Port St. Lucie

Address: 10941 US Highway 1, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952

Phone Number: (772) 249-4199

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Paula H.

Assistant Manager:

Patient Reviews

18:29 27 Jun 20
Ashley Goulette
Ashley G.
21:36 25 Jun 20
Crystal Tanner
Crystal T.
17:24 25 Jun 20
Staff not very educated for A marijuana educational place. Not sure if what they’re selling you is what they’re selling you doesn’t taste like it should. They have a few good items but was not pleased at all with any of it delivery is ridiculous don’t even try to order took them a weekOk update liberty has stepped up the game. Always have a good selection in stock. The quality of the medication. Large staff is very knowledgeable they really change the way things operate there I don’t know if they changed owners or management but they are now five star
Sean Rogers
Sean R.
16:15 23 Jun 20
I love this place n have been to 4. This was most helpful. Bobby very helpful. Thank you! Can't wait till the store in ft Pierce opens.
Bonnie Sue Stephan
Bonnie Sue S.
14:36 22 Jun 20
The whole staff works great with us the patients and themselves .. they have patience when needed, explaining the meds in details takes time , and they certainly act professional !!Great team work..
claudette morales
claudette M.
15:52 20 Jun 20
I felt welcome and got helped very quickly by Whitney and Elizabeth they were quick perfessional and accurately informatative and made the visit better. Whitney was impressive and definitely knows how to talk to customers
raymond riesgo
raymond R.
15:10 18 Jun 20
Wayne O'brien
Wayne O.
21:11 16 Jun 20
Always very kind and helpful. Thank you Whitney!
Jackie Dalton
Jackie D.
15:21 16 Jun 20
I’ve been going there for a while now I’ve seen the managers change and it was for the better. Great customer care ... flower Friday’s are the best. Perfect prices for the minis and ground as well as carts 100% recommended. The staff are amazing and very chill.
Indian River Anglers
Indian River A.
00:28 16 Jun 20
Everyone was very nice, good people there.Cassidy treated me great helped thru everything. Only thing that bothered me was a woman called Whitney, she just came across as flirty and a little to friendly it made me a little uncomfortable. maybe it was just me, idk. good overall place to go, has everything u need.
Tony Hardy
Tony H.
18:53 15 Jun 20
There was an issue with eligibility on an online order so the store was contacted directly. Cassidy got on the line and went above and beyond in getting it taken care of. The visit to the store was very pleasant and all staff were helpful. Very great place.
Richard Dewey
Richard D.
13:34 15 Jun 20
Holly Kay
Holly K.
21:06 13 Jun 20
Very friendly and helpful staff
Tara Johnson
Tara J.
17:00 12 Jun 20
Dru W
Dru W
16:56 11 Jun 20
I’m a difficult customer , but Whitney and the LHS staff answered all my questions patiently and were a great help Highly Reccomended
20:42 06 Jun 20
The staff at the Port St Lucie location is always so friendly & helpful. They are all practicing CDC guidelines in their store, even before we could go in the store, they head safety as a top priority. Thank you. At my latest visit, the product is was looking for was not in stock but Whitney & Veronique were very helpful with suggestions for a comparable product. I love your quality of your products. I always feel confident that I will get a very high quality product from your store.
Carole Nichols
Carole N.
16:01 06 Jun 20
Very accommodating
Abby Lopez
Abby L.
17:13 04 Jun 20
Libertiy in Port Saint Lucie are the best people. Very friendly. Very good at there jobs. Very comfortable waiting room. Very clean.
John Barsuglia
John B.
13:30 03 Jun 20
First time there. Way better, more accommodating, and faster than others we have visited. Will return again
Ernie the MS Warrior
Ernie the MS W.
20:39 30 May 20
Medical marijuana dispensary
chase rose
chase R.
23:24 28 May 20
April Clay
April C.
22:49 28 May 20
I drive past 2 other dispensaries every week to go to LHS. I get better service, better pricing, better quality and more consistent medication. Veronique is by far the most knowledgeable, friendly and personable dispensary staff I have came across. She takes the time to explain things so that as a patient I can make educated decisions about my health.
Darrel Abbey
Darrel A.
22:37 28 May 20
I love liberty and thank you Whitney you where great
William Filsaime
William F.
22:44 27 May 20
First experience here! Employees were awesome! I wish I could remember their names’! Very professional and knowledgeable! But I went today, May 26th, 2020 at roughly 1:30pm. Will return ASAP!
barbara barth
barbara B.
23:03 26 May 20
Jessica Burton
Jessica B.
23:02 22 May 20
Henry Pickens
Henry P.
18:05 22 May 20
Great shop with lots of selection in addition to a very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Veronique and Cassidy sat with my and discussed at length all the different offerings and benefits of each. They spent over an hour helping me decide what to try and were very understanding of my budget. Highly recommend!
Misty Evans
Misty E.
20:48 21 May 20
The folks that work in the store are knowledgeable, helpful and very friendly.
Ali Schneider
Ali S.
21:12 13 May 20
Definitely one of the highest quality dispenseraries
Caleb Whitehouse
Caleb W.
10:37 01 May 20
Ashley Fralick
Ashley F.
21:44 30 Apr 20
My very first time I went here Was Yesterday and the service was very professional and nice. A girl Name Whitney came out to my car and helped me she is very professional and nice with what she does I had to tell her she was awesome. Definitely a place I would come and spend my money again
Robert Johnson
Robert J.
14:58 30 Apr 20
Whitney was wonderful. I pulled up as a new patient and told her I didn’t have a clue. She said no problem pull into a spot and she will help. She was completely professional walked me through all the steps explained product and what would be best for the problems I have and she was correct on all. It was a great experience I will be repeat patient. Whitney stay you your great
Real Reviews
Real R.
00:35 29 Apr 20
Mary Crane
Mary C.
21:30 03 Apr 20
Donna Williams
Donna W.
14:15 25 Mar 20
Ivan Gonzalez
Ivan G.
17:22 24 Mar 20
My experience was great at the PSL location thanks for the warm welcome
Calvin Richardson
Calvin R.
20:00 22 Mar 20
I visit the PSL location and all of the employees are top notch!! The place is fantastic. Whitney is the best! She went above & beyond, checking on purchases to be sure appropriate points were applied to my account. Nif & Jojo will answer any question and have great recommendations. Thanks for putting up with us on Friday mornings & see ya soon!
Ashley Tripp
Ashley T.
23:10 20 Mar 20
Great customer service from Whitney NiF very satisfied
Juan Cavazos
Juan C.
15:05 20 Mar 20
I was not expecting this place to be so nice. The staff is educated and ready to answer your questions. I did my consultation with Whitney and she was great.
jennifer mault
jennifer M.
14:39 20 Mar 20
Whitney was wonderful. As a first time puchaser she was very informative and guided me to make my experience comfortable.
Tammy Turi
Tammy T.
22:26 19 Mar 20
Best Customer Service & Best Buds In The Whole County 💙🥰
Banana Brianna
Banana B.
17:20 19 Mar 20
Lori Sang
Lori S.
15:21 19 Mar 20
Great service from Whitney at the PSL LOCATION. A++++++
Allen Quinn
Allen Q.
19:27 18 Mar 20
Whitney was super friendly and knowledgeable. Wonderful customer service extensive product knowledge.
Bob S
Bob S
20:59 17 Mar 20
Overall good quality
Glenn Astles
Glenn A.
15:33 14 Mar 20
I love this place! The staff is so knowledgeable and patient. Everything is so organized and they are always ready to answer any questions you may have. I wont go to any other place! Great job guys, keep it up! 👍👍👍
T Vonya
T V.
22:38 12 Mar 20
Thursdays are fun days at Liberty Health in Port St Lucie. Flower is restocked and hand delivered to each patient within 5-10 minutes of placing their order. THIS is how Dispensaries were supposed to work. And if ever you need any help or advice on any product, Whitney, Paula or any other of their knowledgeable employees would be glad to assist you....Have I ever lied to you before?
Robert Bender
Robert B.
20:14 12 Mar 20
Excellent Staff & service: Liberty dispensary has a knowledge, friendly and professional staff. Each customer service representative goes out of their way to exceed your expectations. Especially nice is how they check for discounts that are available and make you aware of them. Whitney has served me several times and has been very helpful. A valuable asset for the organization!.
Michael Fox
Michael F.
19:24 12 Mar 20
Very professional and helpful staff thank you Whitney. Will come back again
Pedro Zapata
Pedro Z.
18:47 12 Mar 20
Very friendly and informative.
18:30 12 Mar 20
Whitney was very nice
Johh Trahan
Johh T.
17:41 12 Mar 20
Friendly, knowledgeable affordable
Bonnie Uphues
Bonnie U.
16:06 12 Mar 20
A trip to Liberty Health Science is always a joy. They have good product, prices and the customer service is fast and friendly
Bruce Thompson
Bruce T.
15:22 12 Mar 20
A++++ Staff!!!
Kristine Wise
Kristine W.
21:52 10 Mar 20
Whitney is very knowledgeable and she answered all my questions with a lovely smile. Thank you Whitney I look forward to having you help in the future.
Eddie Cason
Eddie C.
23:53 09 Mar 20
Great product and better service. Best place for any veteran to purchase their meds.
Barry Karet
Barry K.
21:16 09 Mar 20
My boyfriend and I have been patients here for many months now, no one ever let us know about how many points I have until Veronique checked us out today! Everyone is always very helpful and kind but she felt above and beyond today! We will always be back.
mekayla davidson
mekayla D.
22:57 05 Mar 20
The workers are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the products. The prices are low compared to the other dispensaries.
Angus White
Angus W.
21:29 03 Mar 20
Great customer service I like being attended by Whitney
jose camacho
jose C.
13:12 02 Mar 20
Whitney is always helpful when making a selection and service is expedited quickly in a professional and courteous manner
Jason Quinn
Jason Q.
14:41 01 Mar 20
Whitney was amazing! So friendly clean comfortable environment and quick service. Love it!
Bridget Jones
Bridget J.
17:34 29 Feb 20
best place in all the Treasure Coast. Employees are very knowledgeable, and helpful. Special thanks to kris who help me figure out a problem with my Pax device
Angela Shepherd
Angela S.
14:44 29 Feb 20
This place is great, the whole staff is awesome. Shout out to Whitney for helping me out!
Nicolas DellItalia
Nicolas D.
00:53 29 Feb 20
Kerrie Delamadrid
Kerrie D.
20:13 27 Feb 20
Spencer Gellert
Spencer G.
19:08 26 Feb 20
steven rogers
steven R.
17:20 23 Feb 20
Was VERY happy with Whitney she was a Sweetheart!👍
Tammy Bailey
Tammy B.
19:42 22 Feb 20
Great family group. They all seem very close and remember customers when they come in. Service gotten quicker lately
Chris Rivard
Chris R.
18:56 22 Feb 20
The entire staff and LHS systems/procedures are a pleasure to deal with.Price/availability of flower are the best in Florida.Complaints about trim quality are nonsense and I’ve been doing this since 1965.
Jay Bergen
Jay B.
19:34 19 Feb 20
Awesome staff , they know there stuff . Long line but it’s worth the wait . Product gone quickly but you can reserve on line or delivery .this club rules!! way better then the other clubs in the area.
Irene Ginter
Irene G.
15:33 18 Feb 20
Noelle W
Noelle W
00:02 17 Feb 20
Best shop in our around. the staff is awesome and friendly i have been going here for months and wanted to update my review! i seriously cant say enough about the staff here every singl person has been amazing.
Elizabeth Lewis
Elizabeth L.
21:41 16 Feb 20
Absolute top notch staff. Better than normal selection. Whitney usually helps me at the Port saint Lucie location and does an excellent job. Fridays have 10% off but it is almost more worth it to go on any other day to beat the rush. Just went today (Thurs) and we were in and out in less than 15 min. 10/10 would recommend.
Debi Roberson
Debi R.
21:03 13 Feb 20
Good price just they run out of flower to quick
Patrick Wynkoop
Patrick W.
10:38 12 Feb 20
Great prices and good service
Darlene Griffin
Darlene G.
21:43 07 Feb 20
JoJo, Michael, and the whole team are great. I know where I'm going on payday and they never disappoint. I'm a Combat Vet with PTSD everyone is always so wonderful and kind.
Kurt LaCalandra
Kurt L.
21:13 07 Feb 20
Jeffrey Reed
Jeffrey R.
20:42 07 Feb 20
Terry Rates
Terry R.
22:10 06 Feb 20
wilhelmina hall
wilhelmina H.
18:22 01 Feb 20
Friendly professional staff. Out of certain products sometimes however the products are great flower concentrates etc.
Orlando Alvarado
Orlando A.
02:39 01 Feb 20
10% off flower today!
SNEAKERFREAX772 Sneakerfreax772
17:00 28 Jan 20
Good products. Staff not that helpful.
Tom Vetter
Tom V.
20:47 27 Jan 20
Great atmosphere professional people.
ken rodman
ken R.
19:01 27 Jan 20
Speedy Martinez
Speedy M.
18:33 27 Jan 20
Robert Taggart
Robert T.
22:46 26 Jan 20
I love this team! I❤️❤️❤️❤️ Liberty!!
Maria Voulo
Maria V.
00:30 23 Jan 20
I can say this location has great staff and management I contact customer care about a papa herb cart that leaked and I’ve not had any prob before to show good faith and that it MUST BEEN FLUKE I was given a brand new vape stick and replace cart but I arrived wen sold out so they gave a choice if I cld wait till more arrives or take two disposable so I accept I must say he did not question my loyalty or anything exact why I stay here if yu are customer THE WHOLE GROUO KBIWS US AND WILL TAKE CARE OF US ( the best that they are allowed to ) I know from experience Hope yu all find it sane way I just wanted share as no center has been that kind so far
Brandon Borozny
Brandon B.
02:57 21 Jan 20
jay robins
jay R.
22:03 19 Jan 20
Been going since they opened. Friendly and courteous service.
michael chisling
michael C.
00:42 19 Jan 20
Great place!
cory huston
cory H.
15:51 18 Jan 20
I'm new at this I'll see what happens
David Kiernan
David K.
23:22 16 Jan 20
Love coming here! They have a great variety of medicine and are very knowledgeable. You may have to wait 20-30 minutes for your order but it's well worth it for the product and price you pay.
21:21 16 Jan 20
A Most Excellent Place! Helpful staff, quick service, nice amenities while you wait. Easy to find, good parking. Great prices. One of The Best Dispensaries iv been in, in all of Florida. I will tel Everyone I know about Liberty!
Kitty O'Kat
Kitty O.
17:15 13 Jan 20
Greatest product ever and great prices
christine&shawn forsythegreen
christine&shawn F.
17:46 12 Jan 20
Sunshine Moto
Sunshine M.
17:21 06 Jan 20
It's a drugies dream everything that has to do with Marijuana they have it from bud to oil pens you name it they have it
Jim Mello
Jim M.
02:02 06 Jan 20
Javier Tejada
Javier T.
18:48 05 Jan 20
Syliva Bythwood
Syliva B.
17:16 04 Jan 20
Dale Swanson
Dale S.
16:07 04 Jan 20
The Port St Lucie store rocks! The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and expedient. All you need in one location!
joel chartley
joel C.
15:24 03 Jan 20
Turn around time ordering products and wait time after ordering needs work.
Richard Bucci
Richard B.
13:23 30 Dec 19
Best dispensary in the area. High quality products. Helpful service reps. Overall good pricing and friendly vibe.
Staci Wilson
Staci W.
18:25 23 Dec 19
Great prices good flower .
brianne esposito
brianne E.
19:13 20 Dec 19
Yo this place is fire! Everyone in there is very nice and helpful... place just has a great vibe to it.. and the best flower I’ve seen at any dispensary from Port St. Lucie to Boynton!! First time there today and will def be going back!
Jere Draughn
Jere D.
22:32 14 Dec 19
Daniel Beach
Daniel B.
21:09 13 Dec 19
First time and it was a great and different experience Lol! Super clean and very nice shop, very nice and helpful staff. I'll definitely be going back! PS. Cash Only, but they have an atm in store if needed.
Cole Mac
Cole M.
12:07 12 Dec 19
Charles Watts
Charles W.
16:11 11 Dec 19
Great dispensary very nice people, I would recommend this place do anyone who is need a relief.
George Kronowit
George K.
15:42 06 Dec 19
Marie Tatro
Marie T.
16:45 04 Dec 19
Jennifer Frandsen
Jennifer F.
21:36 03 Dec 19
Everyone at this location is wonderful! I enjoy going there and the products are awesome!-💚 Cat ears girl. #nocomplaints
Stephanie Sage
Stephanie S.
16:36 30 Nov 19
Lloyd Latty
Lloyd L.
21:57 28 Nov 19
Cameron Perdue
Cameron P.
15:48 27 Nov 19
It has a wide selection and the staff is wonderful to work with
Larry Brians
Larry B.
10:20 27 Nov 19
Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Inviting & soothing atmosphere. Just don't forget to bring 💸 because plastic doesn't fly. (But should you forget, they have an 🏧)
anna adinolfe
anna A.
00:45 27 Nov 19
debbie scott
debbie S.
21:46 24 Nov 19
Skyler Embrey
Skyler E.
00:11 16 Nov 19
Love this place
Susan Conner
Susan C.
17:19 15 Nov 19
Some really great people here. Best price in flower anywhere in town
christina buce
christina B.
23:33 14 Nov 19
Great service compassionate staff, always busy low price options on flower and great discounts on other products
Joshua Underwood
Joshua U.
16:35 10 Nov 19
The price is just right. Blue dream great strain
Arthur Borreca
Arthur B.
12:56 10 Nov 19
Very interesting!
Cathy McMurray
Cathy M.
00:24 10 Nov 19
The staff rocks
Glen Phillippe
Glen P.
22:59 08 Nov 19
Good service
Buck Lopez
Buck L.
19:04 08 Nov 19
@Pyro I think it was just the day because everyone and I mean everyone there is as friendly and understanding as they could be especially the one you speak of! Noone has ever been rude to me nor have I seen it and I go in there at least once a week if not more. I love the staff that's mainly why I go and the amazing price for flower!!! I gave 4 stars because I hate the fact that I can't call and order I have a 10 mo. Old and a 3 year old not so easy to just show up 35 mins from my house every Friday ya kno. However I must admit everything else about this place, the cleanliness, kindness, and the education the staff has on most of all products is fantastic!! All in all love u guys ❤️. LHS all the way!!!
sarah levy
sarah L.
12:05 08 Nov 19
Love it!!! My favorite dispensary!
Kati Frederic
Kati F.
03:44 03 Nov 19
John Coffel
John C.
19:11 02 Nov 19
It's awesome! Love the people who work there. Very helpful and fun !
Terri Geary
Terri G.
17:05 02 Nov 19
Heavy set hispanic guy with glasses at the port st.lucie location is on point completely. Very polite and takes orders quickly and seriously. I would recommend him for your pickups. 100%
Loni leiloni
Loni L.
15:37 02 Nov 19
Heavy set hispanic guy with glasses at the port st.lucie location is fairly hostile whatever you do dont ask him questions I'm a regular and at first I thought he was just having a bad day but it turns out he just has an attitude problem because ive had to deal with it several times, other than that place is great the rest of the employees are polite and knowledgeable. They have the best price and quality flower in the county everything else is over priced tho unfortunately regardless I highly recommend liberty for all flower there literally isnt one good reason to buy from anywhere else.
23:29 01 Nov 19
Store has flower most of the time and it’s cheap like 30$ and eighth but the distillate oils is 80 a g which is ridiculous I think... but they sell out of the new stuff way to fast like within the hour or 2 hours they have it ..... they need to come up with a faster way to distribute it to customers ... I always go in at the wrong time I guess and get 2-3 hour waits .... currently been waiting for a hour and 43 minutes ... if they were faster and could hold inventory they would get 5 stars
Mac Merrill
Mac M.
18:45 25 Oct 19
Helpful knowledgeable people. Well stocked store.
Van Stuck
Van S.
18:50 23 Oct 19
I have had notting but positive experiences at this location.True! I have yet to really go anywhere else, but the location of this place is awesome. I’ll go to Liberty and then hit up Walmart and do my shopping. The staff are nice and I feel like they have become friends. Alex, JoJo, Micheal and others who’s names are escaping me, but all have been awesome. They are all hard workers considering the HIGH volume of customers. I was very intimidated when I first came to Liberty. I was scared to be honest, not sure why but I was anxious and just nervous. The staff educated me on process and they made me feel comfortable. I guess that is also the reason why I haven’t branched out to other distilleries because I feel so comfortable at Liberty. There Flower is good and fairly cheap. I’m not a fan of their cartridges because I’ve had them leak before but the disposal pens are good. I do like that if there is a problem with you cartridges you can bring back and they will replace it. I’m A veteran so I do get discounts on NON flower products like their MARY topical’s and vapes. I have had tennis elbow for a year now. I went to chiropractor for like 8 sessions and it did elevate the pain but the Mary's ointment CURED my tennis elbow. I buy mostly flower products, but with their customer point system I can essentially get FREE non flower products. I’m waiting to have enough points again so I can buy that miracle Mary’s ointment. I don’t have anything but good things to say about this place and you should try them. I’ll see you there!
Diane Failach
Diane F.
03:21 23 Oct 19
Great people, convenient location! Stop by and had a very Decent "welcome back" experience. Matt is awesome! He knows the products and was very helpful.Thank goodness for such a great experience! This customer was satisfied!
Redd Rob
Redd R.
22:08 21 Oct 19
Paul Ioannidis
Paul I.
17:35 21 Oct 19
Eric Reed
Eric R.
22:15 13 Oct 19
Sarah Logan
Sarah L.
18:00 12 Oct 19
They have a good variety of different types of cbd oils and flower works for me
Iris Pabon
Iris P.
20:08 11 Oct 19
Shannon Roberts
Shannon R.
23:02 09 Oct 19
Danielle Houser
Danielle H.
16:18 08 Oct 19
Fan Dant
Fan D.
19:46 07 Oct 19
Affordable Flower
Charles Connelly
Charles C.
00:41 03 Oct 19
My favorite dispensary 😎
Coach Bree
Coach B.
00:40 29 Sep 19
Mark Salisbury
Mark S.
03:01 28 Sep 19
Prices are too steep but they are good hours of operation and staff is chill
Travis Singh
Travis S.
11:24 26 Sep 19
Larry Stevens
Larry S.
16:22 18 Sep 19
Great, friendly people, good selection. They were very helpful with our needs and explaining everything. Good selection of flower too. I recommend them
O J Castellano
O J C.
23:53 16 Sep 19
Brenda Chance-Farmer
Brenda C.
12:20 16 Sep 19
Great location and awesome staff
21:04 15 Sep 19
They never have product at all! Big demand and hardly any supply!
jeremy sprankle
jeremy S.
01:06 09 Sep 19
Great quality items 👍
Harry Dare
Harry D.
10:59 08 Sep 19
Pauline Goldberg
Pauline G.
15:28 07 Sep 19
Great service. Awesome products
Brittney Bowers
Brittney B.
00:24 07 Sep 19
Michael DiStefano
Michael D.
23:52 05 Sep 19
Great products 👍 , friendly knowledgeable customer service !
Debbie Ennis
Debbie E.
13:53 05 Sep 19
james molino
james M.
16:05 31 Aug 19
Excellent selection, very friendly and helpful staff. They do need to expand though, can spend 30-45 minutes picking up an order. Tried online once but they "never received" order. Talking with others and phone line puts you in "you are caller 5" list then say leave a message when you get to front of line. Somehow people are placing orders but the process can definetly be streamlined.
Chris Wright
Chris W.
11:19 31 Aug 19
Reynaldo Garcia
Reynaldo G.
22:07 30 Aug 19
17:53 30 Aug 19
Jennifer Hannis
Jennifer H.
21:34 28 Aug 19
20:19 27 Aug 19
Jake Desperak
Jake D.
14:44 24 Aug 19
jad d
jad d
09:29 23 Aug 19
Christopher Wright
Christopher W.
21:13 22 Aug 19
It was very well maintained the sales persons were very knowledgable on the products I use them all time and will in the future
Howard rubln
Howard R.
20:09 21 Aug 19
For a first-time visit to the location I was impressed by how balanced the staff was they were overwhelmed with customers and still stayed cool headed, hats off I will be back
Mark Mulligan
Mark M.
17:58 19 Aug 19
Edward Sloane
Edward S.
19:00 16 Aug 19
Cheapest in Florida for flower
Sam Scarpaci
Sam S.
12:30 14 Aug 19
Gina Doran
Gina D.
16:28 09 Aug 19
People are friendly and polite.
gregory pascoe
gregory P.
17:04 07 Aug 19
Open on Sundays at 12 noon
Chrissy Ecker
Chrissy E.
16:20 04 Aug 19
Best meds around,very clean,modern and professional environment
p i
p i
12:18 31 Jul 19
Pete R
Pete R
15:32 19 Jul 19
Blake Edwards
Blake E.
16:00 17 Jul 19
Really good group of folks. Helpful, informative, patient, and the prices are very competitive.
Red Miller
Red M.
10:03 15 Jul 19
Very professional staff. - I have sleep issues and my physician suggested this path. Initially, I was concerned about the potential stigma associated with the use of THC. However, the place is set up nicer than most private pharmacies and the staff are very considerate and informative. Also, the products really work.
Katie Careen Hollingsworth Bradshaw
Katie Careen Hollingsworth B.
23:15 14 Jul 19
Good product & nice people, they run out of stock a lot, but have free delivery
Bryan Opdyke
Bryan O.
21:31 06 Jul 19
Clean, convenient location with a pleasant staff eager to help with your MM needs. They have frequent sales that make the variaty of products they carry more affordable. I appreciate that they always give our veterans a break on their much needed medications.
Mike Miguez
Mike M.
13:41 05 Jul 19
The workers are very professional and friendly.
Tia dee Adams
Tia dee A.
00:39 01 Jul 19
Love the Service, Staff is very knowledgeable, Can't beat the Value of their Products
John Shelton
John S.
12:21 29 Jun 19
Friendly people characterize this pleasant dispensary in downtown Saint Petersburg. I am always astonished at how fast, courteous, and friendly their service is.
15:58 27 Jun 19
Flower in stock
angela foote
angela F.
18:24 19 Jun 19
Very Nice Product..Will definitely Be Back..✌
KayaLove561 Nasir
KayaLove561 N.
14:35 12 Jun 19
This place is amazing. Awesome people Awesome customer service
Diamond Chasteen
Diamond C.
15:29 09 Jun 19
Lee Ann Leffew
Lee Ann L.
04:21 09 Jun 19
Myguys Bogoski
Myguys B.
20:43 04 Jun 19
Great place, nice people, fun to go.
Steven Greene
Steven G.
19:46 04 Jun 19
Bery nice and helpful staff..great place
12:31 04 Jun 19
Jeff Beatty
Jeff B.
23:23 30 May 19
vanesha wright
vanesha W.
23:53 26 May 19
Pretty fair
Sean Geisel
Sean G.
17:47 24 May 19
B cottrell
B C.
17:51 20 May 19
Michael Pease
Michael P.
16:53 14 May 19
Great friendly people
Kenneth Hale
Kenneth H.
17:31 05 May 19
First dispensary experience. Nice staff and great product selection!
Melissa Mijo
Melissa M.
19:20 02 May 19
david sackrowitz
david S.
19:59 19 Apr 19
jimmy mengert
jimmy M.
22:07 18 Apr 19
Michael Partridge
Michael P.
20:08 16 Apr 19
So far so good...
Krystal Whitney
Krystal W.
18:38 12 Apr 19
Had a very minor problem and they solved it in no time. Earnest staffers. This is a total compliment.
Bob Snyder
Bob S.
23:27 10 Apr 19
Paula Vining
Paula V.
17:27 03 Apr 19
Great new patient deal. Good prices. Helpful. Willing to give good advice...even if it leads to other places for certain medicines. I am not from the area and was just visiting...but when I return, this will be where I go.
Joshua Schulenberg
Joshua S.
13:04 27 Mar 19
Carl Ingraham
Carl I.
17:31 22 Mar 19
All employees have a full knowledge of all the products. Extremely friendly staff.
colleen centore
colleen C.
13:59 21 Mar 19
Awsome and knowledgeable
Roman Sorokin
Roman S.
21:32 18 Mar 19
Very helpful, great prices.
Always Rootin tootin
Always Rootin T.
23:56 14 Mar 19
s m
s m
19:46 14 Mar 19
Good service good people
Jay Rodriguez
Jay R.
12:41 14 Mar 19
Always good
Klia Fairchild
Klia F.
21:26 04 Mar 19
They are just great! First they are so friendly and walking into such a different type of store you are not used having such friendly people greet you and offer help without judgment making you feel at ease is very welcoming. Secondly, I had specific questions how to cook with concentrate and they didn’t hesitate to take the extra time to help me. That’s how they are with everything. They explain and show you how to use products if you ask without making you feel dumb. Truthfully I’ve never been to a dispensary that treat you this way. Thank you!
Renee Komanetsky
Renee K.
23:44 27 Feb 19
Very professional!
Rosina Landers
Rosina L.
23:39 27 Feb 19
There great,little pricey
Tamara Steele
Tamara S.
20:48 27 Feb 19
They almost never have EXACTLY what I order but they are always nice about it and what they do have is never bad
Kiddos Korner
Kiddos K.
23:52 26 Feb 19
They have great products a wide selection both THC and CBD oil Vapes capsules and more plus they carry Mary's medicinal products the staff is friendly the only thing is that it's expensive for medicine
Michael Gellert
Michael G.
18:07 26 Feb 19
Robert Jackson
Robert J.
15:36 23 Feb 19
Been going since they've opened. I am a huge fan of their products. They always run deals which I love. I have never had a faulty product or device. I use their Pax, disposable and vape pens; No issue with leaks or taste. Staff are always friendly and prompt.
Shannon Brown
Shannon B.
17:30 20 Feb 19
LHS has the best product and the most knowledgeable staff, they are always polite and friendly. I definitely like this dispensary the best!
Carol Hajduk
Carol H.
01:20 18 Feb 19
Outstanding Products, Staff, etc. Highly recommend this location.
mark zeitz
mark Z.
20:08 16 Feb 19
Good safety.
Pete Marshall
Pete M.
16:18 14 Feb 19
This place rocks. They went above & beyond to help me out with my needs. Thank you & will def be back
Johnny Ringold
Johnny R.
04:31 13 Feb 19
Good quality products. Call before going to insure they are not out of stock.
vicki sells
vicki S.
19:27 08 Feb 19
Very knowledgeable
alison a
alison a
12:01 08 Feb 19
Very educated about what patients needs are. I'm kinda wow about the "neg." ratings on here. I have to be greatfull that a place finally even exsists selling MMJ,,, OILS, VAPE, ECT... I have learned and tried what would be best for me and they have been right on point. Just remember how we're you feeling prior? MMJ was not available. Now 4:20!!! Is GREAT! This place AWSOME have HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! THANK ALL OF YOU FOR CARING AND LISTENING AT THE WORST MOMENT IN MY LIFE. I'm HAPPY to go with my SERVICE DOG loves all the employees. SHE CHILLS OUT THERE. In there never to long, when it's PACKED JAM not to long either. Time flyes for us there.The ATMOSPHERE, NICE, VERY CLEAN! THANK ALL OF YOU FOR CARING AND LISTENING. MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE! 🐾🐾
Angie Carr
Angie C.
19:45 13 Jan 19
Ryan Burnett
Ryan B.
19:50 14 Dec 18
Michael Chapdelaine
Michael C.
15:47 12 Dec 18
Arthur Bobek
Arthur B.
14:06 19 Nov 18
Awesome friendly welcoming staff! Always greeted with a smile. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Not to mention the office is amazingly beautiful and so comfortable. All of my experiences here have been amazing. If you’re looking for quality service and products this is definitely the place to go!
22:29 01 Nov 18
Never a problem..Kind and pleasant all the time
michael graci
michael G.
18:37 20 Oct 18
Leslie Moliere Batichon
Leslie Moliere B.
22:25 18 Oct 18
Very friendly staff and knowledgeable
Maria Santangelo
Maria S.
18:29 13 Oct 18
Top scale enviorment with seating for customers and products on display. Friendly and very reliable staff. The one on one session is very comfortable and easy going.Modest pricing.
Game On 863
Game On 8.
16:37 05 Oct 18
Counselors are knowledgeable, prices are decent and I didn't feel rushed.
Trippin' Success
Trippin' S.
19:46 21 Sep 18
Dave Castellano
Dave C.
19:09 02 Sep 18
dellie juliano
dellie J.
13:05 01 Sep 18
Excellent customer service and great products!! Would definitely recommend.
Leslie Marder
Leslie M.
22:02 30 Aug 18
Love this is now available in Port St Lucie! Great staff: friendly & knowledgeable. Thank you!
Lisa Sohl
Lisa S.
21:06 22 Aug 18
Claire Sherman
Claire S.
16:26 22 Aug 18
Patti Anastasi
Patti A.
04:58 08 Aug 18
The employees here are knowledgeable and nice. Service speed was quick and painless and the products are good. Also a huge plus that they are Veteran friendly.
Anthony Marcus
Anthony M.
12:44 27 Jul 18
They have fixed leaky cartridges, though that shouldn’t be the review, their products are amazing great strain profiles, the best disposables made currently! Know how to keep your product and you don’t have leaking issues
Tj Fitzgerald
Tj F.
12:55 18 Jul 18
Skyler Levi
Skyler L.
14:29 20 Jun 18
Very nice I love this place great service ☆☆☆☆☆ thx again cya soon!
Michael Cross
Michael C.
01:09 20 Jun 18
Very helpful and very kind!!
Amy Rippel
Amy R.
23:19 13 Jun 18
Finally. A dispensary in PSL!
10:39 05 Jun 18

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