Dania Beach

Address: 1103 S Federal Hwy, Dania Beach, FL 33004

Phone Number: 754-231-4884

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Thomas F.

Assistant Manager: Hugh D.

Patient Reviews

Great selection of medical cannibus products, friendly people and less of a wait time than Trulieve.
Teresa Bee
Teresa B.
23:20 24 Jun 20
Great staff Bobby is awesome always helps best can and fast as well as safe I also give good props to V she is great I can recommend lhs in my experience
Brandon Borozny
Brandon B.
21:08 23 Jun 20
Michael Sosa
Michael S.
04:36 20 Jun 20
Daniel Poulson
Daniel P.
20:59 17 Jun 20
Great service!
Milton Wiseman
Milton W.
17:01 08 Jun 20
1st time tasty kush
K.C.O. JoUrNeY!!
K.C.O. J.
21:24 05 Jun 20
Mike Posillo
Mike P.
19:32 29 May 20
Great Dispensary never had an issue. Very fast and great service.
Brenda Garcia
Brenda G.
15:43 24 May 20
patrick mate
patrick M.
19:48 22 May 20
Cory Payne
Cory P.
16:32 16 May 20
Hiram Ayala
Hiram A.
20:46 30 Apr 20
Exceptional customer service from a knowledgeable and professional team. Clean, conveniently located store that is generally fully stocked with what I buy: flower, cartridges and capsules.
Craig Hagen
Craig H.
15:40 20 Apr 20
Just wanted to say thanks I called in order yesterday for delivery was at my door this morning that’s why I always shop at Liberty Health!!!!Best customer service given by Katena, Trey and Laise. Very comfortable going there. No long waits. Staff always very helpful. Will keep this as my go to dispensary.
Debbie Tisi
Debbie T.
14:10 18 Apr 20
Helpful, good guidance and education on products.
Dr. Amarilys Diaz
Dr. Amarilys D.
18:00 11 Apr 20
Great place
Thomas Casper
Thomas C.
14:29 02 Apr 20
Michael Andrews
Michael A.
21:22 16 Mar 20
Friendly, educated staff! A++++
Sandra Goodwin
Sandra G.
19:41 12 Mar 20
Thank you all Kalena ,Danielle , Tyler .I really enjoyed being informed about sale for new customers .They work as a team .This is my second place I checked out and believe I'm staying .I have a few ?? Kalena , answered honestly !!.😇😇🐢🐢🙏🙏😍
Patricia Mcelligott
Patricia M.
04:57 28 Feb 20
Staff is friendly and professional!
Debbie Garcia
Debbie G.
11:46 25 Feb 20
Aaron Brewer
Aaron B.
07:50 18 Feb 20
Best medical marijuana dispensary company in all of Florida.
07:25 18 Feb 20
Lindsay Macneill
Lindsay M.
18:21 14 Feb 20
The staff is very friendly, helpful and informative. I appreciate their expertise. I would highly recommend their products as well.
Melinda Strauss
Melinda S.
23:17 10 Feb 20
If you're in a budget this is the best place to get your cannabis needs always cheap prices, they're very fast and excellent customer service number one place in my book 😁.
danny alvarez
danny A.
15:30 06 Feb 20
I have been to multiple dispensaries in the city and these guys are by far the most professional and knowledgeable with the best attitudes whether you’re close or far this is definitely where you want to go for top grade service.
Courtney Morgan
Courtney M.
15:46 01 Feb 20
Eric Gaines
Eric G.
21:06 27 Jan 20
Always a great experience be ware the flower can go fast because of their excellent prices. So far they have had the best prices on flower and vapes. Always excellent customer service.
Turtle Girl
Turtle G.
20:39 26 Jan 20
Hands Down the Best dispensary...I travel to Vegas Colorado California Oregon an I am telling No hassle no stress so simple I LOVE IT...THE BUDTENDERS ARE SP AWESOME PRICES ARE AWESOME JUST AWESOME...I really wish the one on HOLLYWOOD BLVD OPENS EXPEDITIOUSLY 🤣🤣🤣
snugs Love
snugs L.
17:27 24 Jan 20
High quality products, help informative staff, quick in and out. Great place with great people!
Jeb Bjorn
Jeb B.
23:16 23 Jan 20
Tyler Rivera
Tyler R.
12:56 23 Jan 20
Real medicine
Jericho Malachi
Jericho M.
02:56 23 Jan 20
Flower improved, price went up, more product was good, but often out, changed reward program to exclude flower a week before I earned enough points. Staff is always great though!
Mr. CannaBus
Mr. C.
20:43 21 Jan 20
The staff was extremely pleasant because i had zero knowledge about the process or the products, i want to give a special thanks to tommy, tyler, laisr, and trey. I feel like iv become part of a community and its always a pleasure to shop here.
Jeremie Scola
Jeremie S.
23:06 17 Jan 20
Megan is great as well as the rest very nice people and very clean quick and answers any question u you have very lovely place thanks for all the help yal gave
Anna Thornton
Anna T.
16:16 17 Jan 20
Great service and product! Trey, Laise, Chris are great!
:Karima: Rubin
:Karima: R.
15:47 17 Jan 20
Great place! They are the only ones in this area that carry Pax catridges, and they even have a nice selection to choose from. The main reson they get 5 stars though is the fact they carry Papa's Herb products- best value for money in the game
Amitay Eshel
Amitay E.
19:20 16 Jan 20
Patient liaison Kalena in the Dania Beach office was very nice and very helpful
Les Berger
Les B.
20:01 13 Jan 20
Love this place & Kalena(very helpful) they have great service & pricing.just wish they wouldn't run out so quick of the lesser expensive flower & they need to open dispensary in unincorporated broward area of ft lauderdale ASAP.
marc nahabedian
marc N.
04:20 13 Jan 20
Great experience great people
Frank J.
Frank J.
18:32 10 Jan 20
This place has awesome staff easy and friendly. Thanks to Chris I'm able to share this today...
John Ehle
John E.
19:15 07 Jan 20
What a great Experience!!! I entered the dispensary and was immediately greeted by Kalena and I was off to the races. The first time patient discount is incredible and they were having a 10% off sale for the weekend. I picked up Jack Herer cartridges, batteries and some flower. Overall, it is clean, neat, friendly and a professional dispensary. Kalena was really nice and made me feel very comfortable, but all the staff were exceptional. I will be returning.
John Yellowcard
John Y.
19:09 04 Jan 20
Very friendly staff, the manger helped choose what products would work best for me. Thanks Kalena, Tyler and Laise! You guys are the best!
Sammy Clausman
Sammy C.
14:33 02 Jan 20
The best people / products / price in the industry. The worst inventory control. I have been there 6 times almost always out of what I came for and I think papas herb doesn’t really exist it’s never in stock. Not once
Mike Fagan
Mike F.
20:16 31 Dec 19
Great experience everybody was so nice and helpful
samuel bloom
samuel B.
18:04 29 Dec 19
Love it! They have been my go to throughout the majority of this first year with my card. Great products, affordable prices, nice point system...and the girls up front are the best! They also have coffee in the waiting area, which will always be a double win in my book!
06:36 29 Dec 19
Every time I go to LHS I’m happily greeted and totally a takes to because the remember me, I’m a regular. The staff is always so friendly.
Gita Robb
Gita R.
19:08 28 Dec 19
Great people , Great service and products, my favorite dispensary 😊✌️
Kathy Cob
Kathy C.
17:49 27 Dec 19
Had a pleasure shopping at LHS. Bud tenders were very helpfully I would recommend.
yariv ovadia
yariv O.
17:20 27 Dec 19
I always have a good experience when I go to LHS in Dania and this latest visit was also very good. The girls are very friendly and knowledgeable. The guys less so. All in all the only problemI find is something being out of stock. I’m sure inventory will get better. I hope so. I will continue to go there. Thank You Sharon
Sharon Mading
Sharon M.
19:06 22 Dec 19
Sherry Martin
Sherry M.
21:29 21 Dec 19
Martin Medina
Martin M.
21:12 20 Dec 19
Liberty in Dania Beach is my favorite dispensary! The staff is as nice and efficient as possible! In particular, Kalena has handled my orders many times, and she saved me money with help. I just met Tyler last time, and was very pleased with his service.
Marty Solomon
Marty S.
18:40 18 Dec 19
Helena is so nice and informative also very professional. Good prices but always low on variety of flower
Francisco campo
Francisco C.
05:02 18 Dec 19
Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Convenient location.
Jeff Schwartz
Jeff S.
21:50 13 Dec 19
Kalena, Laise, and Chis were very nice and service was quick
Bill Gunning
Bill G.
21:41 13 Dec 19
great having close to home
Fred Margulies
Fred M.
14:08 11 Dec 19
Clean, small waiting area ,Chris, who cashed me out, was friendly.
Maria Voulo
Maria V.
03:06 11 Dec 19
Yasmina R
Yasmina R
22:54 10 Dec 19
Liberty could teach Cureleaf and Trulieve a lesson or two about how a dispensary should be operated. Kudos to Kalena and Laise. A special commendation to Trey for his expert assistance.
Marc Fisher
Marc F.
16:48 09 Dec 19
Fast Service, good products and they stand behind their stuff.
Lisa Esdale
Lisa E.
19:33 08 Dec 19
Shout out to the whole store. Chris the best employee I've ever seen work for a company. A young VP in the making, I'm just saying. Staff new everything, they even told me what flower I wanted before I even spoke 😮 recommend for anybody seeking flower. Hit up Liberty Health Sciences, Dania Beach.
Big Body Mitch
Big Body M.
16:54 08 Dec 19
David Castillo
David C.
17:10 07 Dec 19
Since getting my MM card last year, I wanted to say I tried a number of dispenseries. I started with LHS and their customer service was outstanding! Kalena and the entire staff is caring and very chill. It is a much more relaxing and educational experience. Their prices cannot be beat either! Note that I did go One big ones that rhymes with Aleve, the customer service was horrible and the environment felt very intimidating. In any event, I have already recommended LHS Dania to many of my MM card friends. Thanks again and looking forward to being helped with my medicating needs. Jon
100 Last Good Nerves
100 Last Good N.
23:04 06 Dec 19
Kalena was nice and very professional. I had great experience as she helped me with all the questions I had. Greatly appreciate her wealth of knowledge.
Ainura A
Ainura A
20:20 06 Dec 19
Best value in the city. This is my go to place for flowers. The staff is chill and the products are high grade. If you are disabled, a vet, or a bulk buyer this place has discounts for you!
Alejandro Roca
Alejandro R.
14:38 06 Dec 19
Best prices on flowers I can find in the So-Flo area! The staff is super friendly, and they have every type of product you could need. This has been my go to spot for a few months and I don't plan on changing.
Alejandro Roca
Alejandro R.
14:27 06 Dec 19
Luigino Arato
Luigino A.
05:18 06 Dec 19
This is one of my main stores as they usually have the best values. The staff is really helpful and friendly and I'm writing this review for Kalena. She gives great feedback based on the products and experience. By taking the time to listen and get to know me, she gives me better information. They also have individual coffee you can make!
Timothy Koze
Timothy K.
19:04 02 Dec 19
I started using LHS a little over a month ago.Just caught wind it at another dispensary in town,so i thought i would give it a shot and let me say this i will not be visting the other dispensary any more. LHS there flowers are top of the line and the prices you need to see for yourself. The customer serivce is great when i go in i deal with Chris he is knowledgeable of the products and is super nice .SO GIVE A LHS A CHANCE YOU WONT REGRET 😎
Jerry Hickman
Jerry H.
00:53 02 Dec 19
Helpful and convenient!
20:04 01 Dec 19
Went to the store for the first time the other day and Kaleena was very helpful in explaining to me about the different products.
Clint Harris
Clint H.
02:04 01 Dec 19
Chris was fantastic and extremely helpful!
Steven Avalon
Steven A.
21:22 30 Nov 19
Chris, Trey and Kalena were amazing!!! They are always super helpful and provide the BEST information!!! I will forever and always go to this location!
21:08 30 Nov 19
I love this place ! Thank you Chris for always getting my order right and quick !!! 5 out of 5
Brandon Preciado
Brandon P.
18:33 30 Nov 19
Angela Long
Angela L.
12:26 30 Nov 19
Great staff, great prices, clean, and knowledgeable
Yalonda Simmons
Yalonda S.
18:47 29 Nov 19
First time customer. Excellent service and good price/quality
Lyle Weston
Lyle W.
17:09 29 Nov 19
Always a good experience coming in!
16:54 29 Nov 19
Amazing Customer Service, Fast Service, Quality Products. Just awesome to walk in and get greeted right away and then taken care of within minutes.
Drake Dragon Studios
Drake Dragon S.
16:34 29 Nov 19
Today was my first time there, and it was really clean! And the staff super nice! My dude Chris, was very knowledgeable on everything, and has A1 customer service! Definitely coming back!!!
Brian Hernandez
Brian H.
16:13 29 Nov 19
My go to spot , Chris , Kalena and Laise are awesome! they always take care of me and put up with my jokes!
Chazzthe Directone
Chazzthe D.
15:30 29 Nov 19
Great Service and variety, I was assisted by Chris today who was very helpful and knowledgeable. Plus they have free coffee and water 😉
Rock Hard Candy
Rock Hard C.
15:27 29 Nov 19
Chris was helpful as always!! It’s always a pleasure to come and see them here at Dania.
Alison Hechtman
Alison H.
16:50 28 Nov 19
fenrir lokison
fenrir L.
20:52 27 Nov 19
Awesome Prices, Awesome Staff, Free coffee, Super Fast, Great location, Friendly Environment. Great dicounts.
19:05 27 Nov 19
Huiyan Ding
Huiyan D.
18:50 27 Nov 19
Very helpful and great service! Best prices. Chris is very knowledgable about every single product, so props to him. Thanks for the help!
Foster Hirsch
Foster H.
18:47 27 Nov 19
Chris & staff are really cool I like coming here
Alex P
Alex P
17:16 27 Nov 19
Great prices and great service!
Art Crave
Art C.
17:01 27 Nov 19
This place rocks! The service is great and the staff is awesome.
Tom E
Tom E
16:09 27 Nov 19
Laise and Trey were great! Came in for the awesome sale on Gios and they were very helpful.
William Walker
William W.
21:23 26 Nov 19
Laise and Tre are Amazing!!!!
max truen
max T.
17:15 26 Nov 19
Phenomenal service and prices! Laise and the staff are all very knowledgeable and helpful.
Salvatore Gonzalez-Ammirata
Salvatore G.
15:08 26 Nov 19
One of my favorite store to come to, they have some the the best products around and have high quality products as well. I mean they carry Mary’s medicinal need I say more???
Kyla Levy
Kyla L.
20:26 25 Nov 19
Chris and Laise were awesome! Informative, efficient and attentive. Worth the drive up from Miami!!
Eric Alayon
Eric A.
18:08 25 Nov 19
Coleman Nelson
Coleman N.
13:47 25 Nov 19
Professional and quick service
Mike O'Rawe
Mike O.
22:34 24 Nov 19
Chris was helpful
Steve Morrison
Steve M.
13:17 21 Nov 19
Ramon Torres
Ramon T.
02:05 21 Nov 19
Today I was helped by Chris and Tyler 2 very knowledgeable bud tenders who know their stuff. I have always come to liberty health sciences because they have all the name brand products I have used for years
Steven Perlowitz
Steven P.
16:47 19 Nov 19
This place is great! Super friendly and helpful staff and great products.Big props to Chris who checked me out tonight, this guy is always cool and knowledgeable.
Jeremy Hardin
Jeremy H.
23:42 18 Nov 19
Sandra and Chris were the best! Great location and the best prices! Love love love.
Tamia Finley
Tamia F.
21:13 18 Nov 19
Excellent products especially the new G Pen lineup. In and out quick service. Friendly staff. Chris was awesome 😎
Ryan Esdale
Ryan E.
20:18 18 Nov 19
Love the staff here. Chris is very knowledgeable and helps me everytime I come to this shop.
Christopher Chavez
Christopher C.
19:16 18 Nov 19
jeramaind rayolero
jeramaind R.
17:15 11 Nov 19
Always friendly faces & some of the best pricing on 1/8ths.
Victor Brown
Victor B.
16:53 01 Nov 19
Great prices
Thomas Lynch
Thomas L.
18:56 21 Oct 19
Best customer service experience. Best prices.
Robert Grandoni
Robert G.
18:51 25 Aug 19
Dope store. Good staff and nice products. I mainly came there cause they sell the pax era pods as well as Mary's medicinal topicals. But I couldn't believe that the eights are only 28$ standard. Sometimes they have 50% off so you can't beat that. Just wish they would carry more topicals, oils, and the pods need to drop in price!
Max Schlecht
Max S.
20:00 24 Aug 19
Chris was absolutely the best patient care liaison I've ever met! He took the time to discuss the various medications and helping me pull together a realistic and safe medication regimen.
Gina Queen
Gina Q.
02:50 22 Aug 19
Nice and friendly. Blue Dream was okay.
Kim Hudsdon
Kim H.
19:34 15 Aug 19
Great selection and awesome service. Was in and out efficiently. Highly recommend
Jason White
Jason W.
16:13 07 Aug 19
The staff was incredibly helpful. My best dispensary experience yet. The products are top-notch. I loved that I didn't have to wait forever also.
san ly
san L.
19:52 31 Jul 19
The staff there is very knowledgeable and friendly. Chris is knowledgable and easy to speak with. The rest of the employees are great too but I couldn't remember their names. I'll definitely be back.
Brett P
Brett P
22:57 26 Jul 19
terry hale-hicks
terry H.
18:04 23 Jul 19
I stop by at the Dana Beach location they were very informant about there products I spent about 40 minutes they’re just talking having a nice conversation with the employees got the flower I thought it was really good and inexpensive and I also picked up the concentrates which were also fantastic and which is very nice they even deliver free of charge with anything you purchase doesn’t matter it can be a 8th or a pen and they will deliver for free just give them a call and they are there to help .
03:43 03 Jul 19
frank cuspilich
frank C.
15:32 29 Jun 19
Great service, with some awesome prices on flower, just $28 an eighth, and $12 pre-roll. Clean place with a great rewards program!
Luis M
Luis M
22:34 14 Jun 19
Jolenny Piedra
Jolenny P.
16:44 09 Jun 19
Good location, fast service. Clean place. Open now. No line no wait.will return soon.
J Billie
J B.
16:36 02 Jun 19
Get points and get ur discounts its cheapers and awesome
Angela Frost
Angela F.
17:13 31 May 19