St. Petersburg

Address: 513 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Phone Number: (727) 256-2362

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm

Manager: Andrew S.

Assistant Manager: Steven P.

Patient Reviews

Always has great sales! Staff customer service is AWESOME
Crissy B
Crissy B
19:43 30 Jun 20
Had a great experience, awesome service and very professional. Andrew answered all my questions and I learned a few things as well.
Erika Stepp
Erika S.
20:48 27 Jun 20
Great staff and unbelievable service every time! #Salute
Jamari Streater
Jamari S.
18:54 27 Jun 20
Best prices and deals around
Bobby Dare
Bobby D.
19:27 20 Jun 20
The staff here are always incredibly quick and friendly, and their product is typically the most affordable in the area
Nic Johnson
Nic J.
17:32 16 Jun 20
Great staff, great selection.
Antoine Santee
Antoine S.
19:37 13 Jun 20
Everyone was super nice and educated! And I know it says Tina Schlegel, that my, Tina Lulkin, married name.
Tina Schlegel
Tina S.
00:17 10 Jun 20
Rachel Reid
Rachel R.
15:08 08 Jun 20
This dispensary is helpful, friendly and they have the absolute best products. Their capsules can’t be beat in quality or price!
Kelly Walker
Kelly W.
18:14 07 Jun 20
Always have the best section of flowerDavid Sheppard jr
Cullen Sheppard
Cullen S.
19:55 05 Jun 20
As soon as I walked in the door, BAM! Clarissa was on the scene and helped me with everything I needed. Everything was in stock and the selection was phenomenal. Thank you for treating me as an individual and guiding me from beginning to end.
Mathias Padilla
Mathias P.
17:19 05 Jun 20
Great prices, great staff. Better options than other local dispensaries and good reward program.
John Doe
John D.
16:17 05 Jun 20
I Go To The St.Pete Location. Very Friendly And Knowledgeable Staff.Will Continue To Go To This Location.My Favorite Dispensary !!!
Anthony Vickers
Anthony V.
20:39 03 Jun 20
Kay Dauphinais
Kay D.
20:09 03 Jun 20
Ronald Betts
Ronald B.
15:48 03 Jun 20
Always good customer service
David Knowlton
David K.
20:37 01 Jun 20
Brenda Raymo
Brenda R.
19:17 30 May 20
Best prices in Pinellas county and very knowledgeable of all products.
Tracy Jones
Tracy J.
19:12 30 May 20
“The” place I go for my MM needs. The management and staff are second to NONE! I don’t even mess with the other places. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Dan & Amy T.
Dan & Amy T.
18:11 29 May 20
Best experience and prices in Saint Petersburg. The combined product knowledge of Andrew and Steven merged with the attentiveness of Graham to sufficiently answer questions other dispensaries could not.
Nicholas Kozlowski
Nicholas K.
15:06 29 May 20
Still the best dispensary I've been too in over a yr n half. The most important thing is the STAFF. I work next to a dispensary and I only go there in an emergency like I pulled my hip I need a patch type situation. When I go to Liberty, I look FORWARD to seeing my people. Every single one of them is so cool, helpful, and PATIENT. They have so much stuff I can actually afford that sometimes I change my mind and can probably get a little annoying. They never get frustrated. #loveliberty
a O
a O
11:35 27 May 20
My very first time buying, new patient, the guy took a lot of time to explain to me how each product worked and gave recommendations based on what I shared. Their discount program is great for first-time purchasers at their dispensaries, for veterans and first-responders and their even have a birthday bonus. Will be back!
Fernanda Estrada
Fernanda E.
02:17 26 May 20
Informative, helpful, fast and easy. Great prices too.
Bobbie Downs
Bobbie D.
22:03 25 May 20
Mike Burrell
Mike B.
15:35 23 May 20
Went in as a new patient during the height of the COVID19 pandemic. I had placed my order online before hand and simply went to pick it up. I was met outside their front door and they not only had me taken care of fast but was able to apply some discounts to get me some better deals!
Brandon Gilley
Brandon G.
20:30 17 May 20
Great Staff! Great products!
Peace Kalkazaraki
Peace K.
16:32 17 May 20
Good selection of flower and employees very knowledgeable
William Freitag
William F.
15:02 13 May 20
I am here every week. These folks are so kind, friendly, caring, and super helpful! They make you feel like family EVERY TIME!!!! I’m proud to be a patient of Liberty Health Sciences!! Thank you for always making me feel welcomed!! Xoxo See y’all next week!!
Christina Dixon
Christina D.
16:09 09 May 20
Excellent service. Pleasant and responsive staff. Reasonable pricing!!! Need to have Rx covered by insurance!.
Norma Robinson
Norma R.
16:09 06 May 20
Great staff and selection! All of the staff is very knowledgeable on the products and eager to help you decide what you need/want.
Chris F
Chris F
16:41 27 Apr 20
Awesome service! Patient knowledgeable staff and excellent flower options.
Lisa Close
Lisa C.
21:19 25 Apr 20
Bruce Barber
Bruce B.
15:49 01 Apr 20
All employees are very knowledgeable & professional. They are courteous while practicing discretion. For an uninformed consumer- like me- I was asked the right questions to insure the recommendations were specific to my needs. I had my 3rd visit yesterday. Liberty Health Sciences on MLK, Jr St. N in St Petersburg in my go to shop!
Karen daley
Karen D.
15:11 26 Mar 20
Friendly, competent crew with outstanding products. Always prompt service. Never had to wait more than five minutes.Had been going to another St Pete dispensary, but haven't been back since visiting LHS the first time. I could not give this business a higher recommendation.If you have to wait while they pick your order, check out the Gypsy Souls coffee shop next door. Also great folks and coffee.
R VanWyk
R V.
19:14 25 Mar 20
Best dispensary in town
Tina Baby
Tina B.
16:48 22 Mar 20
Great quality goods and knowledgeable staff, just wish there was a larger variety of products to choose from.
Dawn Murray
Dawn M.
23:03 18 Mar 20
Very friendly and helpful staff. Quality products and they will help you understand what they do and how they work. I would recommend Liberty to anyone.
L.T. Jones
L.T. J.
15:12 16 Mar 20
Henry d
Henry d
20:34 14 Mar 20
Best staff best prices in town as well!!
Doug Parton
Doug P.
16:10 13 Mar 20
After getting my Florida medical marijuana card I tried a few dispensaries before settling on Liberty. Why Liberty? 1. Knowledgeable staff that makes Intelligent suggestions based upon your needs. 2. Reasonable prices and a generous loyalty program. 3. Consistently have high quality flower in stock. And they have frequent specials that make it super affordable.Definitely my favorite dispensary in Saint Petersburg.
Timothy Fargo
Timothy F.
19:46 08 Mar 20
Clarissa was such amazing help, and great product overall! Worth stopping by if you can.
Attanaska Armitage
Attanaska A.
16:55 08 Mar 20
Always treated well at the st. Pete location. Prices for flower have been really great.
Resist the Itch
Resist the I.
04:33 08 Mar 20
Safe. Reliable. Courteous.
Kimberly Kuntz
Kimberly K.
20:16 06 Mar 20
Very professional and courteous staff. This experience is all new to me and they have been so helpful. Eric is always there with a lot of knowledge. Glad to have found this place. Prices are competitive and the points you earn really add up.
Karen Moser
Karen M.
20:48 05 Mar 20
Great people that are very knowledgeable and no wait which is the best
20:29 04 Mar 20
My favorite store. The people in the store are always friendly and knowledgeable. Great prices and everything I need!!
Diana Hinkley
Diana H.
16:03 01 Mar 20
By far my favorite dispensary in Florida so far..... Eric was my "CannaEducator" who knew his products,benefits and price points! Thank you for helping me to MAXIMIZE my 1st Patient discount! Plus I got the last Mango Haze Flower, (which is EXCLUDED from 1st Patient discount) BUT ECSTATIC that I got.....tha smell, taste and the FEEL EXACTLY as described!!! My Strawberry Cough pod for my very cool "g" pen, which is NOW my GO TO pen!!!! It's not Arizona.....but I sure did get treated like I was HOME!!!☺
mitzi barwick
mitzi B.
16:42 25 Feb 20
One of the best places for flower
20:25 23 Feb 20
Very professional and friendly staff - love the tikun product selection as well as papa herb carts. Nice retail area and they even have a consultation room. I’ll definitely be going back!
Jen Trinque
Jen T.
19:35 23 Feb 20
kenny fortonbery
kenny F.
23:05 20 Feb 20
One of the best dispensaries around, this is the best shop due to the people working there, such as Emilio, Anthony, Steven, Clarissa, and everyone else there.
Joseph Rabin
Joseph R.
19:37 19 Feb 20
Best. Prices. Period.
Alexander Corrigan
Alexander C.
02:47 17 Feb 20
Julie Bellitt
Julie B.
22:57 13 Feb 20
Legal weed my friends. LEGAL😆
TJ Toscano
07:28 13 Feb 20
#libertyhealthsciences #iheartmaryjane #Bestmedicalmarijuana I love liberty Health Sciences St Petersburg has helped me with so much of the varieties of medical cannabis for seizures heart condition digestive all the way to a wisdom tooth pain thank you Liberty Health for being in Florida! Definitely worth a visit and with daily specials & safe environment to talk To the staff that have excellent knowledge 🙏🙏🙏😄😄😄😄
Invisible Girl
Invisible G.
19:08 10 Feb 20
Will help me out very much would you name Janet with beautiful and she's a goddess or what She's a Queen was beautiful person and I my life the other
Victor Myers
Victor M.
21:58 09 Feb 20
Barbara Bachmura
Barbara B.
19:17 07 Feb 20
Still the best place to find the cheapest and still potent medicine for patients. Staff is fast and very helpful as well!
Donnie Harris
Donnie H.
18:15 07 Feb 20
Anthony gave me a private consultation and helped to choose the products that will hopefully get me started on the right track. What a lovely facility and everyone is very friendly.
vanessa segraves
vanessa S.
21:58 06 Feb 20
I love Liberty Health Sciences in St Pete. The staff is always very knowledgeable and patient. They take the time to explain the products very well. Every recommendation the staff has given me has been a home run. On my last visit, Clarissa was very helpful and took very good care of me. It's by far my favorite Dispensary.
Daniel S
Daniel S
01:18 06 Feb 20
Jay Karsevar
Jay K.
21:12 31 Jan 20
Staff is knowledgeable, wait is never long, and Clarissa makes each visit an experience. I go here on my lunch break instead of other dispensaries near my home.
jordan patterson
jordan P.
17:46 31 Jan 20
Great experience. Staff is informative and friendly.
Todd Huffman
Todd H.
01:14 28 Jan 20
Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable especially Anthony. Very satisfied with the service. Flower prices are better than anywhere else.
Thomas Daughtry
Thomas D.
17:21 26 Jan 20
One of the best dispensaries in Florida
Nathan Perryman
Nathan P.
20:04 24 Jan 20
Great place great staff
Jason Lee
Jason L.
16:39 24 Jan 20
New customer felt welcomed and informed on what was the best product for my ailment!
Bridget Newell
Bridget N.
04:23 24 Jan 20
Great place, love the atmosphere!
Jp Markou
Jp M.
21:20 19 Jan 20
Erinn Seltzer
Erinn S.
21:29 17 Jan 20
My first experience here was great. The 40% discount currently running on a variety of products was an awesome surprise. Thanks, LHS! I wish they had a store located in mid-Pinellas. It’s interesting to compare various dispensary’s decor and atmosphere. This dispensary is set up as a storefront business with no front waiting area, control of entry to dispensing area or apparent security guard (comparable to dispensaries in recreational states like Alaska). So why do other local dispensaries make it seem like the customer is gaining entry to Fort Knox? Seriously, why such a different approach to operations?
J Thomas
J T.
16:49 16 Jan 20
Very nice dispensary! And the best place for flower!
Conner Wiegold
Conner W.
23:34 14 Jan 20
Cool store! friendly staff! great products! Nice flower price price
Scott McMeekin
Scott M.
18:53 14 Jan 20
Great location, parking could be better but they always have what I need in stock and Emilio is the coolest guy, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
Drew Yamaha
Drew Y.
18:47 13 Jan 20
I would recommend this place. The people there are great and very helpful. It’s the only dispensary I go to. Also, very convenient!
Chelsea Kellams
Chelsea K.
16:42 13 Jan 20
THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKIN BOUT GR8 Flower Less Cost Super Helpful Staff (Mango is my Fav only $40) Ask bout Popcorn Only $23 WOW all little buds Discount Program as you go Can Pay very Convient ATM at this location Free Delivery Paying State of Florida every 7 mos and Doctor every 11 mos keeping product cost down is very important to me Calling on phone very efficient service also They have No Hassel Policy for Caregivers to be able to pick up for me as I am Homebound and painful to get out right now Only downside is parking or lack of it. My Caregiver Parks at Save A Lot next door slip in there for bargins then Liberty to pick up Medication THANK YOU LIBERTY FOR RESTORING MY LIBERTY
Patricia Mckown
Patricia M.
22:38 12 Jan 20
Knowledgeable friendly staff and good prices
Ed Stone
Ed S.
05:17 12 Jan 20
"Well it was there ready there was no wait and the staff is very helpful and the loyalty program through liberty and would recommend this place either ordering online or walking in store.will definitely be using this service again.also if u haven't checked out the 35$ papa's herbs cartridge. Hands down beat deal around."
J Weezy
J W.
16:54 11 Jan 20
Good flower and dope prices.. #FlowerFridaysRule
Tom of Steel
Tom of S.
19:15 10 Jan 20
Livi Simons
Livi S.
18:11 10 Jan 20
Always helpful & usually in stock
Kathy Porter
Kathy P.
01:41 10 Jan 20
I truly enjoy this dispensary. The guys and lady are cool down to earth not trying to over sell you. When you walk in you are greeted with a friendly hello . Andrew and Steve are truly nice. There is a black women there is very helpful I don’t know her name but she always has a smile. I don’t go to any other dispensary at all. The flowers are always at a reasonable price. The products sell themselves.
Noni Sarabia
Noni S.
16:47 06 Jan 20
Great place friendly staff great prices the absolute best
Jay K
Jay K
11:43 04 Jan 20
Liberty Health Sciences staff is Awesome. They really want to help you get your medication and do well.
Jason Hodapp
Jason H.
21:02 03 Jan 20
Great experience and Clarissa is the best person on planet Earth!
Gamer Tag
Gamer T.
15:39 03 Jan 20
Russell Agar
Russell A.
16:51 28 Dec 19
The staff alone make Liberty worth visiting. They are knowledgeable, fast, and nice, even when it’s crazy busy. I love their deals, rewards, PRICES, and selection.
Susan Jackson
Susan J.
15:54 28 Dec 19
The staff here is amazing. Products have always been good quality. This is for sure my favorite despensary
Tiffany Ellis
Tiffany E.
15:51 28 Dec 19
Edward March
Edward M.
23:45 27 Dec 19
Chris Connelly
Chris C.
01:53 27 Dec 19
Knowledgeable staff answered all my questions and we're very helpful I would recommend them for quality and price
Martin Greenwald
Martin G.
00:46 24 Dec 19
Best med dispensary around. These guys know their stuff. Fantastic product, fantastic service.
Danny Borneo
Danny B.
23:00 19 Dec 19
Ernest Elliott
Ernest E.
22:24 12 Dec 19
Sean Heggan
Sean H.
19:38 11 Dec 19
Quality product and a great price would recommend
j sla
j S.
00:46 10 Dec 19
Ash Fitzgerald
Ash F.
12:19 07 Dec 19
Bill LeBlanc
Bill L.
21:13 01 Dec 19
Everyone is super friendly and it's quick and easy!
Alicia Custer
Alicia C.
22:49 26 Nov 19
The staff here are so friendly! I enjoy this company and store so much that i wouldnt mind hanging around all day! Lol....two thumbs WAY WAAAYY UP!!!!
Danielle DeTomaso
Danielle D.
21:58 24 Nov 19
Best flower prices by far
Paul Pizzlewizzle
Paul P.
16:13 23 Nov 19
This is one of my favorite dispensaries!! Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. They really make the effort with their clients and it shows.
Ashley Wilkins
Ashley W.
21:16 20 Nov 19
LHS St. Petersburg has great deal$ and short wait times! I always find parking very easily and the staff members are kind and knowledgeable. Recommend you check it out!!
Mary K
Mary K
15:21 19 Nov 19
Great for patients who want to stay away from pharmaceutical medication best natural medication alternative staff is super friendly very professional
Bruce Bragg
Bruce B.
17:16 16 Nov 19
the store staff was friendly and knowledgeable.
Montoya Walker
Montoya W.
18:28 11 Nov 19
Great place for patients. Staff is very friendly and informative. Definitely recommend.
John Monteiro
John M.
12:44 10 Nov 19
Amazing organization. Professional, highly knowledgeable and Always Friendly Staff! Great values and incentives too!
C. M. McDermott
C. M. M.
16:16 08 Nov 19
Awesome place. Good product
John Porth
John P.
18:17 04 Nov 19
Best dispensary hands down! Fantastic staff, great prices and product. Friendly and super knowledgeable staff. I now go only to LHS!!
Danielle Corradeno
Danielle C.
15:34 04 Nov 19
Awesome staff, I always feel welcome and they’re always efficient 🤗🤗
Rissa Williams
Rissa W.
15:13 01 Nov 19
Great downtown location with knowledgeble and hard working staff. Fair prices and great opportunities for discounts through promotional specials. Manager Andrew is top notch and always ready to assist.
Seth Tilow
Seth T.
13:42 31 Oct 19
People are awesome and friendly. Process very affordable
Sara Jaehnig
Sara J.
18:15 28 Oct 19
Great staff always friendly very knowledgeable, and affordable prices.
Brittany Norris
Brittany N.
18:15 28 Oct 19
Great experience with the team in Palm Harbor. Sam was very helpful and was able to help me get in and out very quickly.
Blaze 420
Blaze 4.
18:06 28 Oct 19
This is written for a patient friend named Joseph Winfield that could not log in to write a review. The staff at the St Petersburg location is as professional and knowledgeable as a patient could ask for. The team has a great manager that keeps his group prepared. Even on those ever popular flower sale days that pack the place the team works efficiently so as no patient has a long delay. Thanks again.
Rania Chamoun
Rania C.
12:16 27 Oct 19
This is the best place I have ever been to they are so professional and so nice I would never go any place else
Ann Dag
Ann D.
20:26 26 Oct 19
I love this place! Great staff...very professional and informed if you are new to this. My go to spot!
Del Coy
Del C.
18:04 24 Oct 19
Great priced eighths, friendly staff, nice atmosphere. No complaints, great location in St. Pete!
Haley Brummett
Haley B.
19:01 21 Oct 19
Eric is amazing! He’s always so helpful and informative and he never has a bad attitude. He makes each visit so much easier!
Corrianne Valentino
Corrianne V.
23:01 14 Oct 19
Love going to liberty , everyone is so nice and helpful
Elise Gates
Elise G.
21:21 11 Oct 19
My first visit to liberty Health sciences in Palm Harbor exceeded my expectations. A very knowledgeable and friendly staff member sat me down in a private office and explained in detail their product line and which would serve me best. They were spot on with their choices for me and I couldn’t be happier. With great products, prices and a points reward system , Liberty is the best deal in town.
22:48 10 Oct 19
Kym Gerlick
Kym G.
22:13 09 Oct 19
Good flower. Great customer service.
21:03 08 Oct 19
Beth Faulkner
Beth F.
23:48 05 Oct 19
Great place! Helpful knowledge friendly staff! Make you feel very comfortable. Excellent prices. Pax is good so far.
James Flynn
James F.
18:37 05 Oct 19
The best dispensary around. Always has what I need in stock and fair prices to go with it.
Joe Yaeger
Joe Y.
14:47 04 Oct 19
Great service great deals. Be warned: They are so popular you are best off checking online if they have what you want in stock
John Phantom
John P.
00:16 01 Oct 19
Jamie Dove
Jamie D.
11:52 27 Sep 19
Great friendly service!!! Great product!!!! Will definitely be back.
Melissa Hasty
Melissa H.
17:35 22 Sep 19
Reshunda Floyd
Reshunda F.
16:23 19 Sep 19
Nice people
Patrick McAuliffe
Patrick M.
02:43 15 Sep 19
Very nice place and helpful staff! I look forward to going back!
Eric C
Eric C
00:25 14 Sep 19
Matt Snikwah
Matt S.
16:40 11 Sep 19
Great discounts always get quality smokable very nice staff very knowledgable no long waits all in all great experience with Liberty
Ninja Hyper
Ninja H.
17:04 08 Sep 19
While I have the option to choose from many dispensaries, most often I choose Liberty Health Sciences. I find the selection and quality of their products to be excellent and their pricing is the best around. Those facts, coupled with a knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff make Liberty Health Sciences my "go to" dispensary.
arlene abrams-bernstein
arlene A.
16:18 01 Sep 19
jason greiner
jason G.
20:08 31 Aug 19
Everyone at liberty are very nice 👍 to deal with and best prices thanks 😊 liberty Charlie Wells
Charlie Wells
Charlie W.
18:07 31 Aug 19
Lena Roberts
Lena R.
22:57 30 Aug 19
The Real Mook Scoop!
The Real Mook S.
21:43 29 Aug 19
Great prices and friendly employees. I love LHS
Austin H
Austin H
21:35 28 Aug 19
Marcia Fuson
Marcia F.
20:28 24 Aug 19
derrick r kearney
derrick r K.
18:15 24 Aug 19
Nice variety of products including flower, topical, capsules and distalate. Missing shatter, crumble, and rosin type products. Fairly friendly staff.
Meredith Hudson-Bourdeau
Meredith H.
14:25 21 Aug 19
Rhetorikal Musek
Rhetorikal M.
14:52 16 Aug 19
Great prices and great staff.. Pain can be controlled with there product.. Flower here is Great
Maureen Dearborn
Maureen D.
21:58 15 Aug 19
They are so helpful and knowledgeable about the product. Everyone is kind here!
Jamie Jacobson
Jamie J.
20:53 12 Aug 19
25% off for Veterans on great products. Just walked out with a quarter of beautiful bud for $42!! You read that right
John Stewart
John S.
19:15 07 Aug 19
David Yarish
David Y.
14:59 07 Aug 19
Annette Holland
Annette H.
00:01 03 Aug 19
The nicest people and great product
Rodney Hollinshed
Rodney H.
20:13 02 Aug 19
I go to the LHS store in Palm Harbor where the staff are extremely helpful. Sam has helped me to realize the benefits of other cannabinoids like CBN and CBD. I am now a big fan of the transdermal patches by Mary’s. LHS concentrates are excellent for making my own eatables, especially the Blue Dream strain. Thank you LHS for making cancer bearable and life way better.😎🇻🇮
Thomas Connors
Thomas C.
21:08 01 Aug 19
Great products and company
Aliza Norstein
Aliza N.
17:19 24 Jul 19
Excellent every time the an you Austin
Alice Kenefick
Alice K.
16:25 21 Jul 19
Great people Great product Great prices
Laura Smedley
Laura S.
23:49 19 Jul 19
Angela O'Rorke
Angela O.
14:28 19 Jul 19
I enjoy what ever I buy here
Sandy Johnston
Sandy J.
15:24 16 Jul 19
Michael Machado
Michael M.
02:17 13 Jul 19
Lane Malitia
Lane M.
14:23 12 Jul 19
This place is awesome!
Ken Jensen
Ken J.
19:03 02 Jul 19
I recently visited Liberty Health Science in Palm Harbor Fl and my experience was pleasurable. The Establishment was clean and with good vibes. (Love the colors)The wait time was minimum and the staff was awesome. Thank you. God Bless.
Kimber Wolfe
Kimber W.
20:08 28 Jun 19
Very friendly and awesome staff. Definitely will be returning here!!
Amy Gonzalez
Amy G.
16:30 27 Jun 19
Good quality, friendly staff, lots of bargains. Save money on flower at Liberty. The rest are overpriced.
James Nesselroad
James N.
13:52 26 Jun 19
Great in and out and they had exactly what I wanted I will definitely be coming back
Anthony Rogers
Anthony R.
14:44 20 Jun 19
Best prices that I have found in any of the dispensaries that I have been using. I love the selection and the staff is very efficient and friendly.
Roger Catron
Roger C.
17:28 19 Jun 19
The staff at this dispensary are knowledgeable and professional. All my questions were answered. The products are good quality. They carry PAX vapes and this is the best so far for my needs. They are in a temporary location with only street parking. Difficult for any movement impaired person.
Cynthia Gould Gould
Cynthia Gould G.
15:19 17 Jun 19
Best dispensary in the area. All the other ones are horribly overpriced.
Vibrant Junglist
Vibrant J.
21:31 16 Jun 19
Blake Rice
Blake R.
13:58 14 Jun 19
Great dispensary. Good value and knowledgeable staff. Way better than trueleve.
Aaron Higgs
Aaron H.
22:44 13 Jun 19
LOVE this place! Must check out!
Bridget Robison
Bridget R.
17:12 13 Jun 19
This place looks great
Bob Kromphold
Bob K.
17:14 10 Jun 19
They are so helpful and pratice.
Stephanie OConnor
Stephanie O.
15:00 10 Jun 19
Great staff, super friendly, helpful and fair prices.
Daniel Accola
Daniel A.
21:43 08 Jun 19
Very helpful
Lynne Ralston
Lynne R.
17:11 08 Jun 19
Awesome customer service staff has knowledge of their product! 10 stars!!
Truman Schifferle
Truman S.
16:47 08 Jun 19
Carlos Vargas
Carlos V.
15:23 08 Jun 19
Been there through the rough times, excellent staff, knowledgeable about product line.
Katrina Christensen
Katrina C.
23:26 07 Jun 19
The staff was extremely pleasant and helped me to make educated decisions. I was very satisfied with the overall experience,
Sheryl N.
Sheryl N.
07:21 05 Jun 19
Luis Cruz
Luis C.
00:32 01 Jun 19
Friendly / Polite / Fast Service / Able to answer all Questions about products / Very Fair Pricing / Rewards program is awesome / This is my number 1 dispensary / Thank you Liberty
Don Otto
Don O.
16:53 31 May 19
Great medicine great prices and amazing staff
lil_grousehunter 1st
lil_grousehunter 1.
16:23 27 May 19
Brad Smith
Brad S.
17:15 22 May 19
Just got my card, first time in a dispensary, deer in headlights; Malakai was tremendous. He made the process educational and enjoyable. No need for another source.
Mario Alonso
Mario A.
18:07 16 May 19
Ismael Reyes
Ismael R.
17:43 14 May 19
What a great venue here for medical cannabis worked with the young man named Malachi he was very thorough. Took the time to show me all the available options at the store made sure I felt comfortable with the amount I was using and also was very upfront about signing me up for discounts
10:34 12 May 19
Quality medicine, great customer care and knowledgeable, fair prices. My main dispensary I use.
Jared Miller
Jared M.
22:09 11 May 19
Cj Peppe
Cj P.
16:57 06 May 19
Went into your dispensary today with my fiancé and was so impressed with your location. From the amazing knowledge of Maliki & Andrew we really fellt So thankful to have this establishment in our community. We just wish had had the flower were looking for but know it is still the ground floor for the flower plant so we are looking forward to His military discount of 25% off his products for the future. He was told about first time discount and used that on cartridge’s. Thank you again He will be back.
Trish Braden
Trish B.
16:19 04 May 19
Very knowledgeable & helpful staff.
Barbara Stark
Barbara S.
14:10 02 May 19
Extremely knowledgeable staff ! Genaro answered every question I had and gave some great recommendations. THE SATIVA DISTILLATE pax pod is amazing! It has an amazing taste! Please continue making them ! PLEASE!
Cody Brunelle
Cody B.
19:10 29 Mar 19
Love this place
Krystle Carter
Krystle C.
03:02 29 Mar 19
What can I say. Good product and people
Joe Rosenthal
Joe R.
16:59 21 Mar 19
Great service
Clarissa Byrd
Clarissa B.
14:24 14 Mar 19
Premium products & service!
Karen Yvonne Harrington
Karen Yvonne H.
13:36 18 Feb 19
Killer products and staff !
Liz Minters
Liz M.
23:18 13 Feb 19
Best dispensary! Always stocked, great customer service. Thanks guys! Top notch.
Joey Vitale
Joey V.
17:00 02 Feb 19
Love this place. Very professional friendly and knowledgeable staff
cathy hahn
cathy H.
02:13 15 Jan 19
Great products with high percentages of THC. Sadly, no way to determine which vape is what since they are all labeled and look the same.
Nick Mageloff
Nick M.
00:00 06 Nov 18
Brian Koch
Brian K.
14:35 31 Oct 18
As of 10/2018 Liberty is the closest dispensary to anyone living in south pinellas and they offer the best veteran discount around (25%). Staff are friendly too. Keep up the good work.
charles claybaker
charles C.
22:13 28 Oct 18
Jason Smith
Jason S.
21:58 26 Oct 18
Use this dispensery regularly and have only positive experience each time. Thank you Liberty Health Sciences!! Linda Knight
jimmie knight
jimmie K.
19:22 03 Oct 18
I had a great experience at Liberty and was impressed with their product and customer service. They really deliver and have exciting new products in the pipeline! I am very excited about the future of Liberty CEC!
Isaiah Seltzer
Isaiah S.
11:03 04 Sep 18
I love this store!! Everyone was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable!! I won’t order from anyone else—ever ! Very new at this, they were patient and friendly with a newbie.
Sarah Johnson
Sarah J.
21:43 27 Aug 18
Great experience overall. Jacqueline took excellent care of me! Looking forward to the future and the ability to purchase edibles or even flower. The capsules are fantastic, and the 600mg vape is top notch.
JC Mills
04:04 07 Aug 18
From the moment I walked into the dispensary the 1st time and several times since the Dispensary Techs go the extra mile to be compassionate, caring and informative. Liberty Health stands behind their products & believes in customer/patient satisfaction.
Marcie Gottesman
Marcie G.
00:48 07 Aug 18
Great products good service. And the cost to quantity ratio can not be be with the 20% off that you get from certain doctors.
Turk Anderson
Turk A.
02:12 05 Aug 18
Extremely friendly staff, who immediately put me at ease on my first prescription purchase. Everybody was kind and truly seemed to care and were conducting themselves as true professionals, very knowledgeable in all the presentations. This is a longer drive, however I wil be doing the ride.
Brian Miller
Brian M.
04:29 04 Aug 18
Great store, great employees, everyone makes you feel very comfortable
Rachael Getchell
Rachael G.
19:24 29 Jul 18
*Updated after 2nd visit, changes are marked by parenthetical, asterisked sentences below.The 250mg Disposable vapes work well, pretty impressive for disposable vapes, I have not had good luck with them except from Aphria. The indica Concentrate works very well. I Haven’t tried rechargeable cartridges, planning on that next time. (*I unfortunately Did NOT get to pick up rechargeable carts on second visit. 3rd time will be a charm) The Jack Frost hybrid disposable vape was really nice. (*As are the Blue Dream sativa cart and Pineapple Express indica) It would be nice if they had more strains to try. Not a great first time discount, (*I originally said they didn't have a customer loyalty program, HOWEVER, as I was informed today, during my visit, that they DO in fact have a customer loyalty program that you are automatically enrolled in without having to leave a review just to maybe save 10% hundreds of dollars down the road..) I definitely feel that the product is top-notch and love that they don’t overly flavor the medicine. Terps are there, but definitely understated, maybe because they use natural terps, so they aren’t over the top. All in all it was a great experience with the literal one-on-one 1st-time consultation in a private room and very friendly, helpful staff. One of the quickest and easiest visits to a dispensary that I’ve had in Florida, and it was my first time. (*Hopefully they will open up another in Northern Pinellas soon!) I'm excited to see some new strains and maybe even flower one day... I will continue to go here for sure.
Robert Brussow
Robert B.
01:39 19 Jul 18
Knowledgeable and friendly staff, conveniently located and a huge supporter of our veterans, with the largest veterans discount in the state. CO2 extractions, natural terpines no cutting agents, and a commitment to quality that is unsurpassed. I am a huge fan.
Jacqueline Kandal
Jacqueline K.
18:51 06 Jul 18
Only thing I didnt like was that you do not have a chance to see or touch the products before purchase. Love the strains. People are nice and informative.
Fyre Goddess
Fyre G.
21:15 04 Jul 18
Very knowledgable team, willing to take time explaining products!
M Bryan
M B.
13:46 29 Jun 18
Zacc Salsgiver
Zacc S.
03:37 07 Jun 18
Great staff with awesome knowledge!
19:42 25 May 18