Orange Park

Address: 1907-3 Wells Rd, Orange Park, FL 32073

Phone Number: (904) 449-7765

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Thomas F.

Assistant Manager: Grace P.

Patient Reviews

friendly, educated on products
Unique Gipson
Unique G.
17:19 11 Aug 19
Jacob West
Jacob W.
22:16 08 Aug 19
Generally short waits, products are reasonably priced in comparison to other places. I enjoy talking to all the staff here everyone is friendly and knowledgeable.
Brandon Meredith
Brandon M.
02:27 05 Aug 19
I like the prices. I feel like I'm getting what I'm paying for. The staff is great. The atmosphere is relaxing and open with several couches to sit on while you wait and what looked like free coffee. As far as wait time I'm usually in and out in ten minutes. I am pleased with the quality of the flower. The tincture and capsules are both top notch. The Blue Dream cart I bought a few months back was not very tasty but got the job done. I have yet to finish it though.
Robb Gaunder
Robb G.
17:56 04 Aug 19
Today I went into the store looking to buy an indica vape pen when I realized I didn’t have enough money. The team gave me the vape pen and took the credit out of my new patient discount. I was shocked by this act of kindness. I cannot express how grateful I am.
Victoria Klassy
Victoria K.
21:34 02 Aug 19
Great first time deal and compassionate care discounts all the time. Great products and helpful staff.
Thomas Sheffield
Thomas S.
20:47 02 Aug 19
Bridget Rozewicz
Bridget R.
20:53 29 Jul 19
I live near the beach, however, we drive to OP to go to Liberty. The nicest people by far. Thomas and a very helpful young lady help me purchase a couple different types of flower, all very nice. Thanks.
Ted McCormick
Ted M.
15:40 27 Jul 19
Liberty is the bast! Great quality products, really affordable pricing, and Chelsea simply can’t be beat! Great info and friendly service!
Michal Paul
Michal P.
14:49 27 Jul 19
Josh Akins
Josh A.
18:22 26 Jul 19
Duval Duke
Duval D.
16:48 26 Jul 19
I heard about Liberty about a month ago. If you're tired of one certain dispensary and it's high prices try Liberty you might be surprised.
Christopher Sims
Christopher S.
00:34 26 Jul 19
Great prices, products and services! Many available types of medications available in many ways.
Khira Chaput
Khira C.
21:09 25 Jul 19
Super Very nice staff(I mean top flight) but I hate the prerolls they burn funny, they are not packed right and they use cheap papers Trulieve has the best slow burn prerolls great prices. it seems Liberty have the same 2 strains consistently
Dj Monsta
Dj M.
23:46 24 Jul 19
Very clean interior and very friendly and well versed staff.
Chris Jeffers
Chris J.
21:10 23 Jul 19
Purchased a half gram indica cartridge and im more than satisfied with the oil quality and medicinal value
Kevin Mesh
Kevin M.
21:33 21 Jul 19
Alex Fuge
Alex F.
02:49 17 Jul 19
Great quality. Prices are the best in the state
Kristopher Carl
Kristopher C.
04:11 11 Jul 19
Friendly staff that seem knowledgeable. Very odd to me that customers can't see the Flowers or look at the products on display.
18:30 10 Jul 19
Great products. Great value. Fantastic customer service delivery or in Clay cty Wells Rd location.
Sandy Auriene Sullivan
Sandy Auriene S.
20:12 09 Jul 19
Steven Kick
Steven K.
18:10 09 Jul 19
Andrea Brogdon
Andrea B.
18:41 05 Jul 19
John O'Donnell
John O.
11:00 03 Jul 19
Very helpful. They will take their time to explain their product and what might benefit you and your ailments.
Jessica Bingaman
Jessica B.
18:41 02 Jul 19
14:24 29 Jun 19
Great service great price definitely my new dispensary
James Crews
James C.
15:04 28 Jun 19
Pricing and product are great
Adela Hittell
Adela H.
15:04 26 Jun 19
Rory Hodges
Rory H.
21:03 24 Jun 19
Clean, friendly, and very approachable. Product is of good to great quality, prices are better than I thought they would be.
[OG] Old Gamers 2M8ER
[OG] Old Gamers 2.
16:13 12 Jun 19
Logan Redmond
Logan R.
14:48 10 Jun 19
Adnahs DALG
Adnahs D.
17:20 09 Jun 19
The staff here are very knowledgeable and polite. It's rarely busy here and the location is perfect. Easy to get in and out, there's also a lot of space inside and comfortable seating. The frosted glass provides a nice environment with muted light and a positive healing energy. 🙂 Check it out!
Mike Thomas
Mike T.
00:22 09 Jun 19
I Have 2 Reason Why I Can't Give 5Stars🙊1 Is Because I Don't Like The Fact You Can't Pre-Order Certain Products (Mostly Pre-Rolls & Loose Cannabis) Online So You Have To Go In-Store BUT By Time You Get There There All Out🙄🤷🏾Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂And 2 The Website Isn't ALWAYS Accurate🤦🏽Online Maybe Saying🗣It's In Stock But When U Call📞OR DRIVE🚗💨ALL THE WAY THERE😤To Be Told Their Outta Stock🚫SMFH Besides That Their Great👍🏾Especially With The Prices So In My Opinion Liberty Has The Cheapest Cannabis Prices In Town. Customer Service Is Always Good & Friendly.
Ebony Anderson
Ebony A.
20:17 07 Jun 19
It's a Blue Dream 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅
Jess Clack
Jess C.
21:12 06 Jun 19
Great people
Elyssa Birchfield
Elyssa B.
20:44 01 Jun 19
Wow. No locked in glass doors very open floor plan. Very different from other place. Best deal in Florida on flower.
Thomas Braddy
Thomas B.
16:44 30 May 19
This was my first time here. The place is very big inside. It has a great open floor plan. It reminds me of a jewelry store. The different brands and items are in displays almost like a museum. The staff is personable and accommodating. I'll be back
carey copeland
carey C.
20:32 23 May 19
Very informative and friendly. I had a couple of questions and they were promptly answered. Thanks
Jose Almeida
Jose A.
16:41 22 May 19
Great customer service and prices!
16:08 22 May 19
I went to the store in orange park. Their products are AMAZING 😉! & the workers at orange park are so sweet & helpful! Grace was so accommodating. & NO wait time! (Except in the morning, from what I hear. Compared to Trulieve-this is awesome.) I loved the cartridges! I get the indica. They only have one kind right now (for each 3 strains-but this is in orange park-Gainesville is main store-so I’ll edit this when I visit here next week). I’m usually a Trulieve customer, but heard this company was great, from my dr. He told me to try “Aphria”, that they were a Canadian company coming to FL & merging locally. Most of the weed is grown in Alachua! & is all natural. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. I almost like it better than Trulieve’s. & their 500 mg cartridges r stronger! They’re 74+ thc (compared to Trulieve’s 600 mg cartridges at 54%) & the CBD oil is .4% (much of the time Trulieve’s have no cbd oil at all-& it’s very healing). & to top it off, the price is cheaper than Trulieve’s. They give u $75 off of $150 purchase as a new customer. & their 500 mg cartridges are only $60 ($50 if u are a vet or have SNAP). I am very pleased. I wish they had crush & shatter, more flavors, & that their cartridges vaped a little slower, but they are in their starting stages. I love this store & will be coming back! I would recommend it to anyone! It’s great 👍. I’m very satisfied!PS. & the Orange Park store had free coffee ☕️!! I love coffee & am always tired by the time I leave these places-so I pray the main Gainesville branch has free coffee ☕️ as well! I’m a coffee fiend! (Pls get coffee Gainesville branch.)
ShineOnU UCrazyDiamond
ShineOnU U.
13:08 17 May 19
Judy Jolley
Judy J.
16:23 16 May 19
1st of all the mass texting is great if only others would do the same 2nd nice show out lots of people at the door in response to the text, quick check in and out great prices on STAR KILLER flower 28 1/8th 2 per patient.
Jamie McClanahan
Jamie M.
14:58 16 May 19
Jesyka Petrin
Jesyka P.
17:25 13 May 19
Pros:Lowest prices per unit available anywhere.Their pure, unadulterated concentrates of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains with natural terpenes are both cost-effective and can be used with a myriad of devices or simply ingested with food.They carry flower. Flower is nice. 🤗The knowledge base of their customer service representatives is unreal.I have a fairly extensive knowledge regarding medicinal cannabis. These ladies and gents answered EVERY question I had. If they didn't know immediately, they looked it up.Unbelievable customer service. I had a pax era pod leak into my battery. They replaced the pod and battery for free, no questions asked. That's ridiculous.Location and parking are incredible as well. Literally across the street from thw Orange Park Mall with about a hundred spots (Trulievers of Jax know why I emphasize this).Cons:You get so spoiled by how freaking awesome their team is that you don't want to go anywhere else.Just go here.
Rambo Wilde
Rambo W.
17:52 09 May 19
GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE As a first time customer Oran took the time to find out EXACTLY what would be best for my needs ! GREAT first impression Liberty!
Tamara Fesco
Tamara F.
19:48 22 Apr 19
Clinton Kennedy
Clinton K.
14:48 20 Apr 19
I have never had a bad experience here, customer service is fantastic they are super friendly and get you in and out quickly. The dispensary is clean, inviting and large. They always have some great specials happening, I got my pax engraved in the store and it looks so freaking cool! The products are fantastic I really love the pax pods try purple haze if you are so inclined. Only complaint is that they ran out of swag bags, I wanted one soooo bad!
Sheena Salmon
Sheena S.
23:06 19 Apr 19
Jeffery Vandigo
Jeffery V.
16:08 10 Apr 19
21:46 02 Apr 19
Fred Hunt
Fred H.
22:02 01 Apr 19

Back in Stock, 8.15.19:
Blue Dream, Super A5 1/8ths
Jack Frost, Blue Dream pre rolls

Blue Dream and Super A5 1/8ths and Jack Frost, Blue Dream pre rolls are back in stock at all LHS locations on Thursday, 8.15.19. Available in-store only at this time.

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