Address: 12 SW 2nd St, Gainesville, FL 32601

Phone Number: (352) 448-8966

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Cory V.

Assistant Manager: Caroline F.

Patient Reviews

16:36 29 Jun 20
This was my first time ordering, and I was extremely nervous about the whole process. Everyone there was friendly and knowledgeable, and turned this into an incredibly positive experience
Paul Joseph McDonough
Paul Joseph M.
18:05 20 Jun 20
They're very friendly and helpful!
dane Willis
dane W.
19:30 08 Jun 20
Was in & out fast, virus has it a curb side pick up.
Pamela Hancock
Pamela H.
00:37 06 Jun 20
Deanna Branton
Deanna B.
17:29 31 May 20
Justin Hauck
Justin H.
22:20 27 May 20
Great people and prices!
Katrina Lee
Katrina L.
14:30 27 May 20
110 percent the best customer service in Florida. Each of you deserve a BIG raise.
christian shaughnessy haas
christian shaughnessy H.
21:31 21 May 20
Terapixel 007
Terapixel 0.
19:03 12 May 20
I recently received my Medical card. I met with Nicole Martinez. I have been to two other competitors recently & had the best 1 to 1 consultation with Nicole than the other two by far. She was more compassionate & understanding about my Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, & Bursitis. Based on my Medical feedback she took quality time with me to make suggestions on my medicine. I was going to consult with one other dispensary, and decide as to which Organization I would rely on moving forward. I won’t need to do that since I met with Nicole! I have confidence in my prescriptions. It was a pleasure to be sure!Excellent Customer Care! Thank you to the Liberty Team & especially Miss Martinez 🇺🇸Thank you!Grady
Grady Pope
Grady P.
17:23 08 May 20
Timothy Martin
Timothy M.
16:21 08 May 20
Amazing staff ! Great products
Melvin Williams
Melvin W.
18:55 30 Apr 20
Again Liberty saves the day. Mrs. Caroline and crew are the best in town. Thank you guys so much.
Gary Woodward
Gary W.
16:18 18 Apr 20
Anthony Palermo
Anthony P.
14:08 04 Apr 20
I have been a Liberty customer since I became a medical marijuana patient and they have never failed me. The staff is all so nice, and the point system is sweet. They keep their menu updated on Leafly, and offer free delivery! #LiveFree
Rebekkah Taylor
Rebekkah T.
18:20 27 Mar 20
Favorite dispensary in town. Incredible service and great conversation.
Michael Snow
Michael S.
21:20 03 Mar 20
One of the friendliest dispensaries in town.
Drew Love
Drew L.
21:14 02 Mar 20
Everybody is awesome at this location. The manager Caroline is exceptional and so is Christine. The guys are all very nice too but I don’t know their names.
Diana Lum Gross
Diana Lum G.
05:48 28 Feb 20
Best dispensary in Gainesville, super nice staff, great menu. Weekly deals!
margaret brauer
margaret B.
18:59 27 Feb 20
Ty Capps II
Ty Capps I.
01:53 22 Feb 20
GREAT experience all the way around! Great Poeple and Great Prices!
Ayden Anderson
Ayden A.
02:20 20 Feb 20
Convenient location, right downtown! Great prices, and the Papa Herb cartridges are a steal at $35!
21:06 06 Feb 20
Great employees get great product reasonable rate quality good quality
Chris Ogles
Chris O.
19:27 05 Feb 20
They are the best
Kathi Gonzalez
Kathi G.
18:15 03 Feb 20
Rene Murguia
Rene M.
05:16 01 Feb 20
Good deals and wonderful staff
Tree Sekaon
Tree S.
19:32 23 Jan 20
Randall Fulgham
Randall F.
05:23 17 Jan 20
Great store and staff, very helpful. Would recommend for new patients. Low price flower limited and usually sold out.
Maggie Brauer
Maggie B.
20:01 13 Jan 20
Ryan Morrison
Ryan M.
17:21 13 Jan 20
Tiffany Anglea
Tiffany A.
01:25 09 Jan 20
Corey Conklin
Corey C.
15:21 06 Jan 20
Nice prices,good quality.
Travis Sauls
Travis S.
18:35 02 Jan 20
Hubby uses liberty. This location is hit or miss with customer service. Cory is awesome. Other staff not quite so helpful or informative..
Lisa Green
Lisa G.
18:08 28 Dec 19
Excellent customer care and variety of product
Linda G.
Linda G.
01:30 25 Dec 19
Jacq Hyams
Jacq H.
16:06 20 Dec 19
David Reichmann
David R.
00:55 20 Dec 19
Ricki Hardcastle
Ricki H.
21:18 16 Dec 19
Sean Galloway
Sean G.
21:47 15 Dec 19
I love this place. I think it’s the best, & it’s products r locally grown & processed. They have nice people working there. & Good products.
Indigo Manna Tarot
Indigo Manna T.
17:24 11 Dec 19
Amazing!! As always, everyone was super helpful, great prices!!!
valerie smithson
valerie S.
23:56 10 Dec 19
Always a quick and easy experience. Great helpful staff 👍
Tony G
Tony G
01:38 09 Dec 19
Tanner George
Tanner G.
00:30 07 Dec 19
This place is awesome, great staff and they really know what they are talking about
Oran Allen
Oran A.
22:58 19 Nov 19
Cory Vaughn
Cory V.
01:32 19 Nov 19
The best people! Love them all.
James Marken
James M.
16:35 14 Nov 19
elizabeth ferraro
elizabeth F.
16:04 14 Nov 19
Kenroy Patience
Kenroy P.
18:44 09 Nov 19
Rita James
Rita J.
19:50 08 Nov 19
Caroline, Javier, and Milan were all super friendly and helpful! Fast & easy with amazing customer service. I had a great experience and will definitely be coming back!
Katie Browning
Katie B.
19:03 08 Nov 19
Good Prices and Amazing Staff. I would like to personally thank Caroline for going above and beyond to assist me!Caroline is a perfect example of what customer service should be like. She is always going the extra mile to make her customers genuinely satisfied.
Tyler Sanders
Tyler S.
23:42 07 Nov 19
Awesome is just the beginning of the hospitality and courtesy I've experienced at liberty health science every single worker at liberty health science deserves high recognition they have earned my respect and they shall always get it in return you guys are my angels God bless you guys.
Errand Frazier
Errand F.
18:29 07 Nov 19
Brian & Amber Buchanan
Brian & Amber B.
22:09 05 Nov 19
Nadiya Samanich
Nadiya S.
22:31 31 Oct 19
Wonderful products! Great friendly customer service! Blue dream is great!
Audrey Strickland
Audrey S.
16:02 28 Oct 19
Melissa. Dawn Smith
Melissa. Dawn S.
23:25 23 Oct 19
OMG,I just can’t say enough good about LHS especially the Gainesville location....! Save yourself a lot of time, money, & more importantly headaches of worrying about what’s being used in the products that could be doing harm instead of good... I’m not going to name other dispensaries but you will never be pressured to tip your bud-tender @ LHS in fact that isn’t even allowed.., which I think says A Lot about them...(after all we don’t tip our pharmacist..) I was even told that by one of LHS’s employees..! These employees@the Gainesville location are true to the industry... You truly couldn’t ask for better service than you’ll get with these guys...! They have brought me to tears on more than one visit and I’m not a crier...! Do yourself or your loved ones a favor & use LHS as your go to for medicinal products... I’ve been to every store in Gainesville & in Ocala & I’ve been treated like sh** I’ve been rushed & forced to order something I didn’t even want, I've had my mg’s added wrong, put on the wrong route, put in twice for the same product, I’ve even been lied to about what is or is not in the vape carts by the store employees, I’ve dealt with a employee being very nasty to me on not 1, not 2, but 3 occasions, by the same employee(even though I tried to kill her with kindness..) which caused me to get bad anxiety attacks when I knew I was going there... These places are suppose to be making a good name for the industry but instead they are doing so much damage to it....!I’m not sure how well LHS pays their employees but I can definitely say it’s not enough.., no offense but I’ll tell you why.., LHS is making the GREAT products and these employees (@least this location..) are making the name.., you could have the best products on earth but if your employees aren’t just as great your not the best anywhere...I just wanna say thank you to the employees@the Gainesville store...!You guys are my Angels on earth...! I love you guys.....!!! ✌️
tiffany ellis
tiffany E.
18:14 18 Oct 19
Stacy Kitty
Stacy K.
15:00 12 Oct 19
Best place ever. Always have product and are very helpful to us patients.Less pain and less anxiety thanks to Liberty Health Science! 2 thumbs up!
Sheila Gadaree
Sheila G.
16:19 11 Oct 19
This place was so very nice and the sale persons very helpful with the product and not to mention a free Florida pin and told me all about the discounts Very Helpful they where!!! Diffently will go back and tell all my people about this place as well! Thank you sooo very much
Billie Ware
Billie W.
04:29 09 Oct 19
Dona Boone
Dona B.
20:59 18 Sep 19
Will Beasland
Will B.
10:48 06 Sep 19
Berann Crotzer
Berann C.
16:03 29 Aug 19
Krunchie Kelpie
Krunchie K.
22:30 28 Aug 19
Love the products. Prompt and courteous staff.
Katrina Cornwall
Katrina C.
18:17 18 Aug 19
Great place with competitive prices. Get in and out in minutes!
Christopher Sims
Christopher S.
13:06 10 Aug 19
Friendly and knowledgeable staff! I am always able to get in and out quickly. Great product! I would definitely recommend this dispensary!
Nicole Kauranen
Nicole K.
21:04 06 Aug 19
Dren Apel
Dren A.
17:07 04 Aug 19
Excellent service
Alejandro Delgado
Alejandro D.
21:14 30 Jul 19
Very nicely laid out inside and staff is great!! Needs a few more chairs, but other than that it is very mice. The Blue Dream is the best medication for my pain. Buds are a little shaky, but the relieve I get from it tops any other.
Brenda Isaac
Brenda I.
23:13 27 Jul 19
Kimberly Weeks
Kimberly W.
01:42 24 Jul 19
Had what I needed, nice staff
19:41 06 Jul 19
Heather Collingwood
Heather C.
16:46 05 Jul 19
Absolutely the best dispensary around. Great products and the BEST staff. Keep up the great work. (Gainesville Florida location number one)☆☆☆☆☆
Bruce Tucker
Bruce T.
14:04 23 Jun 19
The best service ever....appreciate you guys and girl!!
Linda Streznetcky
Linda S.
23:49 20 Jun 19
Staff is very informative and is willing to help you with what you need to feel better
Becky Dourado
Becky D.
01:42 19 Jun 19
17:32 13 May 19
Bella Vlogs
Bella V.
20:19 01 May 19
Compare the price per mg of Aphria liquids, capsules and vape pens to other G'ville dispensaries and you will be pleasantly surprised. Their product is potent and it is exciting to try Super A5, Blue Dream and First 48 strains. I look forward to seeing the full product line. The folks working here are super nice. They appear to be still beta on the order-entry system, so be patient.
The Graham
The G.
19:38 29 Mar 19