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The Liberty Health Sciences suite of cannabis brands are tailored to providing patients with the best quality of life medicinal products on the market today.

*Products from some brands pending Florida Department of Health approval.

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What Patients Are Saying

OMG,I just can’t say enough good about LHS especially the Gainesville location....! Save yourself a lot of time, money, & more importantly headaches of worrying about what’s being used in the products that could be doing harm instead of good... I’m not going to name other dispensaries but you will never be pressured to tip your bud-tender @ LHS in fact that isn’t even allowed.., which I think says A Lot about them...(after all we don’t tip our pharmacist..) I was even told that by one of LHS’s employees..! These [email protected] Gainesville location are true to the industry... You truly couldn’t ask for better service than you’ll get with these guys...! They have brought me to tears on more than one visit and I’m not a crier...! Do yourself or your loved ones a favor & use LHS as your go to for medicinal products... I’ve been to every store in Gainesville & in Ocala & I’ve been treated like sh** I’ve been rushed & forced to order something I didn’t even want, I've had my mg’s added wrong, put on the wrong route, put in twice for the same product, I’ve even been lied to about what is or is not in the vape carts by the store employees, I’ve dealt with a employee being very nasty to me on not 1, not 2, but 3 occasions, by the same employee(even though I tried to kill her with kindness..) which caused me to get bad anxiety attacks when I knew I was going there... These places are suppose to be making a good name for the industry but instead they are doing so much damage to it....!I’m not sure how well LHS pays their employees but I can definitely say it’s not enough.., no offense but I’ll tell you why.., LHS is making the GREAT products and these employees (@least this location..) are making the name.., you could have the best products on earth but if your employees aren’t just as great your not the best anywhere...I just wanna say thank you to the [email protected] Gainesville store...!You guys are my Angels on earth...! I love you guys.....!!! ✌️
tiffany ellis
tiffany E.
18:14 18 Oct 19
Very clean and orderly, pleasant atmosphere nice knowledgeable employee's.
lisa cantrill
lisa C.
22:11 17 Oct 19
Plenty of parking and the best flower prices in town! Definitely check out this location in Palm Harbor :)
Mary K
Mary K
21:25 17 Oct 19
Dodd Richard
Dodd R.
20:40 17 Oct 19
I came to get some medicine today. Sarah and Anthony were great. I love how educated Sarah was on all the different products and how to get the relief I seek. I would highy reccomend these guys at the Palm Harbor location! Thanks again Sarah and Anthony.
Megan Smith
Megan S.
14:30 17 Oct 19
Grabbed some Blue Dream a couple days ago and it’s great! Awesome staff also 😊 Will definitely be back!
Ionic Sphere
Ionic S.
02:43 17 Oct 19
I shop at a lot of dispensaries, but this location is the best in Orange Park. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, huge shout out to Luis and Camille for their help today.
Everyday Shopping
Everyday S.
19:09 16 Oct 19
Best little pot shop around
Jordyn Gigi Upchurch
Jordyn Gigi U.
17:15 16 Oct 19
I was very happy to learn that Liberty Health Sciences not only carries Blue Dream, but they intend to have it in stock at all times! It’s an awesome strain!
Tamara M Ostapchuk
Tamara M O.
15:12 16 Oct 19
Good selection
12:57 16 Oct 19
Low prices, free statewide delivery on minimum of one half ounce of flower or total over 100$. - That delivery may take a day or two. In store stock shortages are the only problem.
Jodi Wells
Jodi W.
05:28 16 Oct 19
Finaly a true whole flower producer at a steller price point. Pinellas is Lucky. I grew up in nor cal. I know
Alex Dolkas
Alex D.
23:00 15 Oct 19
Rayna Wooten
Rayna W.
18:34 15 Oct 19
LHS St. Petersburg has great deal$ and short wait times! I always find parking very easily and the staff members are kind and knowledgeable. Recommend you check it out!!
Mary K
Mary K
17:38 15 Oct 19
After an extremely difficult time transferring from Michigan to Florida (make sure you ask questions, get things in writing had to pay two doctors before got the right script then could not get the right medication). Finally CannaMD came to my aide and mentioned Liberty Health Services cannot thank the universe enough for finally getting the medication needed so badly. This is the first day since moved to Florida that I am not severely sick and super depressed – Thank You Liberty Health Services this medication has rescued me from awful prescription drugs that make a person more sick than their illness does most the time. Thank You! Five Stars is for Product – Because was told a Manager would call me back or contact me and they did not. But the medication makes up for most of it except how expensive this whole thing is in Florida and still reeling from losing the $80 or so I lost due to the delivery mix-up. Ordering and Delivery: must give Ordering One Star as the customer service person who took my order told me a complete different thing than how the order delivery really worked. I was promised, asked more than once, that would be notified on Saturday as to when my order would be delivered sometime during the week. Asked again at end of call and told Customer Service Person then if the order will not be delivered till next week I am going to take a friends advice and attempt Busch Gardens even though had to take heavy medication due to no Medication in Florida for Four Months after Receiving Card (My Michigan Card is Over a Decade Old) – Went to Busch Gardens, not cheap especially for a permanently disabled person *bye and bye in Michigan disabled people and the terminally ill get their cards for $25 a year & no continues doctors’ appointments!” Fair YES! Michigan really has it down for really sick people. Just got to Busch Gardens and was notified my order was on its way. So ruined my friends day, and defiantly mine as I was on Hold for FOUR HOURS. T.G. the Order was delivered on Monday however, it was not what I ordered. So all in all something is wrong with this portion of Liberty Health Services but Thank God because finally got medication that allows me to function without taking anti-seizure medication and the dreaded auto-immune disorder drugs. So for the second day since had to move to Florida starting to feel like maybe I can pack up and go home. 
Jardin La Fleur
Jardin La F.
15:58 15 Oct 19