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The Liberty Health Sciences suite of cannabis brands are tailored to providing patients with the best quality of life medicinal products on the market today.

*Products from some brands pending Florida Department of Health approval.

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Our LHS360 Innovation Campus is comprised of 250,000 square feet of growing and production capacity.

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What Patients Are Saying

Jazmine was GREAT!!!!! She was VERY helpful.
Queen Amanda Adeoba
Queen Amanda A.
22:24 23 Aug 19
Its was my first time there & it was really welcome great prices will be coming back! 👍💯
Spect Vlog
Spect V.
20:23 23 Aug 19
Deborah Gayton
Deborah G.
20:16 23 Aug 19
jad d
jad d
09:29 23 Aug 19
I had problems with the vap pens and vap cartridges but excellent service, exchanged for smokable without hassle.
Allen Howe
Allen H.
03:35 23 Aug 19
Christopher Wright
Christopher W.
21:13 22 Aug 19
Latasha Willis
Latasha W.
17:44 22 Aug 19
Great service! Need to landscape/trim bushes and trees so disabled people can stay on the sidewalk.
R Cohen
R C.
16:37 22 Aug 19
Wonderful cannabis dispensary! Cannot recommend enough. The staff always remember me and remember what I like to buy/what works for me, the waiting area is comfortable, the wait times are never long...even when the store is full, they carry Mary’s products (best cannabis topicals and patches, hands down) and they’re the only ones in the area to my knowledge that does. They have amazing amazing deals on flower, the Blue Dream is very nice and it’s been consistent which is a plus (consistency can be hard to find when it comes to flower). I also love the points program they do, it’s worth signing up for! Oh also, they’re the only dispensary around where I’ve found so many strain-name concentrate syringes...usually other places just have them under “hybrid concentrate, sativa or indica” and it’s a huge help to be able to pick an actual strain that I know helps my chronic migraines. Looking forward to trying all the concentrate syringes here next visit!
Paige Sams
Paige S.
16:25 22 Aug 19
This place is amazing!! The staff is knowledgeable, helpful & friendly. EVERYTHING is neat & exceptionally clean!! Their waiting area is comfortable & inviting with 2 big screen TV's, coffee and water where you can wait while getting your Rx filled. I go to the store in Merritt Island. THANK YOU for your kindness, patience & compassion while I'm learning an entirely new process.
Melanie Dressler
Melanie D.
16:20 22 Aug 19
david darnell
david D.
14:55 22 Aug 19
It’s very welcoming & the staff is always friendly. Thanks for your quick service and affordable flower 💚🔥
Allie Vetter
Allie V.
14:31 22 Aug 19
Chris was absolutely the best patient care liaison I've ever met! He took the time to discuss the various medications and helping me pull together a realistic and safe medication regimen.
Gina Queen
Gina Q.
02:50 22 Aug 19
Nothing but good to say...
Julie Morrow
Julie M.
00:12 22 Aug 19
ulysses vargas
ulysses V.
20:31 21 Aug 19

Back in Stock, 8.22.19:
Star Killer, Blue Dream, Super A5 1/8ths
Jack Frost, Blue Dream pre rolls

Star Killer, Blue Dream, and Super A5 1/8ths and Jack Frost, Blue Dream pre rolls are back in stock at all LHS locations on Thursday, 8.22.19.

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