Address: 6827 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155

Phone Number: (786) 598-2022

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Lydia M.

Assistant Manager: Washington T.

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Patient Reviews

Terri Kalil
Terri K.
04:45 07 Dec 19
Flower super A5
Luis alberto Forero
Luis alberto F.
16:28 29 Nov 19
Love Liberty health been to boca raton and Dania bch locations SANDRA is a great manager and staff is great as well good product and customer service THANK YOU for caring
Nina Selmonsky
Nina S.
14:33 19 Nov 19
Jamell Cortedano
Jamell C.
03:29 18 Nov 19
Rick G
Rick G
18:10 17 Nov 19
This is the fastest in and out of any dispensary. A lot of products are sometimes unavailability, but you can't best the low cost of their eighths. I will be back, just Hope prices stay down...
Javier Oropeza
Javier O.
00:08 16 Nov 19
Spect Vlog
Spect V.
18:06 10 Nov 19
Very awesome staff, product is great and always improving.
Andrew Carles
Andrew C.
13:06 01 Nov 19
Great service. Very clean. Parking on the rear. Easy.
jose pazos
jose P.
21:15 25 Oct 19
The dispensary its very open and clean with a friendly staff that know and can help you choose your product .
Liechy Sanchez
Liechy S.
16:25 23 Oct 19
Awesome location, love the style of the store. The staff very helpful and friendly.
Oran Allen
Oran A.
13:37 21 Oct 19
Very great experience! The staff was kind, gave me good info & helped me with all my needs. Product is effective & affordable! Thank you LHS family! 🌿
Manny Drogas
Manny D.
17:59 14 Oct 19
Excellent customer experience from beginning of visit to the end. I will definitely stay with this company
JadeRowen Restrepo
JadeRowen R.
21:59 12 Oct 19
Good product.
Yadelis Ruiz
Yadelis R.
16:32 11 Oct 19
Joshua Santiago
Joshua S.
19:11 04 Oct 19
I love this place!!!!! Everyone is so so nice!!!! Incredible customer service!!!!
Anna M Power
Anna M P.
15:54 04 Oct 19
Cassandra & Jose are awesome. Answered all my questions and were so funny and helpful. Really made my first time at this dispensary feel really “at home”. Will definitely come back!! 🙂
Gabrielle Pereyra
Gabrielle P.
23:05 01 Oct 19
I always end up having 30 minute conversations with the staff there. They are all easy going and very helpful in answering my questions whenever I am able to get there. I felt comfortable and left with my meds and with a smile on my face.
Heather Green
Heather G.
04:44 29 Sep 19
Jonathan J. Rodriguez, Broker
Jonathan J. Rodriguez, B.
15:55 26 Sep 19
Great place! staff is friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Lopaka Kapua
Lopaka K.
17:08 07 Sep 19
Its not planet 13 in LV but they have good product and are knowledgeable. No displays other than at the entrance. Only one stain of flower. A customer had a Sleek-USA gadget he recommended. My VA card was worth 10%. Other good discounts. You can park in front.
Ken Smedberg
Ken S.
02:36 29 Aug 19
Anjy Lewis
Anjy L.
19:11 24 Aug 19
ulysses vargas
ulysses V.
20:31 21 Aug 19
The place is very clean and staff extremely professional
Cira Blanco
Cira B.
22:15 20 Aug 19
Marcella Oliveri
Marcella O.
18:55 15 Aug 19
Thomas Seaborn
Thomas S.
20:08 14 Aug 19
Awesome people who work there and friendly
Etavious Edmondson
Etavious E.
17:27 22 Jul 19
Solid spot! Washington & Cassandra made sure I got the best deal for my money. Great flower!
Josh Duarte
Josh D.
15:48 19 Jul 19
First time at this location great experience great staff they actually got trained by the Port St Lucie staff how cool is that
George Caldero
George C.
17:53 04 Jul 19
$28 1/8 $12 pre-rolls Lovely Staff!!!
22:19 02 Jul 19
Great customer service. The staff seemed knowledgeable. Pricing was very good.
Kathy Howell
Kathy H.
21:08 27 Jun 19
Excellent staff very friendly courteous and knowledgeable. Product selection is very good at fair and reasonable prices.
Lou D'Antuono
Lou D.
23:24 24 Jun 19
Jose Rodriguez
Jose R.
17:04 23 Jun 19
Nice place, will visit again!
Jeff Collins
Jeff C.
16:39 07 Jun 19
Great staff. Tried oils and flower and its great! Highly recommend this place!
bryan danny
bryan D.
03:47 05 Jun 19
The flower here is cheaper and better than anywhere else. Promise you wont be disappointed I shop truliev for crumble and other things but their flower is horrible. Oh and liberty has the pax! It's a little drive for me but they have really made it worth it
lorraine juarbe
lorraine J.
19:19 30 May 19
Carla Greene
Carla G.
22:04 04 May 19
Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Best product, best service, great experience. My favorite dispensary by far in Miami and now my only choice.
Jeff Schwartz
Jeff S.
20:16 26 Apr 19
Great service was A1!!!!
Thad Murray
Thad M.
00:00 16 Apr 19
The Service is 5 stars all the way! Every was super nice and the products are great! I'll see y'all soon. Thank you for your professionalism! and knowledge. xoxo
Bruno Guerreiro
Bruno G.
17:00 11 Apr 19
Brendan McCarthy
Brendan M.
13:13 25 Mar 19
First time buying at a dispensary and the lovely and knowledgeable people working there took plenty of time to talk to me about their products and answer the million questions I had.
Anna Marie
Anna M.
19:18 01 Mar 19
Christian Loperena
Christian L.
17:12 21 Feb 19
Great dispensary in Miami! Strong products and friendly staff!!
Wendy Villarreal
Wendy V.
02:40 16 Feb 19
Outstanding products more to come!!
frank cuspilich
frank C.
15:54 12 Feb 19
Luis M
Luis M
00:43 06 Feb 19
01:17 25 Jan 19
Great place. Very informative. One thing I experienced was when I got home and opened my purchase one of them had no seal. I am totally skeptical right now to take this product. It’s kind of disappointing I sort of lost faith in a brand.
Noel Lanzas
Noel L.
03:46 18 Jan 19
Washington Torres
Washington T.
16:18 12 Jan 19
Chris Gonzalez
Chris G.
14:33 11 Jan 19

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Enjoy Blue Dream 1/8ths for just $28 from Tuesday, 12.10.19 through Thursday, 12.12.19. Valid in-store only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Available while supplies last. Check with your local Liberty Health Sciences for availability.

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