Address: 6827 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155

Phone Number: (786) 598-2022

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Lydia M.

Assistant Manager: Washington T.

Patient Reviews

Great customer service and real friendly, Dave was real proactive in helping me find the right product for me.
20:20 26 Jun 20
Chris Suarez
Chris S.
21:00 17 Jun 20
I had a problem with Canpa but the manager ,Maritza, fixed my problem by giving me a credit plus she double my point s because of the inconvenience. Awesome customer service from everybody.I strongly recommend this place .
Ernesto Pauletti
Ernesto P.
15:48 17 Jun 20
Staff was very helpful and pleasant. Plenty of parking behind the shop. It was very clean and nice inside.
18:22 16 Jun 20
They need better Quality meds (flower) and less expensive concentrates. Customer service was good, management seemed a little pushy.
F. George
F. G.
03:06 16 Jun 20
Great experience at Liberty Health Sciences, good prices and good service. The staff was helpful and David was great, very informative and cool 😎
So Focused
So F.
01:33 12 Jun 20
It's always a pleasure to visit Liberty. Their staff is courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I gotta give it to them for Papa's Herb vape carts. They are amazing in quality and definitely can't beat the price. I want to give a shout out to David Nuñez for always helping and attending me with his 5 star service.
Enrique Garcia
Enrique G.
16:02 09 Jun 20
Sherry Martin
Sherry M.
20:43 31 May 20
Probably the best deal on flower in town
Pedro Lanuza
Pedro L.
16:45 29 May 20
It was a good experience
Dudoon o.g
Dudoon O.
11:30 29 May 20
ricky ahumada
ricky A.
23:31 26 Apr 20
The employees are awesome and knowledgeable. Great varieties.
00:42 25 Apr 20
First experience at Liberty Health Sciences was a good one. Helpful and friendly staff. Look forward to my next visit
John Jones
John J.
16:53 12 Apr 20
Way better quality products than any other dispensary in city hands down. Trulieve and Curaleaf for example quality of meds have less potency and not as clean of a product from CBD to THC 100%. If you don’t believe me just look at CBD percentages and THC on bottles. It’s amazingly clear once you see for yourself. Plus the products this dispensary has tastes like it’s actually the product rather than synthetic version.
stephen rosenthal
stephen R.
14:24 10 Apr 20
Cassandra and David “el Tigre” are outstanding at their jobs. Very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Top notch!
Danny Trimino
Danny T.
22:58 06 Apr 20
Love the place, everybody is very kind & the service is excellent.
Alexander Lopez
Alexander L.
00:58 15 Mar 20
Not much variety available. But I like the atmosphere and the customer service. I will go back on occasion.
Jessica Mendez
Jessica M.
18:28 13 Mar 20
Great service, helpful staff.
Jeffrey Roth
Jeffrey R.
02:13 09 Mar 20
Love the customer service from friendly and helpful employees like Chris and the rewards program is really wonderful there are also weekly sales great place
Kathleen L.
Kathleen L.
20:20 08 Mar 20
Great experience! Chris was so helpful and knowledgeable! Great selection.
Lissette Alvarez
Lissette A.
22:05 07 Mar 20
Chris was very helpful and very educational on products. Thanks Chris!!!!
Joseph Pagan
Joseph P.
18:01 07 Mar 20
friendly staff, knows their stuff , awesome
Robbie Sanchez
Robbie S.
19:55 05 Mar 20
David Arbizu
David A.
23:49 27 Feb 20
Excellent service!!!David helped us with everything!!Great place
Lina Farina
Lina F.
00:05 27 Feb 20
Nicolette Ramos
Nicolette R.
19:03 15 Feb 20
Mike R
Mike R
19:48 10 Feb 20
Kee Mari
Kee M.
20:08 02 Feb 20
This is my new favorite dispensary. I'm so glad I found it. They have lots of choices and the prices are definitely right. The service is excellent always with a smile. I can't wait to try more things from here. If you want flowers call and check first they go pretty fast there.
falangela ford
falangela F.
21:43 24 Jan 20
carlos fernandez
carlos F.
17:05 24 Jan 20
Great place, great prices. Every staff member is awesome!
Danny Trimino
Danny T.
16:59 22 Jan 20
Chris was nice and friendly. Great customer service.
Keya Brandon
Keya B.
23:38 18 Jan 20
Chris and the rest of the staff were helpful- they’ve done their work efficiently on more than one occasion. The atmosphere inside is usually a nice one to visit.
Nicco Quiñones
Nicco Q.
05:31 16 Jan 20
Great place great people
Frank J.
Frank J.
17:03 11 Jan 20
This is the fastest in and out of any dispensary. A lot of products are sometimes unavailability, but you can't best the low cost of their eighths. I will be back, just Hope prices stay down...Update: first visit if 2020 was great. Thanks for all the help Chris!
Javier Oropeza
Javier O.
15:25 10 Jan 20
Best LHS location. Chris and the others are always very helpful.
Lourdes Rodriguez
Lourdes R.
16:44 03 Jan 20
Everything was great. Chris in the Miami location was very helpful and cool. I will for sure be going back to that location from the excellent experience and products. Thank you
Joshua Wachtel
Joshua W.
17:01 30 Dec 19
Chris was very helpful , and knowledgeable ! Always a good experience at liberty health sciences !
Yesid Lopez
Yesid L.
17:36 21 Dec 19
Chris was knowledgeable and a G. Liberty is my go-to spot.
T Mauri
T M.
22:22 20 Dec 19
Chris is great! Always greeted with a smile. Staff is friendly and efficient.
Alexandra Garcia
Alexandra G.
19:47 20 Dec 19
Love this place, they always have what I'm looking for in stock. Chris was helpful as the rest of the crew always is. Pax pod only available at LHS, best concentrate in my opinion.
Daniel Dominguez
Daniel D.
16:55 20 Dec 19
If you come here, try the blue dream in flower if possible. It's their best flower and the only reason I go to the store. Trulieve doesn't carry blue dream and it's too bad, it's a premium strain for sure. I travel 20 miles just for their blue dream.
Jamell Cortedano
Jamell C.
19:36 14 Dec 19
Terri Kalil
Terri K.
04:45 07 Dec 19
Flower super A5
Luis alberto Forero
Luis alberto F.
16:28 29 Nov 19
Rick G
Rick G
18:10 17 Nov 19
Spect Vlog
Spect V.
18:06 10 Nov 19
Very awesome staff, product is great and always improving.
Andrew Carles
Andrew C.
13:06 01 Nov 19
Great service. Very clean. Parking on the rear. Easy.
jose pazos
jose P.
21:15 25 Oct 19
The dispensary its very open and clean with a friendly staff that know and can help you choose your product .
Liechy Sanchez
Liechy S.
16:25 23 Oct 19
Awesome location, love the style of the store. The staff very helpful and friendly.
Oran Allen
Oran A.
13:37 21 Oct 19
Very great experience! The staff was kind, gave me good info & helped me with all my needs. Product is effective & affordable! Thank you LHS family! 🌿
Manny Drogas
Manny D.
17:59 14 Oct 19
Excellent customer experience from beginning of visit to the end. I will definitely stay with this company
JadeRowen Restrepo
JadeRowen R.
21:59 12 Oct 19
Good product.
Yadelis Ruiz
Yadelis R.
16:32 11 Oct 19
Joshua Santiago
Joshua S.
19:11 04 Oct 19
I love this place!!!!! Everyone is so so nice!!!! Incredible customer service!!!!
Anna M Power
Anna M P.
15:54 04 Oct 19
Cassandra & Jose are awesome. Answered all my questions and were so funny and helpful. Really made my first time at this dispensary feel really “at home”. Will definitely come back!! 🙂
Gabrielle Pereyra
Gabrielle P.
23:05 01 Oct 19
I always end up having 30 minute conversations with the staff there. They are all easy going and very helpful in answering my questions whenever I am able to get there. I felt comfortable and left with my meds and with a smile on my face.
Ariela Green
Ariela G.
04:44 29 Sep 19
Jonathan J. Rodriguez, Broker
Jonathan J. Rodriguez, B.
15:55 26 Sep 19
Great place! staff is friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Lopaka Kapua
Lopaka K.
17:08 07 Sep 19
Its not planet 13 in LV but they have good product and are knowledgeable. No displays other than at the entrance. Only one stain of flower. A customer had a Sleek-USA gadget he recommended. My VA card was worth 10%. Other good discounts. You can park in front.
Ken Smedberg
Ken S.
02:36 29 Aug 19
Anjy Lewis
Anjy L.
19:11 24 Aug 19
ulysses vargas
ulysses V.
20:31 21 Aug 19
The place is very clean and staff extremely professional
Cira Blanco
Cira B.
22:15 20 Aug 19
Marcella Oliveri
Marcella O.
18:55 15 Aug 19
Thomas Seaborn
Thomas S.
20:08 14 Aug 19
Awesome people who work there and friendly
Etavious Edmondson
Etavious E.
17:27 22 Jul 19
Solid spot! Washington & Cassandra made sure I got the best deal for my money. Great flower!
Josh Duarte
Josh D.
15:48 19 Jul 19
First time at this location great experience great staff they actually got trained by the Port St Lucie staff how cool is that
George Caldero
George C.
17:53 04 Jul 19
$28 1/8 $12 pre-rolls Lovely Staff!!!
22:19 02 Jul 19
Great customer service. The staff seemed knowledgeable. Pricing was very good.
Kathy Howell
Kathy H.
21:08 27 Jun 19
Excellent staff very friendly courteous and knowledgeable. Product selection is very good at fair and reasonable prices.
Lou D'Antuono
Lou D.
23:24 24 Jun 19
Jose Rodriguez
Jose R.
17:04 23 Jun 19
Nice place, will visit again!
Jeff Collins
Jeff C.
16:39 07 Jun 19
Great staff. Tried oils and flower and its great! Highly recommend this place!
bryan danny
bryan D.
03:47 05 Jun 19
The flower here is cheaper and better than anywhere else. Promise you wont be disappointed I shop truliev for crumble and other things but their flower is horrible. Oh and liberty has the pax! It's a little drive for me but they have really made it worth it
lorraine juarbe
lorraine J.
19:19 30 May 19
Carla Greene
Carla G.
22:04 04 May 19
Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Best product, best service, great experience. My favorite dispensary by far in Miami and now my only choice.
Jeff Schwartz
Jeff S.
20:16 26 Apr 19
Great service was A1!!!!
Thad Murray
Thad M.
00:00 16 Apr 19
The Service is 5 stars all the way! Every was super nice and the products are great! I'll see y'all soon. Thank you for your professionalism! and knowledge. xoxo
Bruno Guerreiro
Bruno G.
17:00 11 Apr 19
Brendan McCarthy
Brendan M.
13:13 25 Mar 19
First time buying at a dispensary and the lovely and knowledgeable people working there took plenty of time to talk to me about their products and answer the million questions I had.
Anna Marie
Anna M.
19:18 01 Mar 19
Christian Loperena
Christian L.
17:12 21 Feb 19
Great dispensary in Miami! Strong products and friendly staff!!
Wendy Villarreal
Wendy V.
02:40 16 Feb 19
Outstanding products more to come!!
frank cuspilich
frank C.
15:54 12 Feb 19
Luis M
Luis M
00:43 06 Feb 19
01:17 25 Jan 19
Great place. Very informative. One thing I experienced was when I got home and opened my purchase one of them had no seal. I am totally skeptical right now to take this product. It’s kind of disappointing I sort of lost faith in a brand.
Noel Lanzas
Noel L.
03:46 18 Jan 19
Washington Torres
Washington T.
16:18 12 Jan 19
Chris Gonzalez
Chris G.
14:33 11 Jan 19