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a selective


At Liberty Health Sciences, we ensure that our products and brands begin using only the cream-of-the-crop plants and strains. We source our strains from around the globe and have invested hundreds of hours to make sure our selected strains are worthy of our consumers.

Every plant we grow goes through a rigorous analysis of their cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

We even start with 15% extra plants in our crops (to account for failures or lower quality plants). This ensures we only provide our customers with the highest possible quality products.



with you in mind

While some medical marijuana dispensaries are satisfied with extracting only high amounts of THC or CBD, we believe it’s important to analyze the entire makeup of the plant to achieve maximum benefit.

With our sativa strains, for example, we focus on cannabinoid profiles with high levels of THC-B and lower levels of CBN. By the same token, our indica strains are typically focused on lower levels of THC-B and higher levels of CBN.

And for all of our plants, we make sure their terpenes match the type of product our valued customers want. Invigorating flavor profiles and pleasant aromas are key to make sure our customers encounter products that not only bring medicinal benefit, but provide an enjoyable experience along the way… from start to finish.

To ensure we’re producing products that meet the approval of our customers, we conduct regular R&D surveys to make adjustments and develop new product lines along the way.

a natural


While many producers of medical marijuana use sweeping, chemically-based pesticides for pest management, we never do.

Our pest management system utilizes predatory insects to help control invasive, damaging species.

These predatory insects attack pests by feeding on younger larval stages and parasitizing the second larval stage.

We believe that maintaining the purest, most natural approach – from seed to growth to harvest to sale – is vital to making sure our products reach our consumers in the way nature intended. Pure. Clean. Powerful.