Palm Harbor

Address: 31487 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor, FL 34684

Phone Number: (727) 559-1142

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Andrew S.

Assistant Manager: Genaro B.

Patient Reviews

Nothing but good to say...
Julie Morrow
Julie M.
00:12 22 Aug 19
Lora Carey
Lora C.
22:09 20 Aug 19
The staff is friendly and competent. They have plenty of information about cannabis to help you decide what will work best for you. They are very professional and I’m happy with their products. A few times they’ve made mistakes and missed a product that I ordered, but usually they’re very good.
Holly Gordon Photography
Holly Gordon P.
18:01 16 Aug 19
Little hire price on the disalite compared to Trulieve.Much better quality last 3 time that the Truclear does.Great store walk in an out in 10 min every time.Great!
Arnold Denorcy
Arnold D.
23:02 12 Aug 19
Great customer service and shorter wait times than other dispensaries. Also better prices. Highly recommended.
lindsay kendall
lindsay K.
20:08 08 Aug 19
Clarissa Byrd
Clarissa B.
16:51 07 Aug 19
Clint Gray
Clint G.
14:06 07 Aug 19
People were nice and helpful.
Tinsley LeMay
Tinsley L.
18:15 03 Aug 19
Helpful and have positive attitudes
Dana O'Berry
Dana O.
18:37 02 Aug 19
Richard Titus
Richard T.
15:44 01 Aug 19
Great staff.
Misty Berry
Misty B.
21:28 31 Jul 19
Best prices
coryne ciolli
coryne C.
22:22 27 Jul 19
The experience was very chill. I just got home from this dispensary and haven't yet tried the products I purchased. Fingers crossed.
Alisha Boyton
Alisha B.
21:49 24 Jul 19
The best dispensary I have been in the tampa area!
edward mendez
edward M.
14:02 22 Jul 19
Anthony Brunelle
Anthony B.
18:03 20 Jul 19
Fast, efficient and knowledgeable. Good prices and selection. Saved being a first-timer, to boot!
Mark Raymond Courterier
Mark Raymond C.
20:36 19 Jul 19
Sarah Ruth Foster
Sarah Ruth F.
00:40 19 Jul 19
Jared Cook
Jared C.
15:14 18 Jul 19
Helpful and friendly with great deals... what more can you ask for?
oh GGz
oh G.
20:52 15 Jul 19
These guys come thru with the lower price points on flower! Great blue dream in distillate as well use r first purchase discount on those
J Gallina
J G.
18:49 14 Jul 19
Lon Newtld
Lon N.
16:06 14 Jul 19
Excellent place!
Mike Slawiak
Mike S.
20:36 13 Jul 19
Great group of people working there. They offer great products at a reasonable price. I love the Veterans discount...
Glenn Hopkins
Glenn H.
15:03 13 Jul 19
Genero is the Best. Sam and Sarah are awesome also
George Russo
George R.
20:51 12 Jul 19
Always excellent
Alice Kenefick
Alice K.
17:08 12 Jul 19
Awesome staff!!! Sam was great with awesome customer service. Best prices around.
Rebecca Simmons
Rebecca S.
14:56 12 Jul 19
12:12 11 Jul 19
Clean and professional, more of a formal atmosphere than others, which some may prefer.
Chuck Fink
Chuck F.
20:07 09 Jul 19
The best
Chris Ogles
Chris O.
11:38 09 Jul 19
Sarah & Sam are extremely helpful great advice and kind!!
Angie Nordby
Angie N.
18:58 06 Jul 19
Went to Palm Harbor location July 4th with my husband whom has license. Sam provided a very thorough review of oral options and said it would be easier to control dosages. We returned Fri July 5th and Sarah and Sam assisted my husband in purchase. Really liked this facility the best - great staff, prices and variety of products. Definitely highly recommend. Thanks! 😊
Maureen Powers
Maureen P.
19:38 05 Jul 19
Ian Forestier
Ian F.
22:54 03 Jul 19
Cant beat the price. Just picked up two eighths of the Blue Dream, and two eighths of the Super A5 flower. Paid $80. Both are over 20% thc. Love the quality and price.
Mat Smit
Mat S.
02:28 29 Jun 19
Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Close to my home and reasonably priced.
Kathleen Albert
Kathleen A.
21:47 27 Jun 19
Had a very positive experience here! Lots of medication choices and styles! I will be back that's for sure.
Alex Lovett
Alex L.
16:44 27 Jun 19
Honestly the most consistent dispensary. Their bud is cheap but better quality than the price indicates. Their prices are low considering the quality of product.
Mike Chartrand
Mike C.
14:42 26 Jun 19
A big shout out to a very polite staff. They are knowledgeable of all products & will go the extra mile to make you happy. Best Price & quality on Flower , Have tried most products and give all 5 stars . Liberty is my Number 1 choice , Thanks Liberty
Don Otto
Don O.
21:59 24 Jun 19
Tyson M
Tyson M
18:03 22 Jun 19
Amazing experience every time. Great products and customer service.
Omnipotent Funk
Omnipotent F.
15:47 21 Jun 19
Very organized store and staff is very nice! Shout out to Sam for helping me today 🙂
Kayla B.
Kayla B.
14:51 20 Jun 19
Great service
Faith Tracey
Faith T.
11:11 20 Jun 19
LHS is an amazing dispensary in Palm Harbor! Beautiful store & the most helpful of employees (Genaro & Nick). Thanks to them I will be back again for sure!
Amanda Mitchell
Amanda M.
14:18 19 Jun 19
The store and staff are amazing. Great options. The transdermal patches work wonders.
Richard De La Cruz Jr.
Richard De La Cruz J.
20:22 16 Jun 19
The people here are fantastic!
Khronos Studios Gaming
Khronos Studios G.
21:54 13 Jun 19
Sam is awesome!G is the best!Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! This is my go to dispensary!
Listings Manager
Listings M.
21:31 12 Jun 19
barry sutherland
barry S.
20:34 08 Jun 19
Awesome place great staff great inventory no wait time!
corey french
corey F.
17:08 08 Jun 19
Dinks doghouse
Dinks D.
16:58 08 Jun 19
Great place
peter kalessis
peter K.
14:03 08 Jun 19
Chris shattuck
Chris S.
13:37 08 Jun 19
Steven Rains
Steven R.
16:15 03 Jun 19
Autumn Caravona
Autumn C.
23:29 02 Jun 19
They are very Professional and Ultra Courteous !! Their Staff took time to put us at ease, explain the products ,and complete the purchase.We will be back !!
Tom Lewis
Tom L.
16:13 01 Jun 19
Top quality products, nice rewards program and always has my product in stock!!
Allison Crocker
Allison C.
10:23 01 Jun 19
Awesome staff, great service! All ex military should visit this place!
Marc Taylor
Marc T.
18:11 30 May 19
Sam and everyone was so helpful and treated me with excellent service. I look forward to being a customer for years to come. I have found my despencery! Thanks Sam!
Penny Clarson
Penny C.
19:32 27 May 19
Vincent Cerbini
Vincent C.
21:00 26 May 19
Leonardo Vargas-galarza
Leonardo V.
19:27 24 May 19
Great price 👍👌 guality
Robert Monticelli
Robert M.
20:24 23 May 19
You have your card there's no waiting you're taken care of and for first-time military veterans get a 25% discount the first time buyer and then they have a points club but they were very professional I recommend
Robert Pidcock
Robert P.
23:52 18 May 19
15:33 18 May 19
Brad Smith
Brad S.
17:53 17 May 19
Cj Peppe
Cj P.
16:58 06 May 19
Corey Schultheis
Corey S.
15:00 04 May 19
Travis Wilson
Travis W.
21:30 01 May 19
I live somewhat far so had not been in until I recieved a text message inviting me to come, so I did. Wow was I impressed by the very nicely appointed office. The two people behind the counter, a young man and woman, both greeted me with a friendly "Hello and welcome". I had my service dog with me and we were both soaked from the rain. There was one man in front of me, but the two behind the counter worked as a team to get us both checked in. A very pleasant woman came from the office in back almost immediately with an offer of coffee and a seat in their lounge area which I did not notice when I arrived. She said that she was getting my order and to relax. I got on to the fresh brew coffee, and turned around a minute later to see them ready with my order and a mop for the trail of water left by my dog and I. I went to the counter and paid, they were quick and polite and I was done. The product was SPECTACULAR! I admit to being somewhat hesitant at first, not a novice to medical grade cannabis I was sceptical until 45 minutes later when I arrived at home. Everything was to perfection. I am guaranteed to enjoy my weekend holiday without anxiety, or the stress of running out of medicine. Great job Liberty Health Sciences my new "Happy Place". P.S. The French Roast was Devine.
Jeff Gauvreau
Jeff G.
07:51 21 Apr 19
So thankful that I found this gem today. I would recommend this dispensary over the other two that I've used in Clearwater regularly. They Honored a new patient discount. Very fair prices, especially on flower. I am just wowed at this experience. Honestly over exceeded my expectations. You guys have a new happy customer/patient. See you soon . Great staff and office was beautiful.
Cheryl S
Cheryl S
22:09 19 Apr 19
Great product and prices
Roger Bombassei
Roger B.
18:25 19 Apr 19
Carries pax. Love my pax. Staff is awesome. Prices are good.
J Ax
J A.
18:24 19 Apr 19
Gerard was fabulous, as was Benny ( I hope I'm close on the names, I didn't write them down and have had a brain aneurysm). The atmosphere is very clean, pleasant and comfortable with free coffee and magazines. They have coupons and are excellent value for first time buyers. I highly recommend you give them a try. The CBD/thc vaporizer got rid of my migraine I had alllll day. Such a deal. Thank you Liberty Health:)
Dinah White
Dinah W.
01:49 18 Apr 19
William Jones
William J.
09:48 08 Apr 19
Good products, great service!
Max Damewood
Max D.
20:00 06 Apr 19
Tres Rogers
Tres R.
20:48 04 Apr 19
Great service great product
Michael Larocca
Michael L.
20:34 29 Mar 19
Adrianne waltz
Adrianne W.
21:05 27 Mar 19
Great selection nice people
Robert Bright
Robert B.
17:46 27 Mar 19
Super knowledgeable staff, so kind, best oils, the only place to get Mary's Medicinals, love my pax and cannot wait for the flower to drop. Yeeba!
Jacqueline Kandal
Jacqueline K.
18:16 24 Mar 19
Friendly fast great dicounts and loyalty program.
Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan C.
19:15 25 Feb 19
Nice. Clean. They do their job. Friendly enough and always a good stock of products.
Stephanie OConnor
Stephanie O.
06:29 20 Feb 19
Great products and friendly staff!
Sam Sawyers
Sam S.
15:01 19 Feb 19
Ed Stockowski
Ed S.
22:20 18 Feb 19
Johnny Ruckart
Johnny R.
16:10 18 Feb 19
Fantastic people who will go out of their way to help you!
Liz Johnson
Liz J.
16:43 14 Feb 19
The staff is very polite and knowledgeable. Helping me make the best decision for my personal needs. Will definitely return. No lines. Fast service.
jamie cohen
jamie C.
16:31 11 Feb 19
Nancy K
Nancy K
22:51 03 Feb 19
Jason Connor
Jason C.
21:34 25 Jan 19
Eric Scott
Eric S.
16:52 19 Jan 19
Liberty has a good selection of effrctive medicine. Pax pods are great, with the temp control on pax era, the medication lasts me twice as long as any other 400mg carts. Price is a problem in Florida at any dispensary, which is why this isn't 5 stars, not their fault, but I'm considering everything in this review. I also wish they had more specials like some other places do. The staff at this location is awesome. I have been going to liberty since the St. Pete store opened and am very happy they opened another closer to my house, hopefully they will reopen soon.
Robert Brussow
Robert B.
18:53 02 Jan 19
Great staff!! Great product! I am so pleased with everything that I purchased. I thoroughly enjoy the CBN as it helps with my insomnia and muscle spasms. If you havent tried Liberty Health Sciences Palm Harbor you are definitely missing out.
Erin ModgePodge1111
Erin M.
21:51 03 Dec 18

Back in Stock, 8.22.19:
Star Killer, Blue Dream, Super A5 1/8ths
Jack Frost, Blue Dream pre rolls

Star Killer, Blue Dream, and Super A5 1/8ths and Jack Frost, Blue Dream pre rolls are back in stock at all LHS locations on Thursday, 8.22.19.

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