At Liberty Health Sciences, we are conscious of our environmental footprint and impact. As a result, we continue to seek new means to not only benefit our patients, but also the communities in which we live. This includes sustainable, 100% recyclable packaging options as well as offering recycling bins within some of our medical cannabis dispensaries.

Ensuring Product Quality from Harvest to Sale

With many flower containers, moisture loss and terpene degradation is a common issue. The patent-pending design of these flower containers to prevent moisture loss from our containers. A secondary seal within the underside of the cap allows for tighter control of oxygen ingress. These containers help ensure that the same flower we package at our production facility reaches our patients, ensuring consistency in weight, freshness, and potency.

Sustainable Packaging

Our new flower containers utilize unique, organic, FDA-compliant additives. These containers begin to break down as soon as they enter biologically-active landfills, so even if they end up in the trash, they break down significantly faster than standard plastic containers.

Recycling Options Available In-Store

Unfortunately, the majority of plastics end up in the trash from being thrown away.

For those who discard properly, our flower containers are fully recyclable. For those who don’t accelerated degradation is experienced.

In some Liberty Health Sciences dispensaries, we have recycle bins suited for various types of packaging. These #LiveFree bins encourage patients to dispose of prescription pharmaceutical pill bottles as a sign of triumph over opioid reliance. These bins also offer an opportunity to recycle old medical cannabis packaging, no matter its source.