Bonita Springs

Address: 24611 Production Circle, Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Phone Number: 239-221-6180

Hours: Hours: M-F: 10am-7pm | Sat: 10am-5pm | Sun: 12pm-5pm

Manager: Michael M.

Assistant Manager: Paula H.

Patient Reviews

Andres Sierra Henao
Andres Sierra H.
21:40 13 Oct 19
Fast service , real nice to deal with.
02:29 12 Oct 19
Wow very impressed
Paige Allin
Paige A.
17:36 10 Oct 19
Hands down best quality and best prices I've found So far. Hiiiighly recommended
Sterling Wentz
Sterling W.
21:15 07 Oct 19
18:37 06 Oct 19
Great prices! Nice selection.
Jake M
Jake M
17:54 05 Oct 19
Great prices, great staff,alot of products and overall my fav dispensery 🙂 keep up the good work y'all!
Annastesia Fox
Annastesia F.
15:02 04 Oct 19
trina Waggoner
trina W.
20:32 02 Oct 19
Great place for your meds !!!
michael carini
michael C.
13:18 30 Sep 19
Nice people and very fast, love it, plus cheapest one around
Donald Yeoman
Donald Y.
17:56 28 Sep 19
Amy Jensen
Amy J.
16:46 27 Sep 19
Eskimo Thunder
Eskimo T.
17:52 20 Sep 19
Justin Hall
Justin H.
16:21 19 Sep 19
Fabulous store.People are knowledgeable and friendly.Good selection of product. Love this location
21:36 09 Sep 19
A5 an blue dream . awesome place
David Lance
David L.
15:47 09 Sep 19
Super friendly & knowledgeable staff
Adi Dasi
Adi D.
04:54 07 Sep 19
Samantha ('Sam') went beyond in helping me choose my order. She answered my questions and provided recommendations and she was very nice.
Heather Carrington
Heather C.
04:34 07 Sep 19
Damaris Montenegro
Damaris M.
19:09 05 Sep 19
Great staff, the managers Mike and Paula are always super friendly and happy to see patients. Would highly recommend you stop here if youre an mmj patient and in need of good topicals or an affordable flower option.
Dan Savittieri
Dan S.
10:56 04 Sep 19
the establishment is presentable, this place has very informative & friendly staff, & the prices are awesommmme. I would like to see more options for online ordering available for delivery & pick up from this establishment. i think it would promote more sales with less actual traffic in and out of the stores and plaza centers.
Breana Marceau
Breana M.
20:40 03 Sep 19
Speechless, the employees are the best always friendly an helpful an fast. Jessica (Nichole) yoursan jessicas smilemakeit worth it sorry, Ruben. Your product an prices an the best an ive been to them all. Thanks guys an beautiful girls for being great every visit. Biggie( Jeffrey Samples) nick name since ai wdd sic months old.
jeffrey samples
jeffrey S.
22:52 30 Aug 19
J Arbelo
J A.
22:50 28 Aug 19
jessie jimenez
jessie J.
23:23 25 Aug 19
What a great 1st time experience!
Shaun Henderson
Shaun H.
12:58 24 Aug 19
Gerald Mitchell
Gerald M.
06:06 17 Aug 19
Graciela Quidera-Miley
Graciela Q.
15:05 15 Aug 19
Clean and spacious, friendly staff good product
Tyler Bolden
Tyler B.
12:55 15 Aug 19
Awesome staff, very chill, and very informative! Just a good place all around man. Will be stopping by waaaay more often for sure 😎🤟Highly recommend Super A5
Julio Alvarado
Julio A.
14:24 13 Aug 19
The people were very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Most importantly they were very reasonable on prices $ compared to the others! I will be coming back and referring people there!!
Joshua Carlson
Joshua C.
19:32 11 Aug 19
The staff was very helpful, nice group. Ty
Roger Morris
Roger M.
16:02 06 Aug 19
Vickie Harrison
Vickie H.
06:43 02 Aug 19
Nothing but positive experiences at this store. The first day my card was approved, I chose to check out Liberty because of their awesome first time patient discount and got some vape cartridges.A few weeks later, there was an issue with the product malfunctioning so I contacted them by phone. Within hours, a wonderful and kind lady named Nicole returned my call and resolved the issue -- an absolute angel.Everyone I've met at the store is compassionate and friendly and they make the whole experience so easy. Thank you to all involved for being a part of our community.
Nate R
Nate R
21:38 27 Jul 19
Everyone was Very helpful Especially Paula
Big John
Big J.
01:44 26 Jul 19
viau fam
viau F.
21:41 20 Jul 19
Jcain 95
Jcain 9.
19:42 20 Jul 19
katie joseph
katie J.
21:37 19 Jul 19
Matt Welch
Matt W.
16:48 04 Jul 19
Flower is amazing for the price as well as the rest of their products. Would highly recommend this place.
Junior Soprano
Junior S.
05:10 28 Jun 19
On June 23rd I went to Liberty Health Sciences with my mother and fellow patient, Jennifer. We came in for her first-time discount and she purchased Super A5 and blue dream flower and some distillate. I purchased some flower as well as a few Mary’s Medicinals Indica THC patches and some muscle freeze. We are thoroughly enjoying our products, especially the flower. The Super A5 has a very unique flavor and the Blue Dream looks beautiful. At Liberty, it is about more than just products it’s about atmosphere, sharing medical cannabis information and of course super friendly and supportive staff. Every single time I go to Liberty Health I have a pleasant experience with a member of the team. On this particular visit my staff spotlight goes to Samantha “Sam” for going above and beyond. My mother recently had an accident and can’t walk very well. Sam without being asked jumped out of her rolling chair and brought it around the counter and sat my mom down comfortably for the rest of her visit. Thank you so much for that Sam! Another noteworthy team member was Jessica! Her and Sam took excellent care of us, they were super kind and helpful the entire time. I also saw an employee that has helped me before Artur. Joseph, Artur, Sam and Jessica make up a tremendous team. The design of the building is nice, very clean, which works for their natural science theme, but the space is a bit much. It’s a huge store! I hope that means they have big plans! I do always enjoy myself when I go to Liberty Health Sciences Bonita Springs no matter what! I will definitely be recommending more patients and will be ordering again very soon. Thank you again!*A note for Liberty Health Sciences: It would be nice to access my loyalty points via my online account or be able to send balance inquiries via text. We get an update text when we receive new points only. Here is a pic of the Super A5!
Sky Retzer
Sky R.
23:28 24 Jun 19
I love coming to this location! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and they really make you feel welcome! If you have any questions, they are very knowledgeable and will help you understand what you need to know. I highly recommend visting!!
Jenni Kelley
Jenni K.
04:45 24 Jun 19
Such friendly friendly workers, always a pleasure to see their smiling faces when picking up flower 🙂
Brittany Arato
Brittany A.
00:17 20 Jun 19