Cape Coral

Address: 1321 SE 47th TerraceCape Coral, FL 33904

Phone Number: 239-230-2377

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Michael M.

Assistant Manager: Thad M.

Patient Reviews

Excellent Experience
Susan Harbuck
Susan H.
01:53 02 Jul 20
Best "Pharmacy" EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Tara Schieldge
Tara S.
15:16 30 Jun 20
Marianne Ramirez
Marianne R.
20:16 26 Jun 20
Excellant service
Cathy Casey
Cathy C.
02:05 25 Jun 20
Staff is very nice and knowledgeable on their products!! Super fast service so your in and out!!
Dustin Saffie
Dustin S.
16:20 23 Jun 20
Awesome best compassionate medicine in S.W.Florida. Cape Coral location is my home store. The sales people are so very knowledgeable and friendly
Edwards Pike
Edwards P.
17:10 22 Jun 20
Great place! Staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. Lines move quick and Im looking forward to my next trip back.
Jerry Giraldi
Jerry G.
18:56 19 Jun 20
James Ingelido
James I.
17:01 18 Jun 20
Great selection, Brian was awesome.. Very helpful and knowledgeable
Dante Nicastro
Dante N.
05:49 17 Jun 20
Monica Cagney
Monica C.
23:37 15 Jun 20
Regina Bongiovanni
Regina B.
20:39 07 Jun 20
Very friendly usually has something new
Nikki Nelms
Nikki N.
01:16 07 Jun 20
Lisa Ross
Lisa R.
19:17 03 Jun 20
19:11 03 Jun 20
12:48 31 May 20
Great staff. Good discounts
Maria Schmidt
Maria S.
20:45 29 May 20
Still love the White widow
MCBuff T.
14:39 26 May 20
I went to liberty In Cape Coral today and they always are professionals and are a big help but I was helped by Brian today and he is The man he is the absolute best and helped me out above and beyond I definitely would recommend going to the Cape Coral location and see Brian he will take care of you big time
Stephen Costales
Stephen C.
23:40 22 May 20
I Love the Service!!!They always remember me and my family!!!
Tasia Pantalias
Tasia P.
15:18 16 May 20
carrie mcnair
carrie M.
20:03 13 May 20
Nicolas Italiano
Nicolas I.
19:34 13 May 20
Excellent customer service very friendly overall best dispensary in Florida cheap flower amazing product 10 out of 10Recommended highly
Tyler Ross
Tyler R.
20:11 08 May 20
Everybody that works here is nothing short of amazing and wonderful!
Crystal Wheeler
Crystal W.
19:44 01 May 20
Number one dispensary in Lee County awesome staff great customer service and some of the top-of-the-line medication they offer. Also they do a point system add up your points get free stuff 💨. Also they now sell 7 Gs for $23 😎
Steven Compton
Steven C.
19:10 26 Apr 20
Karl Gottfried
Karl G.
20:14 17 Apr 20
Always fast and amazing. Haven’t had a bad visit once!
Alex Bookless
Alex B.
23:09 12 Apr 20
Ashley Albright
Ashley A.
03:45 06 Apr 20
I gave this place another shot and I'm glad I did. The selection has gotten better, they got rid off the rude employees as far as a seen. And the young lady taking care of me was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Her name was Anna, they need more like her, plus she's really cute lol.
Vincent Notaro
Vincent N.
12:44 04 Apr 20
Melody LaRoe
Melody L.
19:08 01 Apr 20
Reasonably priced great people and place to buy legalized medical marijuana just over CC bridge pkway
Britt Lawrence-Stevens
Britt L.
18:33 30 Mar 20
Connie Hanger
Connie H.
18:07 29 Mar 20
Fast and discreet
Kathy Hudson
Kathy H.
02:42 17 Mar 20
Nice place, great staff, good sales. My only complaint is lines when they have good sales..they do move the lines pretty well tho
Mario McCalla
Mario M.
23:04 10 Mar 20
Got what I wanted and was in and out in less than 5 minutes
Justin Lloyd
Justin L.
18:39 04 Mar 20
James Pappas
James P.
18:18 03 Mar 20
Call ahead if you are looking for something specific. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Catherine Rinehart
Catherine R.
06:36 01 Mar 20
Getting Baked with Di
Getting Baked with D.
00:55 01 Mar 20
Robyn Cook
Robyn C.
21:59 29 Feb 20
Dave Rudolph
Dave R.
12:53 29 Feb 20
Derek Hogoboom
Derek H.
23:55 28 Feb 20
My fav dispensary hands down 💯
Mony mon
Mony M.
23:42 28 Feb 20
Excellent products great people
23:02 28 Feb 20
They are super awesome and very helpful.
Mar Pants
Mar P.
21:31 28 Feb 20
Happy Belly Traveler
Happy Belly T.
19:42 25 Feb 20
Hi Dillon
Hi D.
01:18 21 Feb 20
Great place, knowledgeable people. Always feel comfortable in their dispensary and in their advice.
Christina Highhouse
Christina H.
14:55 20 Feb 20
07:23 18 Feb 20
Products are great and customer service is excellent. Everyone is willing to help you with questions and recommendations if requested.
Ronald Vest
Ronald V.
14:34 17 Feb 20
Brian and the rest of the staff are awesome. And the prices here are so great! I was a "truliever" and then I "cured my leaf", but now I've been "Liberty-ated"
18:10 14 Feb 20
Awesome service, awesome staff, best prices. 10/10 best dispensary in Lee county
Alex Lacy
Alex L.
13:33 10 Feb 20
Looking forward to Liberty stepping into the concentrate game, w/ Shatter, rosin, etc!!
Stephen Vance
Stephen V.
01:07 05 Feb 20
Love the prerolled, just tried papa s herb .nice
Robin Manon
Robin M.
18:51 04 Feb 20
Mike D
Mike D
21:10 01 Feb 20
Amazing store, and one of the largest dispensaries in the area.They get you attended so quickly! Customer service is awesome from start to finish wonderful experience. Products are top notch, especially for their price!! Check their website for more details about products. Very knowledgeable staff, all of them  caring about the customers made customer experience so wonderful. Special mention to Gillermo Richard, Alexander Rivero they are the best! They always give me individual attention, and make sure I have all the information I need on products! They are so kind and courteous here, and always do their best to remember names and what each customer likes! I’ve never walked away from this location without being happy.Also, I have to say that the complimentary coffee is high quality and delicious.👏🏆💚
Magdy Carrillo
Magdy C.
01:36 01 Feb 20
The best of the best. Great staff
Edwin Castro
Edwin C.
12:35 29 Jan 20
Staff is helpful, good selection of products, and fair prices. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars was they were out of almost every thing the 1st visit. Great since though!
Josh Wynn
Josh W.
17:12 26 Jan 20
jeannie lynn
jeannie L.
12:44 23 Jan 20
Family member is a patient and their prices are the best around! The staff is always helpful.
Dessa Dawn
Dessa D.
12:39 23 Jan 20
Wonderful staff, product knowledge is the best!
Phyllis Anthony
Phyllis A.
19:58 17 Jan 20
Amazing prices on flower
joseph brockschmidt
joseph B.
01:10 17 Jan 20
Steven Saunders
Steven S.
21:06 11 Jan 20
Excellent services.
Luis Jimenez
Luis J.
12:26 02 Jan 20
Very nice people working here. Very professional in getting people in and out.
Linda Day
Linda D.
13:00 01 Jan 20
Friendly staff, fast service, cheapest, best quality flower.
Emily Rudd
Emily R.
10:17 28 Dec 19
I'm leaving a review because of the great products that they just released everybody else is going to be in trouble because they have the eights for the low low and it's superb!!
Ronald Ward
Ronald W.
14:53 27 Dec 19
I ordered a delivery one day before Christmas and was told I would probably receive a call later about delivery date..well I did finally receive a call on Thursday saying I was not able to receive my delivery...No product left...I was not a happy camper...but the gentleman on the line felt bad and and wanted to find out what happened... It took a couple hours but he worked some Holiday Majic and found some product for me...5 Stars..that is what makes a company..Thank You to my delivery representative and his extra effort...and Thank You Liberty..
Albert Lazzaro
Albert L.
19:33 26 Dec 19
Margaret Monday
Margaret M.
06:52 24 Dec 19
Daddy Duncan
Daddy D.
02:18 21 Dec 19
Helpful and knowledgeable!
Nancy B
Nancy B
23:30 20 Dec 19
Bertram Flowers
Bertram F.
17:00 20 Dec 19
On December 13th I stopped by to try out some of the newly released “popcorn” and while I was there a budtender, Aimee, helped me get the Gpen Connect at an excellent price using my loyalty points. The following two days I was in to receive some help with a coil on the Gpen, where another budtender, Guillermo, was right on top of the problem and helped me get everything worked out swiftly. Great staff, great products at a great price leaves little to be unhappy about :))
Marc Cohan
Marc C.
20:26 17 Dec 19
00:15 17 Dec 19
this place was professional and helpful
Yazmin C
Yazmin C
18:31 15 Dec 19
Very nice people
linda locher
linda L.
12:31 15 Dec 19
Meghan Martin
Meghan M.
21:36 10 Dec 19
They need to stop closing before closing time. I'm sitting outside and its 5 to 7 😡
Jennifer S
Jennifer S
15:19 10 Dec 19
They don't have the largest selection, but they are the most inexpensive. Their team is great and it's very communal. This is really your neighborhood cannabis dispenser.
Sean Hartman
Sean H.
18:59 05 Dec 19
Kathryn Vanduyn
Kathryn V.
14:30 05 Dec 19
04:51 04 Dec 19
Absolutely love this dispensary, have all the necessary medicated items, super friendly staff and an overall great atmosphere!!
Quenton Riedel
Quenton R.
23:44 03 Dec 19
Love this place
Stacey. Hassman
Stacey. H.
18:04 30 Nov 19
My favorite dispensary, hands down
Tyler Shore
Tyler S.
18:43 29 Nov 19
Gee @ cape location was awesome! First time here (& I was the annoying patient who came 3 minutes until closing) & I’ll definitely be returning. Can’t beat great customer service.
Brook Miller
Brook M.
21:12 27 Nov 19
Very easy to use. Quick service. Free delivery and all kinds of different discounts. A lot of products in stock. Website was easy to use. On the phone with them, everyone was very nice and friendly. Just be willing to wait, because they're very busy
John Leonard
John L.
19:32 26 Nov 19
Helpful, friendly & caring! " G " was GREAT .
Dave Goldberg
Dave G.
01:21 26 Nov 19
Good meds!! Great prices!! Excellent customer service.
Santo Sarante
Santo S.
22:35 18 Nov 19
Simply put— LHS treats you like family. Thad and Amy are absolutely amazing! I’m always greeted with a welcoming smiling and a huge hug!
Jennifer Warowitz
Jennifer W.
19:42 17 Nov 19
Liberty Health Science Cape & Bonita are the blueprint that ALL the other dispensary's can learn from. This amazing team go above & beyond..Every time I walk in. I get a hug, a hand shake and always a smile! Some dispensarys have such sullen workers. But not you guys! Your positive attitudes are what make Liberty an exceptional place & I thank you! -Ginger..Thad, you helped me so much yesterday! Thank you!
Puddin Tane
Puddin T.
14:30 17 Nov 19
Mike Landry
Mike L.
18:50 15 Nov 19
Donny Pennington
Donny P.
16:45 15 Nov 19
Loved it.
Pat Harrison
Pat H.
20:38 14 Nov 19
Awesome staff! The place is ran very efficiently. Long lines on Friday mornings are quickly taken care of! Get three early because the do run out of certain products fast!!
Laura Stinnett
Laura S.
20:57 12 Nov 19
People where great
Tony Toth
Tony T.
04:13 11 Nov 19
Was great I got in an out quickly they had what I needed and the prices were very reasonable customer service was excellent
Chris Seals
Chris S.
22:19 08 Nov 19
I adore Alex, Will, Thadeus, G and (I know I'm spelling her name wrong) Amy. They are a wonderful bunch
Kristy Copeland-Acuti
Kristy C.
00:34 08 Nov 19
02:36 03 Nov 19
Pro+: Their product is never of subpar quality; even their "lows" are grown with lovePro+: Their prices are currently unbeatable - at no other dispensary in Cape Coral can you purchase an 8th for $25*Pro+: The LHS staff is very warm, welcoming, and friendly - if you're a regular customer, you will feel appreciatedPro+: They offer various types of sales throughout the week ranging from 10-15% off on choice product groupingsPro+: They offer a worthwhile rewards program which sees its regular customers able to claim a non-flower discount on a roughly monthly basisPro+: There's a free Keurig machine inside and it's got a cappucino mode for coping with those icky reup day linesCon-: Their selection of flower products is typically limited to between 2 and 8 assorted, but still high-quality strains.Con-: Their strain menu is currently being updated, and not all "price tiers" are available YET; once they have finished I will be giving them 5 stars again.Con-: The potency of their strains has not, -in my experience-, exceeded 23%, though I'm personally holding my breath for the top shelf strains coming with their menu update.Con-: Their indica flowers are never on-par with their sativas/hybrids *in the THC-potency department alone*; Finally, if you're going to check them out for the first time, try the Super A5 if you're into high THC cannabis; it's fluffy, and fuzzy like an orange and white tarantula, and has a very mild flowery and piney aroma that I can't get enough;dr Once the best value by far, still the best value by a hair; in spite of their often diminutive strain menu, what they do offer is worth every cent. *on flower discount day!
15:52 02 Nov 19
Great flower
Chris Pennington
Chris P.
01:29 02 Nov 19
Graciela Quidera-Miley
Graciela Q.
18:49 01 Nov 19
Great staff and best prices in town
dru Hanni
dru H.
19:32 30 Oct 19
Bob Smiley
Bob S.
15:27 30 Oct 19
Jodi Hahn
Jodi H.
02:43 30 Oct 19
First time shopping and I'll be back. I've been a patient since it began and been to each dispensary and I was in and out in 10 mins. Bought 4 eights for 28 bucks each. I'm used to paying 50 a eight at other places so price is definitely the best here. Staff also get a awesome review as the are super informative
Michael Johnson
Michael J.
14:03 27 Oct 19
This time (visit #2) plenty of flower and great prices. Flower, buds very fluffy, and works great on nausea and pain.
D Anderson
D A.
20:53 25 Oct 19
David Ball
David B.
11:06 25 Oct 19
100%, hands down, the best shop I have been too since I became a patient. Amazing prices, super friendly staff. The flower was so cheap I was actually skeptical. Great quality medicine
20:02 21 Oct 19
Low prices, free statewide delivery on minimum of one half ounce of flower or total over 100$. - That delivery may take a day or two. In store stock shortages are the only problem.
Jodi Wells
Jodi W.
05:28 16 Oct 19
Brian Markley & Co.
Brian Markley & C.
15:04 14 Oct 19
Bruh it's a weed store nuff said
Schooner Trash
Schooner T.
22:05 12 Oct 19
Jake Z
Jake Z
22:05 11 Oct 19
Great place..Very knowledgeable and Great staff and cant beat the prices😁
Terri T
Terri T
21:06 11 Oct 19
Nice people, easy process
Jennifer Fowler
Jennifer F.
17:53 10 Oct 19
Liberty Health Science has been a complete game changer for me!! Thad, Guillermo, Amy, Alex, and William are all so friendly, professional and educational. They keep the process quick and systemized and make you feel like family when you leave. As for product, the compassionate pricing of their flower has ensured that I have not visited another dispensary since finding LHS!!
Margaret Lane
Margaret L.
13:54 04 Oct 19
Thid place is great! Very personable and knowledgeable. Highly recommend. The gentleman who assisted me in making a quality purchase based on what my specific needs. I feel like this exceeded my most reasonable expectation.
Melanie Kandzierski
Melanie K.
00:18 04 Oct 19
Products that I tried are great quality. Loud tasting products + LHS will probably show us more variety soon. Nice educated tenders here (+ non tenders). If you haven't been, then go.
Pat Harrison
Pat H.
13:52 03 Oct 19
Love the service
Joshua DaGreat
Joshua D.
01:54 03 Oct 19
Chris Teasdale
Chris T.
12:49 28 Sep 19
It was pretty dank in there
19:35 16 Sep 19
Nice, clean facility with short wait times. Friendly, helpful staff. Best prices and very good quality products. Worth the switch from the better known dispensaries.
Jerry Elam
Jerry E.
21:46 08 Sep 19
heather borden
heather B.
16:24 08 Sep 19
Justin Cornwell
Justin C.
23:01 06 Sep 19
Amanda Motta
Amanda M.
20:46 06 Sep 19
Richard Maybell
Richard M.
18:00 06 Sep 19
The flower quality of the last batch of Blue Dream from LHS are some of the best medical flowers I’ve purchased in FL. I’m typically not a huge fan of blue dream so that says a lot! The customer service is top notch here too! The employees will remember your name if you become a regular patient here.
Joe Barnett
Joe B.
18:22 01 Sep 19
Professional, prompt service with a smile.
Mara Mccabe
Mara M.
11:29 31 Aug 19
Jack Thompson
Jack T.
20:39 30 Aug 19
Always a great experience at Liberty!
Bruce N Vanessa
Bruce N V.
15:43 30 Aug 19
Wonderful cannabis dispensary! Cannot recommend enough. The staff always remember me and remember what I like to buy/what works for me, the waiting area is comfortable, the wait times are never long...even when the store is full, they carry Mary’s products (best cannabis topicals and patches, hands down) and they’re the only ones in the area to my knowledge that does. They have amazing amazing deals on flower, the Blue Dream is very nice and it’s been consistent which is a plus (consistency can be hard to find when it comes to flower). I also love the points program they do, it’s worth signing up for! Oh also, they’re the only dispensary around where I’ve found so many strain-name concentrate syringes...usually other places just have them under “hybrid concentrate, sativa or indica” and it’s a huge help to be able to pick an actual strain that I know helps my chronic migraines. Looking forward to trying all the concentrate syringes here next visit!
16:25 22 Aug 19
david darnell
david D.
14:55 22 Aug 19
It’s very welcoming & the staff is always friendly. Thanks for your quick service and affordable flower 💚🔥
Allie Vetter
Allie V.
14:31 22 Aug 19
Nice price. Big inside. Pretty fasted. Loved all the flower so far.
Nina H
Nina H
02:06 20 Aug 19
Oliver Teijido
Oliver T.
15:39 19 Aug 19
Tyler Bolden
Tyler B.
17:40 18 Aug 19
tiffany estep
tiffany E.
16:36 18 Aug 19
Top notch staff. Best quality medicine around. Manager super helpful and informed. Won't be using trulieve anymore.
Darren L
Darren L
16:01 18 Aug 19
Carrie C
Carrie C
16:55 17 Aug 19
Incredible staff! Super friendly and very helpful. Highly recommended
Brian Drennen
Brian D.
18:44 16 Aug 19
Excellent service!!! Excellent product. Very nice set up. Fast friendly service at reasonable prices!!!
Amy Robbins
Amy R.
20:31 15 Aug 19
So far, so good. My new favorite.
Christopher Hamlet
Christopher H.
04:51 13 Aug 19
Very accommodating staff. Had a defective cartridge, no problem, they switched it out without any hassles.
Pamela Walker
Pamela W.
17:25 12 Aug 19
Everyone is very nice and knowledgeable. Never really Had a problem waiting. Nice atmosphere.
Kelly Winkel
Kelly W.
23:04 11 Aug 19
Professional staff.
Catherine M. Rinehart
Catherine M. R.
00:10 11 Aug 19
First time there, some patient bought out all they had before anybody else got any so not to pleased with that, bought a disposable vape and rolled, two months later decided to give them another chance, was the first one there and was able to get some flower, the medicine was good quality but lacked the proper trim, we’re not paying for sticks...hence 4 stars
C Surfdawg
C S.
13:28 10 Aug 19
Freaking amazing store!! Customer service was the best!!
Ora Wright
Ora W.
20:14 09 Aug 19
Reasonably priced high quality flower and knowledgeable staff. NO WAIT, don’t waste your time waiting for 2 hours at Trulieve just drive here
Jude Swafford
Jude S.
17:57 05 Aug 19
First time...great place....great service...kind...clean...second to none
Jim Normandin
Jim N.
19:40 03 Aug 19
It's a great place to get your meds. I didn't catch her name, but she is very nice and helpful. The meds are good, can't wait until they are in full swing and have more products (ie. Flower) . Thanks I'll be back ...
pete julien
pete J.
22:51 01 Aug 19
Always welcomed with a smile!!Very knowledgeable staff... thanks for this place...well needed in the Cape.
Jan Johnson
Jan J.
16:31 27 Jul 19
Fantastic dispensary. The staff is always very helpful and friendly
Derek Cook
Derek C.
19:25 26 Jul 19
Love it there. Clean, friendly, comfortable & professional. Excellent product, fair prices.
Trina Schyhol
Trina S.
18:07 26 Jul 19
I just recently changed to this dispensary, and I am really impressed. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the dispensary itself is roomy and has an inviting atmosphere. I definitely recommend this dispensary. I love their concept that is all wrapped around excellent customer service.
Martina Kilgo
Martina K.
01:07 26 Jul 19
Dustin Haglund
Dustin H.
21:04 25 Jul 19
GREAT PRICES, FANTASTIC SERVICE, HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS, but the best part is VERY SHORT/IF ANY WAIT TIMES. Wether your a seasoned smoker or trying medical cannabis for the first time, the staff at Liberty will work with you to work out a custom plan of treatment for your personal needs. They have private offices that The staff do a great job of utilizing the opportunity to take the time to go over the various medications and what is going to be best for you. The young man, Bill, that I worked with couldn’t have been more helpful and the whole staff went above and beyond to call of duty required of them. P.S.-Highest military discount in the sate I believe, at 25% they really look out for us Vets.
Mike Rodgers
Mike R.
20:26 24 Jul 19
Quick and informative
Scott Grover
Scott G.
20:30 21 Jul 19
Best prices in town. Very helpful and polite staff. Short wait times.
Evan Longbrake
Evan L.
14:58 20 Jul 19
Smiles everytime I enter the building. Very knowledgeable. They offer veterans a very decent discount. Definitely go back there time and time again.
Nealy DeBow
Nealy D.
14:56 20 Jul 19
The budtenders are Very Understanding . Cape Coral is the closest to me in Port Charlotte
D.J. Donovan
D.J. D.
22:45 19 Jul 19
Richard Beitler
Richard B.
21:35 15 Jul 19
This is one of the nicer dispensaries in this area. The staff is very friendly and helpful with anything you need. They have products cheaper than most other medical marijuana dispensaries. Their flower might not look as pretty as some other places, but its almost half the price as everyone else. I highly recommend L.H.S. You guys Rock!!! Thank you for helping so many people who have medical problems and this medicine is the only relief they can get plus it comes straight from mother earth!!
Kodey Woolsey
Kodey W.
16:36 13 Jul 19
5 star all the way!
Jeffrey S
Jeffrey S
13:34 10 Jul 19
Staff is always friendly, prices are fair and competitive, usually a very short wait.
Erica Joy Art
Erica Joy A.
23:53 05 Jul 19
I was convinced to try this location and I'm really glad I did. I really like how the inside is setup and I love the staff here! Some of my favorite people from the Bonita location moved here so this will be the Liberty Health that I go to from now on! Thanks Thad!!
Jenni Kelley
Jenni K.
21:19 02 Jul 19
Mike Henning
Mike H.
19:30 26 Jun 19
Awesome place to shop.
jason minner
jason M.
14:11 14 Jun 19
Thad and his staff are personable and welcoming. Glad to see a dispensary closer to home with great products and service!
Vanessa K
Vanessa K
21:15 11 Jun 19
They are great up there
JR Amerind
01:01 10 Jun 19
Prices are fair and the flower was good. The place is new and they are very accommodating. Glad to see a new addition to the dispensaries in Lee County.
Bud Bundy
Bud B.
15:23 07 Jun 19
The staff at this store are wonderful! Very knowledgeable on their products and very willing to help and answer any questions. The store is clean and looks really nice seeing as how it used to be an old bank! 😀 they did a great job renovating and this store is exactly what Cape Coral needed!
Natalia Riccardi
Natalia R.
03:10 06 Jun 19
Thad, Michael and all the staff in the Cape Coral location of Liberty Health Sciences are top notch in the business. They know their products well and they are the best at customer service. This place is hands down the best in the area for all your medical marijuana needs.
Steven Wallace
Steven W.
23:19 03 Jun 19
The staff at Liberty Health Sciences was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel at ease with my first purchase. I would definitely recommend them over any other company I've been to!!
Tiana Terry
Tiana T.
14:45 01 Jun 19
Hands down best dispensary in SWFL. The staff and product are on point, I won't go anywhere else. Five stars!
Corrine Greenwood
Corrine G.
15:30 29 May 19