Orange Park

Address: 1907-3 Wells Rd, Orange Park, FL 32073

Phone Number: (904) 449-7765

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Thomas F.

Assistant Manager: Grace P.

Patient Reviews

Jane Thompson
Jane T.
22:43 02 Jul 20
I wish it wasn't in Orange Park on Wells road not too far down that's the only bad thing.. just Orange Park.. this could be the greatest place ever.Very friendly staff. Good product.. I recommend this one. You will be happy.. like I said the only thing is Orange Park.
Jack Rein
Jack R.
19:32 29 Jun 20
Kristin White
Kristin W.
05:25 29 Jun 20
I absolutely love going to this store. The staff Luis, Camile , Mike , Austin along with the other employees are always helpful and friendly.....i highly recommend going to this store the staff will always help answer any questions you have. Very friendly environment..
Robin Butler
Robin B.
14:11 23 Jun 20
My favorite dispensary for many reasons.. The staff is Great, informative, and patient. Weekly deals on Mary's Medicinals and Pax Pods. Always a friendly face that remembers my name, it's like the "Cheers" of Medical Dispensaries.
jason gill
jason G.
17:56 22 Jun 20
Fast service, very professional, lots of variety for flower
Anthony Broome-DeLisser
Anthony B.
23:07 19 Jun 20
Very laid back an happyful
23:31 12 Jun 20
16:38 12 Jun 20
Great product Good selection Make sure to read the fine print on 1st time customers...not on flower...Staff is nice
Debrah Coury
Debrah C.
12:35 09 Jun 20
Oran Allen
Oran A.
11:42 27 May 20
Customer service is amazing and they are very helpful with advice. 👍🏼❤️
Tye Suggs
Tye S.
21:55 26 May 20
They are a great bunch of people who are more than happy to help
Kevin Dobson
Kevin D.
19:15 26 May 20
I always feel welcome at the orange park store. Good service.
Marvin Walker
Marvin W.
18:09 26 May 20
Love this place for the flavor and products
Damon Mann
Damon M.
14:32 23 May 20
So helpful. Very very quick. Painless. Fastest time in and out with lol headache as to what to pick from. Staff awesome
Brian Datz
Brian D.
19:31 17 May 20
UPDATE::: Spoke with Assitant Manager Louie today. He expressed concern about resolving this incident. He was professional and courteous. In my opinion he went above and beyond to resolve the issue. I feel much better moving forward as a customer with this business. I was going here for a little while and this place had actually became my favorite dispensary until one of their employees decided to steal money from me. I even spoke to management who said they would look into it and get back to me and of course no one ever called me back. I'm beginning to think maybe management was in on it and that may be why I never heard from them. I will NEVER go back to the Orange Park, Wells Rd location.
Jessica Scott
Jessica S.
16:53 13 May 20
The staff always remember me by name. So either I'm a loyal customer or they have super powers. Anyway love the dispensery it is my # 1 go to.
Rick Dollar
Rick D.
14:03 13 May 20
mike and savannah were so nice!! they helped me pick products and helped me out when i forgot a step 😂 i really recommend here!! customer service was so awesome! can’t wait to visit again!
Erica Thomas
Erica T.
20:29 12 May 20
Arlene T
Arlene T
17:27 12 May 20
Realy great price on the ground flower..and over all store
Colby Mcspadden
Colby M.
21:02 10 May 20
Today’s wait was a little longer than usual. Especially on my lunch break. But thanks to Louie I was taken care of and my time was compensated for! Thanks Louie!
Modesto Ortiz
Modesto O.
17:52 07 May 20
Real nice experience with this business and Katie was courteous and very professional in handling my order. Thank you.
Robert Actkinson
Robert A.
16:56 04 May 20
I absolutely love this place! The best part of shopping here is the people that work here. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly from the moment I walk in to the end of my transaction. They also have the best, consistent and affordable prices and supply around town. Too many staff members to name but, trust me. When you go into Liberty Health Sciences you will be happy you did! Thank you for your superior service today Savannah! Savannah is an asset to the company. She knew the product well and was able to understand my needs. She also has a great bubbly personality that felt welcoming.
Lisa Shearer
Lisa S.
02:15 30 Apr 20
Best place un Town!! Katy, Savanna, Alex and Luis are the best!!! Thanks for everything!!!!
Javier Rodríguez
Javier R.
21:20 29 Apr 20
Fast, Accurate Service with a smile! Budtender Savanna always rocks out the Customer Service!!!
Steven Kyzima
Steven K.
17:49 26 Apr 20
The new curbside pickup is easy to do and very efficient. And Savanna was very helpful in answering all my questions.
John Michalczyk
John M.
21:40 19 Apr 20
Always courteous informative and overall great service
David Stevenson
David S.
22:11 17 Apr 20
The guy's at liberty health sciences was very helpful and LUIS, Alec,and Alex are on time and I appreciate all their help always!
Richard Carrigg
Richard C.
21:30 17 Apr 20
Great experience. Thank you Alec,Alex and Louie
Rayna Wooten
Rayna W.
17:15 17 Apr 20
04/17/2020Thank you Louie, Alec and Alex for helping us get through this Convos 19. I'm so happy you guys are here providing your service to all who need you.
Lisa Johns
Lisa J.
17:00 17 Apr 20
Here is my review of the manager Louie and his wonderful staff Alec and Alex. They were so very helpful and courteous. Really great staff, they are always very professional and respectful and confidential. I really like the service that I receive here. I highly recommend anyone to shop here. 4-16 & 4-17-2020
Dora Tompkins
Dora T.
16:25 17 Apr 20
These young people (Luis, Savanna, Alex) and the other young people do a great job.
Victor Richmond
Victor R.
11:40 17 Apr 20
My wife and I visited L.H.S. this morning and were pleasantly surprised by how big the dispensary is. Nice open spaces with easily accessible display cases. The staff is very helpful and agreeable to sizing up my order. And yes, I will be going back.
James Saddler
James S.
19:27 20 Mar 20
Great service very nice and helpfully made trip easy for us with a handicap daughter thanks to Louie. 👍
Monica Williams
Monica W.
15:00 20 Mar 20
This place was recommended to me by another patient. I went here for the first time a little over a week ago. I called ahead because this was my first ever dispensary experience and I was a little overwhelmed. Savannah answered all of my questions and was so patient. When I got there Savannah was so helpful and explained a lot for me. I went back yesterday and I forgot to get their names but the two women who helped me were awesome too! Prices are great and the product is great. Everyone I have talked to here has been helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. The place was clean and well organized. They are cash only which I didn't know but that was not a big deal because they have an ATM on site. My one and only complaint is I have joint pain and nerve damage in my hands and I have a really hard time getting the flower containers open. I'm not sure who is in charge of that or if there is a state regulation on how it has to be packaged but I'd love for there to be an easier to open container.
Emily Honeyman
Emily H.
16:05 14 Mar 20
Debbie Johnson
Debbie J.
22:56 11 Mar 20
Great quality flower and concentrates
Joshua Jeffers
Joshua J.
15:17 05 Mar 20
Jessica Watson
Jessica W.
01:00 04 Mar 20
Friendly. Wish they would stay better stocked with flower but no complaints
Parker Crawford
Parker C.
22:05 02 Mar 20
Best prices in town. Nice place with Good People. Good deals.
Suzanne Miller
Suzanne M.
16:25 29 Feb 20
Deborah Jackson
Deborah J.
01:20 28 Feb 20
Bruce Taylor
Bruce T.
19:49 27 Feb 20
Connie Williams
Connie W.
17:03 27 Feb 20
Great choices in there Sap aka distillate with added terpenes. A very friendly and courteous staff, just wish they had one on the Southside ✌1❤
Chadwick Hamilton
Chadwick H.
14:36 27 Feb 20
Great prices and staff. My mom loves their products.
Baby Ruckman
Baby R.
23:03 26 Feb 20
Everyone there is super helpful. Alex and Sentri have helped me personally several times and its greatly appreciated. Glad to have there support 🙂
David Lee
David L.
22:06 26 Feb 20
Very affordable good quality medicine. The people are always nice and helpful.
Charlie Maynard
Charlie M.
21:09 26 Feb 20
Aricin Myers
Aricin M.
05:21 26 Feb 20
Amy Fleming
Amy F.
19:59 25 Feb 20
Liberty has some of the best deals. Their staff is professional an always happy to see u. I recommend them to anyone if u have not stoped by please do u will be welcomed with a smile.
Crystal Sherouse
Crystal S.
21:14 20 Feb 20
On Wednesday 13th of February We proceeded to go to go to Liberty health and science. When we arrived they had no flower so we made the short trip to Trulieve in Orange Park. Glad we did, was not real pleased with the young lady that waited on me, She did not seem to know the inventory very well. We usually go to trulieve in St. Augustine and have always been happy .
Terry Howe
Terry H.
12:43 13 Feb 20
Great products, and service
Kristen H.
Kristen H.
06:48 11 Feb 20
Savannah is AMAZING!! They are very hands on and explains everything. Great prices also
19:01 10 Feb 20
Kathy Lark
Kathy L.
03:41 10 Feb 20
Lower the Trulieve costs and clean product.
20:41 09 Feb 20
First time buyer, the staff was truly helpful and fun! Thanks!
Tom Stevens
Tom S.
16:32 09 Feb 20
Liberty Health has some excellent products....always seem to have flower in stock. Employees know their products and always helpful
Shelly Simoneau
Shelly S.
10:23 09 Feb 20
Excellent Staff and customer service. Product selection and pricing were astonishingly good. The place itself was design and decorated beautifully.
Erin and Marc Hewes
Erin and Marc H.
02:02 09 Feb 20
Louie and Alec are amazing. The whole staff is great - knowledgeable and personable. Had the greatest customer service I’ve received at a dispensary by Louie today! Had a hiccup with an order and Louie got it taken care of for me in the most immediate and respectful manner. Highly recommend this location.
Stephanie Williams
Stephanie W.
18:09 06 Feb 20
April Parker
April P.
18:13 04 Feb 20
I love it here. I mean I shop at all places but by far the most this is my favorite place! I come here very often and never here more than 20 mins. Sometimes it's about 5 mins including in checkout. Different strains of all needs.Brandie helped me today, but I literally love everyone.
Artiste Adiyae
Artiste A.
17:51 04 Feb 20
People are pleasant to deal with, and relatively quick service. Flower is what I get and no complaints.
Melissa Nash
Melissa N.
17:24 03 Feb 20
I purchased flower from them today and was delighted to come. I was greeted with great hospitality and service. The crew is friendly and very downtown earth and resourceful. I am grateful for the trip. That k you guys for making it so easy and fun.
17:24 03 Feb 20
Awesome place...knowledgeable staff!
Cathy Rosamilia
Cathy R.
20:54 01 Feb 20
16:49 31 Jan 20
Great prices, product and staff. One of the best dispensaries in florida.
Andi Rose
Andi R.
15:30 31 Jan 20
My favorite dispensary!!!
00:08 31 Jan 20
Seth Walden
Seth W.
23:32 30 Jan 20
Everyone there is awesome and the best prices on flower.
anna white
anna W.
23:08 30 Jan 20
I love liberty! Everyone is super nice and helpful and they have the best products and prices in town.
Cassidy Blakeslee
Cassidy B.
21:40 30 Jan 20
Great place and great people
Victor LaBrie
Victor L.
21:05 30 Jan 20
Absolutely amazing customer service. Great friendly staff and always have what I am looking for.
Cody Wayne
Cody W.
20:57 30 Jan 20
Amazing customer service and quick!
John Herrera
John H.
19:49 30 Jan 20
Optimum service always have product in stock and discount plus they have awesome Associates Savannah Alex and Brandy are amazing they you though it all
John Smith
John S.
19:25 30 Jan 20
They have the best quality products & prices in the area. My life has truly been changed O love them. Just please add RSO to the menu & i won’t need another dispensary I’ll be all yours!!!!!!
Shun Williams
Shun W.
18:54 30 Jan 20
Nice facility with great staff
Ethan guy
Ethan G.
18:52 30 Jan 20
Staff members were courteous and very professional
mike Venables
mike V.
18:41 30 Jan 20
Alex helped me get everything i needed! It was my first time at the store today and the staff did everything to make me feel comfortable 🙂 just became a frequent customer!
Sam Phipps
Sam P.
18:15 30 Jan 20
I love Liberty with a passion! The product is fantastic both in quality and price but what makes the place are the staff. They are always warm and welcoming and affable. One love Liberty!!!!
Nekka Hindmarsh
Nekka H.
18:09 30 Jan 20
Best prices in town. Always clean. Always friendly. Only thing I ask is that you PLEASE bring back the Gruff hip and joint chews for dogs. That’s the only thing I went there for today and I was told you are no longer carrying it :(((( my 2 oldest dogs were doing so well... they had a spring in their step again!! Please bring it back 💕💕
Nunya Business
Nunya B.
17:57 30 Jan 20
My favorite dispensary in Jacksonville, the staff is always helpful and is always helping patients get the fastest and most affordable medical relief in the area. Staff is super welcoming, and helpful which the customer in mind! Keep up the good work.
Carson Wipf
Carson W.
17:42 30 Jan 20
Great customer service, products, and prices.
Jennifer Cooper
Jennifer C.
17:42 30 Jan 20
Always in and out. Prices are great also
Melissa Barnhill
Melissa B.
17:35 30 Jan 20
GREAT place, GREAT staff!! Always so helpful!
mary williams
mary W.
17:25 30 Jan 20
Everyone is super nice and knowledgeable.
Tracy Gary
Tracy G.
17:23 30 Jan 20
My favorite dispensary!
Brittany Apollo
Brittany A.
17:22 30 Jan 20
Always an awesome place very easy and pleasant experience!
Mike p
Mike p
17:17 30 Jan 20
Five stars, I reccomend Liberty to all my fellow patients, I love you all at Liberty Health Sciences, their staff are great.They are always so friendly and helpful. And they have a good product at a great pice.
17:10 30 Jan 20
I love this place. Best dispensary in Florida!
Insulin Junkie
Insulin J.
17:06 30 Jan 20
Very nice place clean and we'll staffed. Everyone was super helpful and nice. I will be back!
Dee Spaulding
Dee S.
17:03 30 Jan 20
Awesome customer service. Nice and friendly plus very knowledgeable.
Alfredia Fields
Alfredia F.
16:47 30 Jan 20
The best dispensary by far!! Amazing people and even more amazing product! 😍
Brittany Herbertson
Brittany H.
16:41 30 Jan 20
The workers are great and always willing to help! Alex and sentri are amazing
Tyler Oberle
Tyler O.
16:32 30 Jan 20
samantha bynum
samantha B.
16:25 30 Jan 20
Best flower and super fast service I love the staff
LouAnn Franasiak
LouAnn F.
16:20 30 Jan 20
Always great customer service and supplies
Sabrina Noyes
Sabrina N.
16:09 30 Jan 20
I love this place. I stop by at least once a week to see all the fabulous products they have to offer. And the staff is wonderful
15:55 30 Jan 20
Alex is the best
15:55 30 Jan 20
Great first time deal and compassionate care discounts all the time. Great products and helpful staff. Best new strains
Thomas Sheffield
Thomas S.
15:48 30 Jan 20
Best flower prices in FL!
Jacob Walsh
Jacob W.
15:47 30 Jan 20
Camille was nice person and know a little ASL (sign language) and help me with details about the stuffs. it was my first time come to this office in Orange Park. Thank you Camille for helps and in a great service!!
Pamela Thomas
Pamela T.
15:38 30 Jan 20
Always friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous staff! Best flower and prices in town! Love the text coupons...worth the drive!
Malicia Miller
Malicia M.
23:49 29 Jan 20
This is the best dispensary hands down. This is my new one stop shop. The guys and girls are really knowledgeable and give some great recommendations based on what the individual is looking for. Keep up the great work.
anthony weiss
anthony W.
23:36 29 Jan 20
This place has the most helpful people working they took the time to explain and answer all my questions as well as the PRICES ARE AMAZING defiantly worth checking out I will be a long term customer
jamie mickler
jamie M.
23:36 29 Jan 20
Alex is very knowledgeable on all aspects of the job
Daniel DeMott
Daniel D.
23:34 29 Jan 20
Everyone is so helpful and friendly! Savannah and Alex were awesome! Thank you so much!
Brenda Mesic
Brenda M.
23:12 29 Jan 20
Luis spent so much time going over the benefits of the the thc and , cbd versus the cbd, and cdn. Awesome staff, always helpful. Savanna and Alex are alway attentive to making sure that I get what I need.
Danette Lopez
Danette L.
22:56 29 Jan 20
Best price's in Jacksonville and great sales associates
Patricia Crews
Patricia C.
15:55 29 Jan 20
Jose Maldonado
Jose M.
23:39 25 Jan 20
Jodi Bayes
Jodi B.
20:46 23 Jan 20
Very good service
Alejandro Delgado
Alejandro D.
17:44 23 Jan 20
20:52 22 Jan 20
Solid prices for flower...A consistent product...Friendly Staff.
Bobby Wincott
Bobby W.
19:30 22 Jan 20
shari rigg
shari R.
16:42 17 Jan 20
great people, nice atmosphere and very helpful
Evangellen Johnson
Evangellen J.
17:57 16 Jan 20
Great place for medicinal needs
Ronald Gainers
Ronald G.
17:42 16 Jan 20
I like the facility location and find it convenient to get in and out of quick. They always have a nice selection of products with fair prices. Everyone there is always helpful and appear to be having a great day at work. While there are many other facilities that offer similar products I have found myself going here the most often.
Allen Zell
Allen Z.
17:18 15 Jan 20
Awesome people made the experience very comfortable and easy!
Chris Loiselle
Chris L.
20:14 10 Jan 20
My store😁 some of the best flower around and love the granddaddy purp cartridges. Most surprising is the sublingual... game changer😝
Kimberly Stafford
Kimberly S.
01:30 10 Jan 20
Tiffany Anglea
Tiffany A.
01:25 09 Jan 20
Maureen Seiler
Maureen S.
21:28 29 Dec 19
joey perez
joey P.
19:18 27 Dec 19
Great staff! Always friendly and informative! I do wish there was more indica in stock.
Kristen Ford
Kristen F.
22:21 19 Dec 19
Fastest and friendly staff in town. Best prices. I will pass many dispensary’s to get to the best one in Jacksonville
Leigh Reece
Leigh R.
19:31 19 Dec 19
James Hunt
James H.
23:20 14 Dec 19
Some products like flower are less expensive than competitors and they carry a wide range of different products. They do not yet carry wax, shatter, crumble, or rosin.
David Johnson
David J.
04:09 14 Dec 19
Deborah Reagan
Deborah R.
23:11 13 Dec 19
Best prices in Jax!!
Jenn Clark
Jenn C.
21:14 13 Dec 19
Linda Nicholson
Linda N.
16:10 13 Dec 19
Best ever
Julia Hodge
Julia H.
05:33 08 Dec 19
Anna Byrd
Anna B.
19:33 05 Dec 19
Tonya Lee
Tonya L.
22:59 03 Dec 19
A great medical marijuana dispensary and they give discounts for disabled and veterans thanks guy's
Gerry Lefils
Gerry L.
01:31 28 Nov 19
Do holiday hours apply because I went to get some product November 27 at 530 to find the store was closed but hours said on Google close at 7
Mark Booker
Mark B.
22:42 27 Nov 19
Great Place with an amazing staff. Everyone is always very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend you check this place out. Great prices for Great products. You cant go wrong with Liberty
Chris Thompson
Chris T.
20:44 26 Nov 19
The staff is top of the line Respectful and knowledgeable They are friendly .
Angela Rojas
Angela R.
04:09 23 Nov 19
I enjoy both the staff and the products I can the staff is helpful and very knowledgeable
Jairo Rojas
Jairo R.
04:00 23 Nov 19
They're prices are totally reasonable and the quality is on point.
J Bil
J B.
16:47 22 Nov 19
Angelo Giudicy
Angelo G.
15:55 22 Nov 19
They are all such amazing cannabis advocates! I always enjoy visiting to pick up my medicine for chronic pain! Their products help me soO much! I had my initial consultation with Grace~she was so informed, empathic, and gracious! I especially enjoy Sentri, Luis, and Angelica! This is a great location to visit!
Sasha Brown
Sasha B.
23:55 21 Nov 19
Had a minor issue that was resolved with no issue. The management staff is attentive, very fair and caring! Luis is God sent! Ask for him when go visit.
Jasmine Davis
Jasmine D.
20:43 21 Nov 19
Great store. I’ve been to almost all of them, & Liberty is one of my favorites, if not my all-time favorite. They have wonderful vape carts, PAX pods, & some new G-Pod. & They have great flower.Their prices r the best of all of them, with their discounts. With the price & quality-this place beats all. & it’s all locally grown! That’s amazing. Excellent employees in Gainesville. & love the coffee & water machines. 5 stars.
Indigo Manna Tarot
Indigo Manna T.
01:05 19 Nov 19
Keri Beal
Keri B.
16:37 14 Nov 19
Always love this place
Litterally Scoobi doo
Litterally Scoobi D.
13:10 12 Nov 19
Elisa Bohanan
Elisa B.
19:15 10 Nov 19
Helpful staff
Catherine Yagecic
Catherine Y.
18:56 03 Nov 19
Michael Self
Michael S.
17:06 02 Nov 19
Anna Summerford
Anna S.
01:18 02 Nov 19
Very Tasty new product called Mango Haze!!Bring your patience whenever they have a new release or re-up. They are a great team and do the best they can, because it can take some time to get everyone taken care of and they do it with a smile on their faces. Very professional.CAUTION LONG TIME PATRIOTS: NEW PRICES ON FLOWER!!!MANGO HAZE $40STAR KILLER $40BLUE DREAM $33SUPER A5 $28Don’t learn the hard way!!
Chris Badger
Chris B.
16:38 31 Oct 19
My spot yall
Rosalind S Russell
Rosalind S R.
14:56 29 Oct 19
Amirah Johnson
Amirah J.
22:05 27 Oct 19
Sadie Williamson
Sadie W.
15:49 25 Oct 19
Brandon Edwards
Brandon E.
01:43 25 Oct 19
Need my weed
Ricardo Contreras
Ricardo C.
17:34 22 Oct 19
I shop at a lot of dispensaries, but this location is the best in Orange Park. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, huge shout out to Luis and Camille for their help today.
Everyday Shopping
Everyday S.
19:09 16 Oct 19
Jeff Gibson
Jeff G.
17:33 12 Oct 19
Cheapest FLOWER Prices In Town With Grade A Products. Friendly Respectful Staff With Fast Service (Hardly No Wait Time) Only Thing I Don't Like About Liberty Is We Can't Reserve/Pre-Order Anything Online/Pnone UNLESS It's For Delivery Although I Can Understand Why
Annquinette Anderson
Annquinette A.
22:04 11 Oct 19
Dino DiNardo
Dino D.
14:35 11 Oct 19
Ashley Amason
Ashley A.
01:25 11 Oct 19
very nice knowledgeable people. a good selection of products
Dawn Engle
Dawn E.
15:26 10 Oct 19
Stacie Caire
Stacie C.
20:50 05 Oct 19
Tim Chappell
Tim C.
15:13 30 Sep 19
Great prices, products and services! Many available types of medications available in many ways. You can purchase in store or online. Delivery is free! Sign up for their emails so that you receive notification when they have specials. They also carry other brands such as "Papa's Herb" which is also very good.
Mad About Peanuts
Mad About P.
17:07 25 Sep 19
Super helpful and super nice. I am a new pt and they explained everything to me. I will definitely be back 🙂
Sookie Stackhouse
Sookie S.
21:57 24 Sep 19
When arrived they were backed up and said it was a two hour or more wait. A second person came out to assist in getting the delivery of product out and my wait ended up being only 20mins! The prices were great and product was very excellent! I will be a returning customer!!!
Peggy Scitticatt
Peggy S.
09:29 24 Sep 19
Best Ever
Timothy Forester
Timothy F.
22:42 20 Sep 19
C Stoike
C S.
14:22 19 Sep 19
14:31 18 Sep 19
Nice clean. Place the get you in and out. Check your order before you got to make sure you have it and it's in the boxes and container . I have had empty boxes. But I return the box the next day with bactch# and all and it was replace. They are very helpful. Only complaints are they need their discounts to apply on all the stuff like flower and pax not just the liberty vape cartridges. Would help get more people in there . Most other desperately give all discounts on all and allow you to stcck them
James Graham
James G.
00:19 15 Sep 19
Darilyn Cummings
Darilyn C.
15:21 12 Sep 19
Johnny Gonzalez
Johnny G.
04:17 12 Sep 19
Clean, friendly store and staff, knowledgeable, and takes the time to make sure you get what you need and fair priced
Joe Napieracz
Joe N.
16:15 11 Sep 19
So far the most reasonable prices on flower and concentrates
12:46 11 Sep 19
Best price on flour I have ever seen and the people take the time to know you it is a very welcoming environment
Steven Rodriguez
Steven R.
17:17 09 Sep 19
Nice place to shop the service was great products are priced reasonable
A Bryson
A B.
16:57 07 Sep 19
Jennifer Cavin
Jennifer C.
00:25 07 Sep 19
Always a pleasure to shop here!!
John O'Donnell
John O.
22:02 02 Sep 19
These employees don't play around, they work hard. I'm very thankful for the knowledgeable and personable staff at this location. They're rockstars!
Michelle Nicolosi
Michelle N.
12:02 27 Aug 19
Elizabeth Haag
Elizabeth H.
17:17 26 Aug 19
I always get great service with Jacksonville and Tallahassee stores.
clay moore
clay M.
21:34 25 Aug 19
Deborah Gayton
Deborah G.
20:16 23 Aug 19
friendly, educated on products
Unique Gipson
Unique G.
17:19 11 Aug 19
Start Of Something LLC
Start Of Something L.
22:16 08 Aug 19
I like the prices. I feel like I'm getting what I'm paying for. The staff is great. The atmosphere is relaxing and open with several couches to sit on while you wait and what looked like free coffee. As far as wait time I'm usually in and out in ten minutes. I am pleased with the quality of the flower. The tincture and capsules are both top notch. The Blue Dream cart I bought a few months back was not very tasty but got the job done. I have yet to finish it though.
Robb Gaunder
Robb G.
17:56 04 Aug 19
Today I went into the store looking to buy an indica vape pen when I realized I didn’t have enough money. The team gave me the vape pen and took the credit out of my new patient discount. I was shocked by this act of kindness. I cannot express how grateful I am.
Victoria Klassy
Victoria K.
21:34 02 Aug 19
Bridget Rozewicz
Bridget R.
20:53 29 Jul 19
I live near the beach, however, we drive to OP to go to Liberty. The nicest people by far. Thomas and a very helpful young lady help me purchase a couple different types of flower, all very nice. Thanks.
Ted McCormick
Ted M.
15:40 27 Jul 19
Liberty is the bast! Great quality products, really affordable pricing, and Chelsea simply can’t be beat! Great info and friendly service!
Michal Paul
Michal P.
14:49 27 Jul 19
Josh Akins
Josh A.
18:22 26 Jul 19
Duval Duke
Duval D.
16:48 26 Jul 19
I heard about Liberty about a month ago. If you're tired of one certain dispensary and it's high prices try Liberty you might be surprised.
Christopher Sims
Christopher S.
00:34 26 Jul 19
Super Very nice staff(I mean top flight) but I hate the prerolls they burn funny, they are not packed right and they use cheap papers Trulieve has the best slow burn prerolls great prices. it seems Liberty have the same 2 strains consistently
Dj Monsta
Dj M.
23:46 24 Jul 19
Very clean interior and very friendly and well versed staff.
Chris Jeffers
Chris J.
21:10 23 Jul 19
Purchased a half gram indica cartridge and im more than satisfied with the oil quality and medicinal value
Kevin Mesh
Kevin M.
21:33 21 Jul 19
Alex Fuge
Alex F.
02:49 17 Jul 19
Great quality. Prices are the best in the state
Kristopher Carl
Kristopher C.
04:11 11 Jul 19
Friendly staff that seem knowledgeable. Very odd to me that customers can't see the Flowers or look at the products on display.
18:30 10 Jul 19
Great products. Great value. Fantastic customer service delivery or in Clay cty Wells Rd location.
Sandy Auriene Sullivan
Sandy Auriene S.
20:12 09 Jul 19
Steven Kick
Steven K.
18:10 09 Jul 19
Andrea Brogdon
Andrea B.
18:41 05 Jul 19
Very helpful. They will take their time to explain their product and what might benefit you and your ailments.
Jessica Bingaman
Jessica B.
18:41 02 Jul 19
14:24 29 Jun 19
Great service great price definitely my new dispensary
James Crews
James C.
15:04 28 Jun 19
Pricing and product are great
Adela Hittell
Adela H.
15:04 26 Jun 19
Rory Hodges
Rory H.
21:03 24 Jun 19
Clean, friendly, and very approachable. Product is of good to great quality, prices are better than I thought they would be.
16:13 12 Jun 19
Logan Redmond
Logan R.
14:48 10 Jun 19
Adnahs DALG
Adnahs D.
17:20 09 Jun 19
The staff here are very knowledgeable and polite. It's rarely busy here and the location is perfect. Easy to get in and out, there's also a lot of space inside and comfortable seating. The frosted glass provides a nice environment with muted light and a positive healing energy. 🙂 Check it out!
Mike Thomas
Mike T.
00:22 09 Jun 19
I Have 2 Reason Why I Can't Give 5Stars🙊1 Is Because I Don't Like The Fact You Can't Pre-Order Certain Products (Mostly Pre-Rolls & Loose Cannabis) Online So You Have To Go In-Store BUT By Time You Get There There All Out🙄🤷🏾Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂And 2 The Website Isn't ALWAYS Accurate🤦🏽Online Maybe Saying🗣It's In Stock But When U Call📞OR DRIVE🚗💨ALL THE WAY THERE😤To Be Told Their Outta Stock🚫SMFH Besides That Their Great👍🏾Especially With The Prices So In My Opinion Liberty Has The Cheapest Cannabis Prices In Town. Customer Service Is Always Good & Friendly.
Ebony Anderson
Ebony A.
20:17 07 Jun 19
It's a Blue Dream 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅
21:12 06 Jun 19
Great people
Elyssa Birchfield
Elyssa B.
20:44 01 Jun 19
Wow. No locked in glass doors very open floor plan. Very different from other place. Best deal in Florida on flower.
Thomas Braddy
Thomas B.
16:45 30 May 19
This was my first time here. The place is very big inside. It has a great open floor plan. It reminds me of a jewelry store. The different brands and items are in displays almost like a museum. The staff is personable and accommodating. I'll be back
carey copeland
carey C.
20:32 23 May 19
Very informative and friendly. I had a couple of questions and they were promptly answered. Thanks
Jose Almeida
Jose A.
16:41 22 May 19
Great customer service and prices!
16:08 22 May 19
Judy Jolley
Judy J.
16:23 16 May 19
1st of all the mass texting is great if only others would do the same 2nd nice show out lots of people at the door in response to the text, quick check in and out great prices on STAR KILLER flower 28 1/8th 2 per patient.
Jamie McClanahan
Jamie M.
14:58 16 May 19
Jes Petrin
Jes P.
17:25 13 May 19
Pros:Lowest prices per unit available anywhere.Their pure, unadulterated concentrates of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains with natural terpenes are both cost-effective and can be used with a myriad of devices or simply ingested with food.They carry flower. Flower is nice. 🤗The knowledge base of their customer service representatives is unreal.I have a fairly extensive knowledge regarding medicinal cannabis. These ladies and gents answered EVERY question I had. If they didn't know immediately, they looked it up.Unbelievable customer service. I had a pax era pod leak into my battery. They replaced the pod and battery for free, no questions asked. That's ridiculous.Location and parking are incredible as well. Literally across the street from thw Orange Park Mall with about a hundred spots (Trulievers of Jax know why I emphasize this).Cons:You get so spoiled by how freaking awesome their team is that you don't want to go anywhere else.Just go here.
Rambo Wilde
Rambo W.
17:52 09 May 19
Clinton Kennedy
Clinton K.
14:48 20 Apr 19
I have never had a bad experience here, customer service is fantastic they are super friendly and get you in and out quickly. The dispensary is clean, inviting and large. They always have some great specials happening, I got my pax engraved in the store and it looks so freaking cool! The products are fantastic I really love the pax pods try purple haze if you are so inclined. Only complaint is that they ran out of swag bags, I wanted one soooo bad!
Sheena Salmon
Sheena S.
23:06 19 Apr 19
Jeffery Vandigo
Jeffery V.
16:08 10 Apr 19
21:46 02 Apr 19
Fred Hunt
Fred H.
22:02 01 Apr 19