Address: 16810 US-441 Suite 501, Summerfield, FL 34491

Phone Number: (352) 307-2177

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Cory V.

Assistant Manager: Jason D.

Patient Reviews

Had a pleasant experience with the ultra knowledgeable staff. Was able to get exactly what’s I wanted. Thanks liberty
Olives Gardens
Olives G.
20:55 18 Jun 20
OMG awesome 10 times better then the place I used to go to and half the price!!!
Charles Odessa
Charles O.
22:51 04 Jun 20
These people & their products are top notch! Always friendly, very helpful & just a pleasure to deal with from order to delivery! Not one issue & excellent customer service even from the delivery people! Great job, Liberty!
Janice Smith
Janice S.
00:13 23 May 20
Got my medicine quick, and I’m very satisfied. The consultants were very helpful even with everything going on. I will definitely be back.
Jesse stroombeek
Jesse S.
23:49 17 May 20
Great place
bubba mcclung
bubba M.
15:50 11 Apr 20
Tyty Clarke
Tyty C.
23:28 07 Apr 20
Ken Cox
Ken C.
15:40 28 Mar 20
I’ve been coming to liberty for over two years. The service is always great and it’s much quicker to get helped here than any other dispensary. Not to mention their prices are the best
Manuel Rivera
Manuel R.
15:46 24 Mar 20
Always friendly helps when asked upon about dosage. ❤
Rondia Pinto
Rondia P.
01:09 19 Mar 20
Dustin Colgrove
Dustin C.
20:00 17 Mar 20
Amazing customer service, and very knowledgeable in all they offer. My goto shop!
Blair Love
Blair L.
16:28 12 Mar 20
Russell Brey
Russell B.
16:01 10 Mar 20
Liberty Health has wonderful staff. Great quality cannabis. And they have a very cheap price which is always wonderful. Liberty Health Sciences. Is definitely cheaper and better than trulieve.
Nancy Holt
Nancy H.
17:40 05 Mar 20
Chelsea is the nicest and person ever!
ryan ryan
ryan R.
22:58 02 Mar 20
They have plenty of concentrate to choose from. Not all is discounted u get 15 percent off for compassion care. If your on Medicare disability.
Deborah Lindmar
Deborah L.
22:17 06 Feb 20
Duck Furr
Duck F.
15:08 19 Jan 20
They're quick and helpful
Peyton Piestrup
Peyton P.
20:46 09 Jan 20
11:42 09 Jan 20
So far, they have the best flower prices. Still looking & I'm going to start reviewing cause different places have different things. And taste is a major thing! Theirs tastes better than any other place so far. We'll see. I still think prices could be lower everywhere.
Chastity L.
Chastity L.
16:47 30 Dec 19
They are helpful here
Greg Rankin
Greg R.
04:32 11 Dec 19
The whole crew at this store is friendly and efficient. Their products are on point as well. Great over all experience every time.
keri hurst
keri H.
19:13 07 Dec 19
Great staff... very knowledgeable
Nate O
Nate O
17:04 30 Nov 19
Liberty Health is my go to spot! Always low priced flower and good cartridges! Luis and Angelica are always ready to help and answer any questions!!
Billy Williams
Billy W.
19:02 27 Nov 19
Good prices, awesome flower & pre-rolls 😉👍 staff is always pleasant and everything runs smoothly.
Diana Young
Diana Y.
00:14 22 Nov 19
Great bud and service. They always have what I want.
Philip Hague
Philip H.
13:56 12 Nov 19
Yeshua's Handmaid
Yeshua's H.
22:59 30 Oct 19
We were pleasantly surprised with our experience at Liberty Health Sciences. Your employee, John Lazar, was very informative and patient with us as he explained the products and how to use them. My husband has chronic pain and we were very impressed by John Lazar. He was completely professional and put us at ease as we explored our options. We bought several items and are happy to report that they have been successful at relieving my husband’s pain and anxiety. Liberty Health Science is indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful employee. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. We will continue to use Liberty Health Sciences for all our cannabis needs!
Sue Bartlett
Sue B.
00:22 24 Oct 19
Grabbed some Blue Dream a couple days ago and it’s great! Awesome staff also 😊 Will definitely be back!
Ionic Sphere
Ionic S.
02:43 17 Oct 19
Best little pot shop around
Jordyn Nicole Upchurch
Jordyn Nicole U.
17:15 16 Oct 19
This is one of my favorite places to go. The staff is friendly and informative, and the prices are amazing. The selection is not very good and they run out a lot.
Giovanni Lucciani
Giovanni L.
12:59 13 Oct 19
I’ve always had such a wonderful experience there! The staff at your Summerfield location are fantastic!!
Sandra Heussner
Sandra H.
17:11 01 Oct 19
Best prices in town. Good product for the most part. Short wait and friendly staff.
GNUH 182
00:39 20 Sep 19
Christina Higuchi
Christina H.
22:16 17 Sep 19
My experience has always been uplifting, the service is always great. The staff is very knowledgeable about the proper way each patient should approach his or her needs for properly being medicated , they always know the ends and outs of their in stock product. It’s a must visit since the meds are of good quality and great prices.
lance Brogan
lance B.
23:00 16 Aug 19
Always kind and helpful, great products and prices
Kristen Murphy
Kristen M.
12:49 05 Aug 19
Joanie Jacobs
Joanie J.
15:13 30 Jul 19
Nice staff, clean facility, and the best place to buy Pax Era Pods.
Josh L
Josh L
23:07 18 Jul 19
Great service!
Yippy Yo
Yippy Y.
17:09 14 Jul 19
Jan was very helpful and everyone else is so nice and friendly highly recommend liberty Health Sciences
Sara Doyle
Sara D.
17:04 14 Jul 19
Great place to go for all your dispensary needs. Staff is very nice and they work very quickly to make sure everyone gets what they need as quick as possible. Great staff and great pricing. I never go anywhere else.
Aaron Culbreth
Aaron C.
14:02 21 Jun 19
Great place. Great staff.Prices are unbeatable. Even if LHS is out of my product I don't mind the wait.
Joshua Ward
Joshua W.
13:18 21 Jun 19
best dispensary around
Rick Grimes
Rick G.
23:47 05 Jun 19
My favorite dispensary! These guys are always on top of their game and are able to answer any questions. They are all very nice and accommodating. Love their products! I highly recommend!
Cheryl Morrison
Cheryl M.
21:47 22 May 19
Every time I visit I've had a great experience.Affordable and efficient. Thanks
Joshua Ward
Joshua W.
19:53 30 Apr 19
dallas spears
dallas S.
14:04 23 Apr 19
Great place, love the pax cartridges!
Brendan McCarthy
Brendan M.
14:14 03 Apr 19
Always have a good visit at the summerfield store staff is friendly and helpful will always go back.
ron pekins
ron P.
21:18 22 Mar 19
I had the best experience at Summerfield Liberty yesterday. Ryan was a really nice guy, and very helpful. I was able to buy liquid and capsules in First 48, Blue Dream and Chemdawg4, all strains with interesting and strong genetics. Blue Dream's reputation is epic, the original Chemdawg is a personal favorite, and First 48 has some Florida bloodlines to be proud of. Of course, I tried First 48, and found it to be potent and well-balanced. At present, both the Aphria cartridges, liquids and capsules are less on a $/mg basis than Trulieve's.
The Graham
The G.
12:56 13 Mar 19
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff . Always recommend them for certain products.
Theresa Poplaski
Theresa P.
21:59 25 Jan 19
I had a good experience with a knowledgeable staff and the relief I feel with the CBD's is surprising but welcome. I am also thrilled with the veteran discount. Keep up the good work over on 441 by the Villages. Thank you Bob Valent
robert valent
robert V.
14:43 09 Jan 19
Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Karen is wonderful.
Barbara Lackner
Barbara L.
02:40 06 Dec 18
Staff was professional, pleasant and knowledgeable.
Carey Majors
Carey M.
05:26 10 Nov 18
Good product and great people that work there ! Veterans discount ! Always great and boy do we need it ! IlI' be back !
William Herndon
William H.
18:23 01 Nov 18
I am very pleased with my purchase and the customer service at this store. The first bottle I bought was only 3/4 full. I called the store 3 days later and they exchanged it for me. Thank You Liberty Health for standing behind your product. I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs pain relief!
James Giannetta
James G.
12:03 27 Oct 18
Best place ever!!! The lady that answers the phone for delivery’s is wonderful!!! I suffer from ptsd and I just got into a bad motorcycle accident so they have been great with delivering my products right to my house. The deliver drivers ROCK!!! Not only are they fast they are so kind and easy to talk to about the products I ordered. They Are very educated and very good at explaining the products to me. So thank you for helping me get my life back without having to take all kinds of medications. I’m proud to say I took myself off 10 medications including Zoloft, trazodine, klodapins, oxycodones, oxycarbazene, gabapenten, etodolac, naproxen, and 3 others I can’t spell lol. So thank you for helping me get my life back and for getting me off all those terrible medications. I feel alive again!! Y’all Rock!!!! Better quality products than trulieve that’s my opinion though. I just love this place better. ❤️❤️❤️ Let’s all smoke weed instead of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes!!! Weed is way healthier and I pray one day we can buy it in the store just like u can booze and cigarettes.
Deanna Strickland
Deanna S.
10:49 03 Oct 18
I love this place!! Great quality products and amazing and fast delivery. Best products around!!! Way better then Trulieve. Thank you liberty heath!! Y’all ROCK!!!
Deanna Strickland
Deanna S.
10:29 28 Sep 18
For being a first time user they made the experience easy and informative
Beth Bruneau
Beth B.
14:04 16 Sep 18
Liberty Health Sciences consistently maintains high standards of care, their personnel are well trained and compassionate, and their individual product counseling is informed and medically focused. On my last visit there was a 30% discount for Labor Day and the savings allowed me to try Mary's 1:1 Transdermal Compound. I am very excited about the way it works on my arthritis and FMS hot spots. Am heading back today to buy another jar under the discount. Wonderful product!
Lorraine Taft
Lorraine T.
15:15 02 Sep 18
I was led to an excellent Store, about 6 miles from my home, represented by compassionate and very well educated staff! The products were well represented and thorough attractive explanations of them in print as well as having excellent variety of those products with all that is needed to know on use and expectation of relief!! A very professional site any Health Care Professional would be at ease in their use for education as well as relief of symptoms.
Mary Maloy
Mary M.
00:33 22 Aug 18
Been here a few times. Products are of really good quality. And they actually taste and smell like weed. Wish they had bigger selection. Got a text from them new products coming soon.
Jason Tarr
Jason T.
21:53 06 Aug 18
Bonnie Schreier
Bonnie S.
18:18 02 Aug 18
Prompt courteous service. Great products!
Juliana Croson
Juliana C.
05:53 23 Jul 18
Very knowledgeable and patient. Make you feel at ease and you do not have to wait very long to get waited on. Love this place! The service is awesome!
Kathy Hayes
Kathy H.
08:38 22 Jul 18
Needs more budtenders, but has decent products. The 4th of July battery didn't work, but I'm sure they will replace it next time I go. The vape cartridges taste better than Trulieve's. Al and all, It's a great store
Evan Robinson
Evan R.
17:57 04 Jul 18
Better prices and products than Trulieve! Finally a descent fair competitor in the market.
Kamil Piotr Dąbkowski
Kamil Piotr D.
19:53 28 Jun 18
Skyler Levi
Skyler L.
14:28 20 Jun 18
The staff was helpful and knowledgeable.Will return.
Tom Mccarthy
Tom M.
00:31 17 Jun 18
Vera D.
Vera D.
11:34 14 Jun 18
The results of the medicine are excellent. However, the vape cartridges can clog up between uses and in the process of pulling or inhaling to clear the blockage the oil can leak into your mouth.
Freddy Prosper
Freddy P.
21:03 03 Jun 18
First time there. Staff was friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable. They were very helpful in guiding me in the right direction today and for the future. I will definitely go back and recommend them to others.
Eric Peterson
Eric P.
17:01 31 May 18
very professional, helpful and patient in explaining services
veronica murray
veronica M.
14:33 21 May 18
Cody was wonderful he explained the product so i could understand
Linda Kurtz
Linda K.
20:31 18 May 18
I'm very happy with the staff at this location,they are very courteous and knowledgeable on their products.5 Star absolutely!
Mark Avery
Mark A.
11:51 17 May 18
Everyone was very friendly and very helpful. Office looks very professional
Jan Griffeth
Jan G.
20:27 09 May 18
01:37 05 May 18
Very helpful
Michael C Michael
Michael C M.
16:52 26 Apr 18
Ciarra Hall
Ciarra H.
00:51 20 Apr 18
Benjamin Lancaster
Benjamin L.
00:29 20 Apr 18
Great staff! They are helpful and knowledgeable. They have gone out of their way to help me when I have had issues with a product.
Jess Montgomery
Jess M.
19:53 18 Apr 18
Nice place all very friendly and helpful
Thomas Southwick
Thomas S.
22:33 17 Apr 18
staff was very kind and knowledgeable. Didn't rush you and answered all the question I had. I will be back.
Danielle Nice-Domingus
Danielle N.
17:51 11 Apr 18
Ben Lancaster
Ben L.
13:07 10 Apr 18
Went in 15 minutes prior to closing, had a great experience. Blake was informed and educational. Product selection is probably the best for purity + potency combination in Florida at present. Do your research on products folks!
Mike Thomas
Mike T.
07:07 08 Apr 18
Great staff and a great young store.
Gary Cruse
Gary C.
05:20 08 Apr 18
Amazingly helpful staff. I started using the reusable vape cartridge but didn't know to buy a pen as well. I was used to using the disposable ones instead. They not only explained to me what was wrong but the exact thread count i would need for my pen, price range, and even what voltage i should use if I'm just starting to vape, how to clear clogs as well as to not over us it and destroy my pen.
Brandon Morell
Brandon M.
18:08 06 Apr 18
Very friendly and helpful. Didn't know much when I got there but realize now how helpful these products can be,,
John Roberts Roberts
John Roberts R.
20:20 05 Apr 18
Haven't tried the product yet, but the customer service was outstanding. The facility is excellent as well. Will post another review once I try the product.
Terri Green
Terri G.
23:45 03 Apr 18
Great place
James Remmers
James R.
23:27 03 Apr 18
Eric Meadows
Eric M.
18:15 30 Mar 18
Great friendly place with great product.
Jim Vitale
Jim V.
22:54 23 Mar 18
This place is awesome!!! Very helpful!!!! Staff was amazing!!!!
Shannon Church
Shannon C.
20:04 10 Mar 18
This company has been a much needed addition to the Florida cannabis market. We appreciate that they take a medicinal and much needed educational approach to marijuana as this process has been very confusing for many patients who are in need of guidance and informed recommendations. Thank you for having patience with those of us that need it and for your commitment to quality cannabis : )
19:34 08 Mar 18
Compared to others in the state, this is my favorite dispensary by far. Due to fillers being in competitors products I was experiencing massive headaches and no relief. My first time in everyone was welcoming but Blake was incredibly helpful as well as knowledgeable - he shared with me that I was not alone in having headaches from the product. He answered all of my questions and concerns and was able to help me find the right product for me. I have been using their products for over a month now and I am more than happy.
Alyssa Quintana
Alyssa Q.
19:24 08 Mar 18
So very helpful! Venessa and the whole team so professional and understanding.❤
Catherine Cousineau
Catherine C.
21:44 16 Feb 18
camilo gabriel galeano
camilo gabriel G.
11:36 02 Feb 18