful. They guided me through the products and helped me understand what produt serves what purpose. They then let me decide what would work best for me. The experience was very stress free. I highly recommend them to newbies as well as experienced users.
R Gomez
R G.
20:40 14 Jan 19
Hidden as it is, there really is a medical marijuana dispensary here. And there’s a great first time discount. If you have a card, check it out. They carry aphria products. High quality concentrate. Low price on edible concentrate. Every place has their own “best bang for your buck” thing and this place is definitely best for sublingual concentrate if you do the math.
Eric Scott
Eric S.
21:51 11 Jan 19
Holly McRae
Holly M.
21:52 21 Dec 18
Staff is great and caring to your needs
Bruce Bragg
Bruce B.
19:24 21 Nov 18
Awesome place. They were super helpful and loved the new products they have available.
Zachary Joyce
Zachary J.
20:23 09 Nov 18
I have degrees in veterinary medicine...AND .I also chose to turn to Dispensary Management..because i saw how Liberty/Aphria team handled things, helped me to find research and consistent strains which led to amazing medical results. When i told them there was a possible cure for adrenal insufficiency(Addisons Disease)...and exactly what products would be needed...to my pleasant surprise it was already in my file to call me when the products came in. They took the disease and search for a cure seriously. And medically professional. The products...they stay pretty strain consistent..but if strains are unavailable, the same terpines the body is used to are taken into consideration and utilized so the medical effect i get this week my body wont have to try to get used to all over again. (Very important for an autoimmune disease as complicated as my own) ...i found the truelieve supposed 850 mg syringe lasts HALF as long and is only 50 mg less. They stand behind thier products( in case you dont know..when you get syringe, turn to right and be sure is tight before pulling plunger back..i had this happen and the plunger came apart) i lost only a 1/10th of product. They still gave me a discount for it...Theyre also the only ones doing cbn...and the medical effects of cbn are fabulous! The combination of Marys cbd & cbn capsules keep my body and mind relaxed and im actually sleeping without waking in pain. The staff...off the charts intelligent. They know far more than prescribing doctors and take full interest in patient care. Compassionate care is never lacking. Its been my PLEASURE to speak with Kyle..and im always happy to see him when he delivers. Hes got a great brain and i pick it often lol. Yessenia also went above and beyond ti help me find a dispensary when out of town to obtain needed meds, and Caroline also has gone above and beyond the norm to help. Ive been to all the dispensaries i could to see difference for myself. In my experience..Truelieve makes me feel like they dont take medical into consideration at all, as theyre always either out of stock or switching strains and it gives a "pushing recreational" feel. Thats not why I am there. Many others are very new but don't come near Liberties standards. They help you save money and work toward wellness ..thank you Liberty!! I couldnt have gotten this far (off chemo an feeling GREAT) without you. Thats a life changer. And liberty's products were what worked. The consistency and quality are there.
Judie Elliott
Judie E.
20:33 06 Nov 18
Great customer service and clean office.
lashawn lyas
lashawn L.
12:14 03 Nov 18
Great staff, prefer the Tampa office, better parking. LOVE the 25% Veteran discount and products are great.
Claudia Blake
Claudia B.
11:08 03 Nov 18
That's one of my favorite dispensaries cuz they always have everything you need no additives in their stuff very strong clean and guaranteed to get you really want to be.
ed kociela
ed K.
07:25 22 Oct 18
Best of the best!
Jordan Peters
Jordan P.
16:38 13 Oct 18
Richard Petersen
Richard P.
02:08 12 Oct 18
Awesome experience, very smooth. Love the atmosphere!
Toby Kadobi
Toby K.
16:48 11 Oct 18
Kevin Scarlett
Kevin S.
14:55 09 Oct 18