mary's medicinals patch cbn floridaThere is growing of evidence to support the idea that access to non-psychoactive medical marijuana products has helped cannabis gain a stronger following in the medical industry. There is a significant portion of the general population (as well as medical practitioners) who recognize potential benefits, yet prefer to avoid the psychoactive side effects of some marijuana products. As a result, a growing number of medical marijuana dispensaries have extended their selection to include additional non-psychoactive medical marijuana products, such as the well-known cannabinoid, CBD (cannabidiol), and CBN (cannabinol). You’re likely already well aware of CBD, but there is another non-psychoactive medical cannabis product hitting the shelves of medical marijuana dispensaries as of late: CBN.
So, what is CBN? How does CBN work?

What is CBN?

While the names cannabidiol and cannabinol may share a rather similar designation at first glance, they are actually two different types of cannabinoids found in medical marijuana. This is important because some patients may react differently with different types of cannabinoids, thus creating the need for more diverse products that can offer a wider range of cannabinoids to the patient. CBN is a cannabinoid found in plants that contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and is formed as the THC is exposed to oxygen over time. This process is called oxidation. One of the more apparent properties often attributed to CBN is sedation. Relaxation, however, is not the only therapeutic effect that patients and doctors look to achieve through the use of CBN.
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What are the conditions that CBN is used for?

As we mentioned earlier, it may be argued that CBN’s most notable property is its sedative effects. There may be more to cannabinol than simple sedation, however.
Some patients have reported (and research has indicated) that CBN may help with: pain relief, insomnia, bone cell growth, bacterial infections, inflammation, convulsions, and lack of appetite. Some of these purported therapeutic properties are rather specific to CBN, while it also shares a number of therapeutic properties with other medical marijuana dispensary products. Finding the right product for the patient is key before beginning a treatment regimen.

How does CBN work?

While it shares a very similar chemical composition to THC, CBN is believed to bond primarily with the CB2 receptor. However, it is not outside the realm of possibility that it may also bond with the CB1 receptor. As an agonist to the TRPV2 receptor, CBN may disrupt some immunoresponse processes and bodily functions that lead to some of the aforementioned symptoms such as inflammation or convulsions, offering patients potential therapeutic relief. Some patient symptoms may be relieved through the purported calming and sedative effects of CBN as well. As with any medical marijuana dispensary’s products, however, it is important that you find a quality CBN product that works for you. So, how do you identify quality CBN products? Quality CBN oil will come only from high quality marijuana flowers i.e. no leaves, trimmings or waste materials present in the finished product. Secondly it is important to ask your medical marijuana dispensary about any impurities used in the growth process such as pesticides, fertilizers, or solvents. The highest quality products from medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida will be pesticide-free and free from other toxins or additives.
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At Liberty Health Sciences, we offer a number of CBN products, which can be found on our website or in any of our Florida medical marijuana dispensaries.
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