Address: 12 SW 2nd St, Gainesville, FL 32601

Phone Number: (352) 448-8966

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Cory V.

Assistant Manager: Caroline F.

Patient Reviews

Love the products. Prompt and courteous staff.
Katrina Cornwall
Katrina C.
18:17 18 Aug 19
I happened into this dispensary unaware that they too have a 1st time buyer discount of $75 off $150. their prices are less than most dispensaries , min.wait time, staff is very friendly . I especially liked the manager Caroline Fischer. She emailed me back in less than an hour. She gave me the 1st time discount on my 2nd visit because I was unprepared $ on the 1st. (She is the Bomb) I really like their flower. $28 for 1/8. wow!! This will be my new favorite dispensary
Stephen Owen
Stephen O.
15:29 16 Aug 19
Great place with competitive prices. Get in and out in minutes!
Christopher Sims
Christopher S.
13:06 10 Aug 19
Friendly and knowledgeable staff! I am always able to get in and out quickly. Great product! I would definitely recommend this dispensary!
Nicole Kauranen
Nicole K.
21:04 06 Aug 19
Dren Apel
Dren A.
17:07 04 Aug 19
I went to the store in downtown Gainesville, & I love it. Their products are AMAZING ! & the workers are so nice & helpful. & hardly no wait time. (Compared to Trulieve-this is awesome.) I loved the cartridges! I get the indica-based ones. They have 3 kinds, 1 for each strain. The indica is "pineapple express". I think the hybrid is "I-A 25", or something ??, & “Blue Dream” for the Sativah-leaning strand. I'm usually a Trulieve customer, but heard this company was great, from my dr. He told me to try "Aphria", & said that they were a Canadian company coming to FL & merging locally. All of the weed is grown & processed in Alachua! & it is all natural. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It’s nice & thick, dark & robust tasting. I like it better than Trulieve's. & I love them. Their 500 mg cartridges r stronger than Trulieve’s regular kind! They're about 74+ thc (compared to Trulieve's 600 mg cartridges at about 54%) & the CBD oil is .4% (much of the time Trulieve's have no cbd oil at all-& cbd oil is very healing). & to top it off, the price is cheaper than Trulieve's & Curaleaf. & Curaleaf uses a chemical to cut their vapes-& it is DISGUSTING! I couldn’t finish their cartridge. They all give u $75 off of $150 purchase as a new customer. Buttheir 500 mg cartridges are only $60 ($54 or less if u are a vet or have SNAP). I am very pleased. They also have many other products-like PAX vapes, & Mary’s products (transdermal patches etc). I love this store & will be coming back! I would recommend it to anyone! It's great . I'm very satisfied!PS They also have free coffee-an awesome machine! A great treat! ☕️ 😋 def recommend Liberty🗽Health Sciences🧪
ShineOnU UCrazyDiamond
ShineOnU U.
14:31 03 Aug 19
Excellent service
Alejandro Delgado
Alejandro D.
21:14 30 Jul 19
Very nicely laid out inside and staff is great!! Needs a few more chairs, but other than that it is very mice. The Blue Dream is the best medication for my pain. Buds are a little shaky, but the relieve I get from it tops any other.
Brenda Isaac
Brenda I.
23:13 27 Jul 19
Kimberly Weeks
Kimberly W.
01:42 24 Jul 19
Had what I needed, nice staff
19:41 06 Jul 19
Heather Collingwood
Heather C.
16:46 05 Jul 19
Absolutely the best dispensary around. Great products and the BEST staff. Keep up the great work. (Gainesville Florida location number one)☆☆☆☆☆
Bruce Tucker
Bruce T.
14:04 23 Jun 19
The best service ever....appreciate you guys and girl!!
Linda Streznetcky
Linda S.
23:49 20 Jun 19
Staff is very informative and is willing to help you with what you need to feel better
Becky Dourado
Becky D.
01:42 19 Jun 19
Caroline is so sweet and helpful! I used to get my stuff delivered but the service has been stopped. So, I have visited this dispensary a couple of times. I love the level of professionalism I have received and the employees are all top notch!
Ruth Marie
Ruth M.
23:43 18 Jun 19
17:32 13 May 19
Bella Vlogs
Bella V.
20:19 01 May 19
Compare the price per mg of Aphria liquids, capsules and vape pens to other G'ville dispensaries and you will be pleasantly surprised. Their product is potent and it is exciting to try Super A5, Blue Dream and First 48 strains. I look forward to seeing the full product line. The folks working here are super nice. They appear to be still beta on the order-entry system, so be patient.
The Graham
The G.
19:38 29 Mar 19

Back in Stock, 8.22.19:
Star Killer, Blue Dream, Super A5 1/8ths
Jack Frost, Blue Dream pre rolls

Star Killer, Blue Dream, and Super A5 1/8ths and Jack Frost, Blue Dream pre rolls are back in stock at all LHS locations on Thursday, 8.22.19.

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