Address: 635 W Tennessee St, Tallahassee, FL 32304

Phone Number: (850) 391-7110

Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Jordan P.

Assistant Manager: Michael D.

Patient Reviews

The best store!
Kenneth Rozier II
Kenneth Rozier I.
19:07 18 Mar 20
I love this place! Wonderful people and atmosphere! The best dispensary in town!
Shelby Mantay
Shelby M.
15:30 18 Mar 20
Amazing! Check them out you’ll love it
22:59 17 Mar 20
They always do a very good job.
Frank Bainbridge
Frank B.
21:49 16 Mar 20
The employees are what really make this place great. Jessica, Char, Hector, Chelsea and the two Chris's are wonderful professionals that sincerely want to help you and are always genuinely happy to see you and have a quick chat. Out of the 6 months I've been coming here only once was there a wait time, and the prices and discounts are the best out of any dispensary in Tallahassee - trust me, I've been to them all lol.
15:22 16 Mar 20
Best dispensary in Tallahassee. Good products and friendly, knowledgeable staff.I recommend you check them
emerson flowers
emerson F.
13:08 15 Mar 20
Great store, And the staff is really informative
Eric Osikorobia
Eric O.
14:18 13 Mar 20
Liberty is “noka’oi” - The Best!Knowledgeable and Helpful staff, Friendly, Fast, and Happy to See your Face, Smartly Priced Products and “dakine” Shoots why would you want to drive to the other-side Capital Circle to that “Fast Food Dispensary” with half dozen cashiers and pay double?? “I BElieve in the industry, but remain Tru to my choices...”Liberty Health Sciences is by far, the Leading Dispensary Of Northern Florida. Just ask anyone the next time that you’re in Tallahassee.
Paula Brannon
Paula B.
19:54 11 Mar 20
Placed an order on February 26. My order was ready upon arrival. Char helped me out with my checkout. Everyone there was super nice. Had so much fun chatting with them I accidentally forgot my free magazine they gave me. LOVE Liberty and the products they sell - May’s and Papa’s Herb. Thank you!
Stacey Wolf
Stacey W.
16:16 08 Mar 20
Excellent customer service, great prices for the area, and usually a good selection of flower in stock to choose from. Highly recommend.
22:05 07 Mar 20
Amanda Register
Amanda R.
17:54 03 Mar 20
James Freeman
James F.
12:16 03 Mar 20
Today was my first time with the whole process and couldn’t be happier with the help and customer service from Shelby and Sabrina. Thank you for giving us the information in terms I could understand. Thank you - this place Rocks!!!
Kelly Holden
Kelly H.
19:06 01 Mar 20
Good products, friendly and helpful staff, my go to dispensary.
Cory F
Cory F
01:13 01 Mar 20
Excellent prices and friendly staff
Connie Nicosia
Connie N.
21:33 28 Feb 20
They have great flower and customer service. Liberty is a one stop shop in terms of value and patient appreciation!
Amir Benjamin
Amir B.
23:47 27 Feb 20
A very knowledgeable staff willing to listen to your needs. Excellent selection and product quality is top notch. I highly recommend LHS!!!
Ellik Hawkins
Ellik H.
20:28 27 Feb 20
Awesome place with great people!
David Tyus
David T.
23:04 25 Feb 20
Best place in town!!! Chelsea and the staff are so passionate and knowledgeable. Definitely the best dispensary in town!
Quintin Beechum
Quintin B.
05:08 25 Feb 20
This place is phenomenal with the best staff in the game. Special thanks to Chris F. Who always has a recommendation and a smile, Char M. Who is always diligent and honest, Jessica B. Who is always patient and helpful, and Bridge who I met today and never lost his smile even after the third time I changed my order. Also, thanks to all the other members of staff that I have yet to get their Names. Everyone I have met coming here over the last 7 months has been knowledgeable of their products, understanding to their customers, and professional in their interactions. The sales and reward point systems are also great and much appreciated.
Zachary Backes
Zachary B.
03:59 25 Feb 20
I love this place. Affordable, educated and friendly staff
Mylinda Sessions
Mylinda S.
01:03 25 Feb 20
From the staff to the products, the total experience is AMAZING! Top notch brands and people💜
Allison Purvis
Allison P.
21:16 24 Feb 20
We love their Granddaddy purp vapes from Papa herb
Consuelo Bozeman
Consuelo B.
01:04 24 Feb 20
Very friendly employees and knowledgeable on their products very willing to help you and other customers I will recommend everybody that asked me of this establishment
Chris Hicks
Chris H.
16:35 21 Feb 20
Love the prices.
gabriel gunter
gabriel G.
14:48 21 Feb 20
Oran Allen
Oran A.
00:13 17 Feb 20
Place is great product is amazing and people help all they can
anon owens
anon O.
15:38 16 Feb 20
Best prices in the area! Love the new choices!
Bryon Triplett
Bryon T.
02:05 15 Feb 20
Good Staff support. Thank You Chris T, Thank You Char M....R
Roderick Fisher
Roderick F.
23:53 14 Feb 20
Always come here for my flower needs, cartridges are great as well, staff is also helpful and knowledgeable
Andy Ramos Vivoni
Andy Ramos V.
19:19 14 Feb 20
Jerry Melton
Jerry M.
18:11 14 Feb 20
Best service, product and prices in town!
Ashley Jordan
Ashley J.
18:09 14 Feb 20
Great staff and good products, quality fluctuates but is usually good. They gave great deals and are very efficient.
Jimmy Reece
Jimmy R.
17:28 14 Feb 20
Good quality at a good price!
Melina Myers
Melina M.
17:27 14 Feb 20
Best prices in town!! Especially flower Friday. They have great strains and the employees are knowledgeable and helpful....
Trisha Shannon
Trisha S.
16:27 14 Feb 20
They are professional and very caring. I always enjoy coming here. Good prices Also
Nicole Moreira
Nicole M.
15:21 14 Feb 20
Best deal and quality for the price
Brandon Colson
Brandon C.
15:18 14 Feb 20
Easily the best dispensary in town. The flower is the cheapest cost but still very high quality and potency they also have a wide selection of concentrates at a reasonable price.
Christopher Hall
Christopher H.
00:45 14 Feb 20
Knowledgeable, friendly staff, full Rx product line.
Paul Standish
Paul S.
21:38 13 Feb 20
In my opinion this is the best dispensary in Tallahassee. Good products and friendly, knowledgeable staff.I recommend you check them out.
Johnny Williams
Johnny W.
21:18 13 Feb 20
Shop I shop here on regular basis. Staff very helpful. Good place to shop.
noh nameers
noh N.
19:00 13 Feb 20
This place has both the best people and best prices. Everyone is there to help you and very knowledgeable.
Glen D
Glen D
17:59 13 Feb 20
Great products at reasonable prices & the customer support is always great!
Steve Waller
Steve W.
17:04 12 Feb 20
Everytime I have been here I have gotten very good service and the staff is always very nice. They are really professional and informative with any questions I have, would recommend.
Justin Rojas
Justin R.
19:59 11 Feb 20
Great service, friendly staff very educated on the products.
Janice Clarke
Janice C.
00:01 11 Feb 20
always a polite and easy visit! one of my favorite dispensaries to go to, great prices and great people!
John Jeransky
John J.
16:59 10 Feb 20
I go to Liberty once a week almost and they always have great prices and discounts almost everyday the flower is always high quality and not expensive and the papa’s herb Vape cartridges are always fantastic. I would definitely recommend library to anyone in Tallahassee.
Cody Purvis
Cody P.
15:48 03 Feb 20
Great service! Great price! No wait!
Felicia Adams
Felicia A.
21:18 28 Jan 20
Great deals and a fine selection. Not sure how you guys are situated so close to campus, but I have no complaints lol
Seth Hypes
Seth H.
20:54 26 Jan 20
The staff is great, the store is nice, and the flower is excellent. Not only is the quality great, it's the best prices in town.
steve wright
steve W.
13:40 26 Jan 20
Best deals good meds very nice girls helping out
mark bullock
mark B.
12:41 25 Jan 20
Wayne Woodham
Wayne W.
21:25 22 Jan 20
Great customer service and great product!
haley robbins
haley R.
17:26 14 Jan 20
The prices are great, and the staff is so Friendly and knowledgeable of the products, side effects, potency, etc. I will not take my business anywhere else- Liberty has my business for life!Thanks guys for your help and hard work!
David Coppedge
David C.
18:46 13 Jan 20
Cindi Sims
Cindi S.
21:36 05 Jan 20
Great Staff. if they get more customers they will need a different system but for now it works. Prices are better than competitors. discounts are available that most qualify for.
Michael Grasso
Michael G.
17:23 30 Dec 19
I love this dispensary for their fairly priced flower and great customer service. The only reason I am not giving five stars is because they never have enough flower to sell since people tend to buy it all as soon as they announce they have it.
tristan jenkins
tristan J.
21:55 20 Dec 19
excellent service, very helpful and polite and nice product selection.
bob inguagiato
bob I.
21:09 18 Dec 19
Wonderful Staff and Experience. I'm truly blessed to have the oppurtunity to get all my needs filled. Super friendly and Helpful, Can't be a better stop
Ken Thomason
Ken T.
02:04 05 Dec 19
My guy who is Gregory sheetz loves this place for many reasons one great service two very informative three very friendly. I see happy patience .keep up the great work.
Gerri Murphy
Gerri M.
20:52 04 Dec 19
Professional and friendly staff as well as large line of options for your different medical canabis needs
Rusty Dyer
Rusty D.
13:33 24 Nov 19
Brandi McCranie
Brandi M.
16:37 23 Nov 19
Always a pleasure to shop! Awesome staff and great products!!
Sally Denmon
Sally D.
21:30 20 Nov 19
rondal hartsfield
rondal H.
15:37 15 Nov 19
Very kind staff, they were slammed after restocking and made a genuine effort to make my experience better after having to wait.
Anna Sandstrum
Anna S.
16:10 07 Nov 19
Great place, friendly, knowledgeable staff and awesome prices. One of our top 3 out of all the local dispensaries.
Darlene Burns
Darlene B.
17:04 29 Sep 19
Larry Cantrell
Larry C.
18:59 28 Sep 19
Fabulous...love this store..Great staff..
Lisa Edgington
Lisa E.
19:59 25 Sep 19
Best dispensary on the panhandle
Chris Kaczor
Chris K.
16:30 17 Sep 19
Slider Johnson
Slider J.
00:01 14 Sep 19
Great dispensary and even greater staff! Eager to help and they are all very knowledgeable.
Katie Hoffman
Katie H.
17:51 11 Sep 19
Ray Smith
Ray S.
20:45 03 Sep 19
Good service nice staff, but the best thing is we just spend less than 15 minutes and we were served
Kensy Dorn
Kensy D.
19:16 30 Aug 19
Latasha Willis
Latasha W.
17:44 22 Aug 19
Most value for my money, great flower. Nice discreet environment for privacy or socializing. Will be back. A recycling program would prompt me to add a star here. I am talking about packaging, but LHS is not bad.
Urba Nnaturalist
Urba N.
19:27 20 Aug 19
Very knowledgable and helpful staff, especially Chris and Char, who really knew their stuff and were able to point patients in the right direction!
Taylor Kurtz
Taylor K.
11:31 11 Aug 19
Nice variety of quality products at a fair price, clean environment and great customer service!
cynthia quinteros
cynthia Q.
17:25 09 Aug 19
Friendly, great prices, perfect product
Doug Crosby
Doug C.
00:41 04 Aug 19
Great staff and prices! Blue dream is one of my favorites!
Beverly Webster
Beverly W.
19:25 01 Aug 19
Awesome !
Tatum Vecchio
Tatum V.
15:00 01 Aug 19
This is a great place. Very fast helpful staff that care about you and full of great advice. The best part was the prices they where the lowest in town for a great product that's going to keep me coming back. Thanks
clay moore
clay M.
18:00 26 Jul 19
Fast and friendly staff prices are great.
Jessica Davis
Jessica D.
15:05 23 Jul 19
Great products and staff!
Hannah Ferris
Hannah F.
17:58 22 Jul 19
Love them
Dawn Avirom
Dawn A.
06:50 21 Jul 19
Hands down one of the best dispensary’s in town. The staff are all super friendly and knowledgeable as well. They do a pretty good job keeping flower in stock. Drew, Chris, and Chelsea are great representatives of their industry and company. Keep up the good work Liberty!I feel I have to comment on one of the other reviews. The one by Jacob Thompson. I too was there for the soft open. It was raining that day. I’m not sure how liberty is responsible for the weather. The part about the manager sitting in his truck for 30 mins is a plain old lie. I saw the guy pull into the parking space minutes before they opened(he drove from Jacksonville to help with the opening, I asked) he went through the front door, not the back and opened it at 10:02. I checked my phone. He was in the store for maybe 3 mins before he unlocked the door. I have never had a problem parking and have been at least 8 times since they opened. Can’t speak on delivery or the email Situation. I hope this helps.
Zachary Coleman
Zachary C.
01:35 13 Jul 19
Super a5 flower awesome! Great prices along with awesome deals. Will be a returning customer!
Samuel Nadeau
Samuel N.
13:42 10 Jul 19
Picked up a 500 mg hybrid cartridge , some blue dream and super a5 flower. Cart tastes great piney flavor. Super a 5 flower was a perfect afternoon smoke. Staff was amazing and super helpful. They offer great prices and lots of discounts! Will be back soon
Daniel Francis
Daniel F.
20:23 06 Jul 19
Clean establishment with professional and friendly staff.
Phoenix 8500
Phoenix 8.
03:14 04 Jul 19