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*Products from some brands pending Florida Department of Health approval.

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What Patients Are Saying

The best dispensary I have been in the tampa area!
edward mendez
edward M.
14:02 22 Jul 19
Purchased a half gram indica cartridge and im more than satisfied with the oil quality and medicinal value
Kevin Mesh
Kevin M.
21:33 21 Jul 19
Quick and informative
Scott Grover
Scott G.
20:30 21 Jul 19
Staff is verry well knowledged.
Nate O
Nate O
18:58 21 Jul 19
Excellent every time the an you Austin
Alice Kenefick
Alice K.
16:25 21 Jul 19
Love them
Dawn Avirom
Dawn A.
06:50 21 Jul 19
viau fam
viau F.
21:41 20 Jul 19
Brian Turley
Brian T.
19:44 20 Jul 19
Jcain 95
Jcain 9.
19:42 20 Jul 19
Anthony Brunelle
Anthony B.
18:03 20 Jul 19
Best prices in town. Very helpful and polite staff. Short wait times.
Evan Longbrake
Evan L.
14:58 20 Jul 19
Smiles everytime I enter the building. Very knowledgeable. They offer veterans a very decent discount. Definitely go back there time and time again.
Nealy DeBow
Nealy D.
14:56 20 Jul 19
Great people Great product Great prices
Laura Smedley
Laura S.
23:49 19 Jul 19
The budtenders are Very Understanding . Cape Coral is the closest to me in Port Charlotte
D.J. Donovan
D.J. D.
22:45 19 Jul 19
katie joseph
katie J.
21:37 19 Jul 19
Fast, efficient and knowledgeable. Good prices and selection. Saved being a first-timer, to boot!
Mark Raymond Courterier
Mark Raymond C.
20:36 19 Jul 19
Von Marie Jimenez
Von Marie J.
19:28 19 Jul 19
Solid spot! Washington & Cassandra made sure I got the best deal for my money. Great flower!
Josh Duarte
Josh D.
15:48 19 Jul 19
Pete R
Pete R
15:32 19 Jul 19
Angela O'Rorke
Angela O.
14:28 19 Jul 19
Sarah Ruth Foster
Sarah Ruth F.
00:40 19 Jul 19
Nice staff, clean facility, and the best place to buy Pax Era Pods.
Josh L
Josh L
23:06 18 Jul 19
Awesome Staff awesome flower
Paul Vigna
Paul V.
22:58 18 Jul 19
The best medicine you can get for the price. Love!
michael trabold
michael T.
19:39 18 Jul 19
Leonard Cochran
Leonard C.
16:48 18 Jul 19
Tara Cano
Tara C.
16:01 18 Jul 19
Jared Cook
Jared C.
15:14 18 Jul 19
BiigKush BudzTone
BiigKush B.
02:41 18 Jul 19
The best
james fabiano
james F.
19:00 17 Jul 19
Blake Edwards
Blake E.
16:00 17 Jul 19
Robb Gaunder
Robb G.
15:49 17 Jul 19
Alex Fuge
Alex F.
02:49 17 Jul 19
I enjoy what ever I buy here
Sandy Johnston
Sandy J.
15:24 16 Jul 19
Richard Beitler
Richard B.
21:35 15 Jul 19
Helpful and friendly with great deals... what more can you ask for?
oh GGz
oh G.
20:52 15 Jul 19
Really good group of folks. Helpful, informative, patient, and the prices are very competitive.
Red Miller
Red M.
10:03 15 Jul 19
Very professional staff. - I have sleep issues and my physician suggested this path. Initially, I was concerned about the potential stigma associated with the use of THC. However, the place is set up nicer than most private pharmacies and the staff are very considerate and informative. Also, the products really work.
Katie Bradshaw
Katie B.
23:15 14 Jul 19
Carol Lewis
Carol L.
21:42 14 Jul 19
These guys come thru with the lower price points on flower! Great blue dream in distillate as well use r first purchase discount on those
J Gallina
J G.
18:49 14 Jul 19
Joshua Dancy
Joshua D.
18:06 14 Jul 19
Great service!
Yippy Yo
Yippy Y.
17:09 14 Jul 19
Jan was very helpful and everyone else is so nice and friendly highly recommend liberty Health Sciences
Sara Doyle
Sara D.
17:04 14 Jul 19
Lon Newtld
Lon N.
16:06 14 Jul 19
billy dehart
billy D.
01:09 14 Jul 19
Excellent place!
Mike Slawiak
Mike S.
20:36 13 Jul 19
This is one of the nicer dispensaries in this area. The staff is very friendly and helpful with anything you need. They have products cheaper than most other medical marijuana dispensaries. Their flower might not look as pretty as some other places, but its almost half the price as everyone else. I highly recommend L.H.S. You guys Rock!!! Thank you for helping so many people who have medical problems and this medicine is the only relief they can get plus it comes straight from mother earth!!
Kodey Woolsey
Kodey W.
16:36 13 Jul 19
Great group of people working there. They offer great products at a reasonable price. I love the Veterans discount...
Glenn Hopkins
Glenn H.
15:03 13 Jul 19
Michael Machado
Michael M.
02:17 13 Jul 19
Hands down one of the best dispensary’s in town. The staff are all super friendly and knowledgeable as well. They do a pretty good job keeping flower in stock. Drew, Chris, and Chelsea are great representatives of their industry and company. Keep up the good work Liberty!I feel I have to comment on one of the other reviews. The one by Jacob Thompson. I too was there for the soft open. It was raining that day. I’m not sure how liberty is responsible for the weather. The part about the manager sitting in his truck for 30 mins is a plain old lie. I saw the guy pull into the parking space minutes before they opened(he drove from Jacksonville to help with the opening, I asked) he went through the front door, not the back and opened it at 10:02. I checked my phone. He was in the store for maybe 3 mins before he unlocked the door. I have never had a problem parking and have been at least 8 times since they opened. Can’t speak on delivery or the email Situation. I hope this helps.
Zachary Coleman
Zachary C.
01:35 13 Jul 19
Genero is the Best. Sam and Sarah are awesome also
George Russo
George R.
20:51 12 Jul 19
Always excellent
Alice Kenefick
Alice K.
17:08 12 Jul 19
Awesome staff!!! Sam was great with awesome customer service. Best prices around.
Rebecca Simmons
Rebecca S.
14:56 12 Jul 19
Lane Malitia
Lane M.
14:23 12 Jul 19
Employees are very nice and they expain everything to the fullest .But they need to stock up on the holidays. Have been out of flower for a week and i really need my meds
Sheldona Smoak
Sheldona S.
13:12 12 Jul 19
Ken Copeland
Ken C.
02:06 12 Jul 19
Love, love, love the patients !!
John Lazar
John L.
23:43 11 Jul 19
12:12 11 Jul 19
Great quality. Prices are the best in the state
Kristopher Carl
Kristopher C.
04:11 11 Jul 19
The people were very nice, especially Jazmin who helped me. She showed n told me what to do. She also helped to get the strains n strengths I have been using from elswhere. I will go bacck. 🐸all the prices r TOO HIGH EVERYWHERE.
Teri Higgason
Teri H.
21:46 10 Jul 19
Friendly staff that seem knowledgeable. Very odd to me that customers can't see the Flowers or look at the products on display.
18:30 10 Jul 19
Super a5 flower awesome! Great prices along with awesome deals. Will be a returning customer!
Samuel Nadeau
Samuel N.
13:42 10 Jul 19
5 star all the way!
Jeffrey S
Jeffrey S
13:34 10 Jul 19
Great products. Great value. Fantastic customer service delivery or in Clay cty Wells Rd location.
Sandy Auriene Sullivan
Sandy Auriene S.
20:12 09 Jul 19
Clean and professional, more of a formal atmosphere than others, which some may prefer.
Chuck Fink
Chuck F.
20:07 09 Jul 19
Good prices and free coffee
Dean Longo
Dean L.
18:48 09 Jul 19
Steven Kick
Steven K.
18:10 09 Jul 19
The best
Chris Ogles
Chris O.
11:38 09 Jul 19
19:39 08 Jul 19
Shelique Lacovey
Shelique L.
15:44 08 Jul 19
No flower the day I went. Will try disposable vapes.
Mr Dana A Anderson
Mr Dana A A.
12:19 08 Jul 19
Very friendly staff and knowledgeable about thier products.
robert davis
robert D.
22:04 06 Jul 19
Good product & nice people, they run out of stock a lot, but have free delivery
Bryan Opdyke
Bryan O.
21:31 06 Jul 19
Picked up a 500 mg hybrid cartridge , some blue dream and super a5 flower. Cart tastes great piney flavor. Super a 5 flower was a perfect afternoon smoke. Staff was amazing and super helpful. They offer great prices and lots of discounts! Will be back soon
Daniel Francis
Daniel F.
20:23 06 Jul 19
Had what I needed, nice staff
19:41 06 Jul 19
Sarah & Sam are extremely helpful great advice and kind!!
Angie Nordby
Angie N.
18:58 06 Jul 19
Staff is always friendly, prices are fair and competitive, usually a very short wait.
Erica Joy
Erica J.
23:53 05 Jul 19
Went to Palm Harbor location July 4th with my husband whom has license. Sam provided a very thorough review of oral options and said it would be easier to control dosages. We returned Fri July 5th and Sarah and Sam assisted my husband in purchase. Really liked this facility the best - great staff, prices and variety of products. Definitely highly recommend. Thanks! 😊
Maureen Powers
Maureen P.
19:38 05 Jul 19
Andrea Brogdon
Andrea B.
18:41 05 Jul 19
Heather Collingwood
Heather C.
16:46 05 Jul 19
Clean, convenient location with a pleasant staff eager to help with your MM needs. They have frequent sales that make the variaty of products they carry more affordable. I appreciate that they always give our veterans a break on their much needed medications.
Mike Miguez
Mike M.
13:41 05 Jul 19
First time at this location great experience great staff they actually got trained by the Port St Lucie staff how cool is that
George Caldero
George C.
17:53 04 Jul 19
Matt Welch
Matt W.
16:48 04 Jul 19
Clean establishment with professional and friendly staff.
Phoenix 8500
Phoenix 8.
03:14 04 Jul 19
Ian Forestier
Ian F.
22:54 03 Jul 19
John O'Donnell
John O.
11:00 03 Jul 19
Jonah Kowall
Jonah K.
09:27 03 Jul 19
I stop by at the Dana Beach location they were very informant about there products I spent about 40 minutes they’re just talking having a nice conversation with the employees got the flower I thought it was really good and inexpensive and I also picked up the concentrates which were also fantastic and which is very nice they even deliver free of charge with anything you purchase doesn’t matter it can be a 8th or a pen and they will deliver for free just give them a call and they are there to help .
Hemp doc cbd review’s
Hemp doc cbd R.
03:43 03 Jul 19
$28 1/8$12 pre-rollsAmazing Staff
22:22 02 Jul 19
$28 1/8 $12 pre-rolls Lovely Staff!!!
22:19 02 Jul 19
I was convinced to try this location and I'm really glad I did. I really like how the inside is setup and I love the staff here! Some of my favorite people from the Bonita location moved here so this will be the Liberty Health that I go to from now on! Thanks Thad!!
Jenni Kelley
Jenni K.
21:19 02 Jul 19
This place is awesome!
Ken Jensen
Ken J.
19:03 02 Jul 19
Very helpful. They will take their time to explain their product and what might benefit you and your ailments.
Jessica Bingaman
Jessica B.
18:41 02 Jul 19
The workers are very professional and friendly.
Tia dee Adams
Tia dee A.
00:39 01 Jul 19
Nicholas Richmond
Nicholas R.
17:51 30 Jun 19
frank cuspilich
frank C.
15:32 29 Jun 19
14:24 29 Jun 19
Love the Service, Staff is very knowledgeable, Can't beat the Value of their Products
John Shelton
John S.
12:21 29 Jun 19
Cant beat the price. Just picked up two eighths of the Blue Dream, and two eighths of the Super A5 flower. Paid $80. Both are over 20% thc. Love the quality and price.
Mat Smit
Mat S.
02:28 29 Jun 19
I recently visited Liberty Health Science in Palm Harbor Fl and my experience was pleasurable. The Establishment was clean and with good vibes. (Love the colors)The wait time was minimum and the staff was awesome. Thank you. God Bless.
Kimber Wolfe
Kimber W.
20:08 28 Jun 19
Linda Wetzel
Linda W.
15:08 28 Jun 19
Great service great price definitely my new dispensary
James Crews
James C.
15:04 28 Jun 19
Flower is amazing for the price as well as the rest of their products. Would highly recommend this place.
05:10 28 Jun 19
Austin H
Austin H
23:01 27 Jun 19
Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Close to my home and reasonably priced.
Kathleen Albert
Kathleen A.
21:47 27 Jun 19
Great customer service. The staff seemed knowledgeable. Pricing was very good.
Kathy Howell
Kathy H.
21:08 27 Jun 19
Purchased Super A5, Blue Dream and Papas Herb (Jack Frost strain) flower from LHS. I purchased two 1/8s of each strain, after my first visit discount the grand total was $87. For 3/4 oz of flower! I will admit the cure wasn't the greatest and there was a lot of trim but for that price it was definitely worth it. The effects were actually pretty good and I'm looking forward to trying new strains from them.If they keep the price point where its at ($25-$28 per 1/8th), that would be ideal. Plus 25% vet discount, this place is most definitely the most cost effective option for flower in FL. Absolutely worth a visit.
Jello Trip
Jello T.
19:51 27 Jun 19
Melanie Dressler
Melanie D.
17:51 27 Jun 19
Had a very positive experience here! Lots of medication choices and styles! I will be back that's for sure.
Alex Lovett
Alex L.
16:44 27 Jun 19
Very friendly and awesome staff. Definitely will be returning here!!
Amy Gonzalez
Amy G.
16:30 27 Jun 19
Friendly people characterize this pleasant dispensary in downtown Saint Petersburg. I am always astonished at how fast, courteous, and friendly their service is.
15:57 27 Jun 19
I’ve found that Liberty products have helped me the most. The ratings and strengths are accurate and the people knowledgeable.
Howard Miller
Howard M.
10:02 27 Jun 19
Very clean facility, very nice people behind the counter that serve you.
patricia brennan
patricia B.
21:05 26 Jun 19
Mike Henning
Mike H.
19:30 26 Jun 19
Pricing and product are great
Adela Hittell
Adela H.
15:04 26 Jun 19
Honestly the most consistent dispensary. Their bud is cheap but better quality than the price indicates. Their prices are low considering the quality of product.
Mike Chartrand
Mike C.
14:42 26 Jun 19
Good quality, friendly staff, lots of bargains. Save money on flower at Liberty. The rest are overpriced.
James Nesselroad
James N.
13:52 26 Jun 19
The set up of the store was fantastic, the inventory amazing, and the price for flower is the lowest in the state. My visit to the St.Pete location on the other hand was a different story. The front desk attendants clearly did not know what they were talking about. I went in and asked a simple question . I am aware that the A5 strain is Nevells Haze .. However I noticed they have vape carts that say A5 sativa, A5 Indica, A5 Hybred. My question, since there are different lineages what strain is it? The answers that I received from the staff were as follows. "Its blue dream, no its pineapple express", Then finally one them fessed up and said "I have no idea". Then her counterpart came in and said " this place is a bunch of young kids running a multi million dollar cannabis buisness, and they dont even know what they are doing".He just described homself to a T. You guys need to have better educated staff members to be the face of your company, and maybe remind them not to talk out of school when dealing with the general public. Tha same guy tried to sell me a product which I clearly did NOT ask for on my first visit to Liberty. Your business model is solid, just gotta clean house with your liaisons. Subversiveness is not something you want your customers picking up from your front desk staff. So if you have questions do your own research because the staff at liberty is clueless.
Muad 'Dib
Muad '.
22:47 25 Jun 19
Wow! Just wow.. so nice to go to a dispensary as a new patient and talk to folks who KNOW WHAT THEYRE DOING. Try know the products. They take the time to listen and help you make the best choices for you!! I’d give 5 stars but FINDING it is a bit of a challenge—even with GPS. Signage is nonexistent and nothing on website let’s you know to look for CICERO MEDICAL GROUP—yes, suite #400...and parking BLOWS due to the heavy traffic and medical complex... not enough handicapped parking and had to park on the hospital side-not easily done with a DAV and 100% disabled patient/passenger with limited mobility.
valerie maud
valerie M.
15:56 25 Jun 19
On June 23rd I went to Liberty Health Sciences with my mother and fellow patient, Jennifer. We came in for her first-time discount and she purchased Super A5 and blue dream flower and some distillate. I purchased some flower as well as a few Mary’s Medicinals Indica THC patches and some muscle freeze. We are thoroughly enjoying our products, especially the flower. The Super A5 has a very unique flavor and the Blue Dream looks beautiful. At Liberty, it is about more than just products it’s about atmosphere, sharing medical cannabis information and of course super friendly and supportive staff. Every single time I go to Liberty Health I have a pleasant experience with a member of the team. On this particular visit my staff spotlight goes to Samantha “Sam” for going above and beyond. My mother recently had an accident and can’t walk very well. Sam without being asked jumped out of her rolling chair and brought it around the counter and sat my mom down comfortably for the rest of her visit. Thank you so much for that Sam! Another noteworthy team member was Jessica! Her and Sam took excellent care of us, they were super kind and helpful the entire time. I also saw an employee that has helped me before Artur. Joseph, Artur, Sam and Jessica make up a tremendous team. The design of the building is nice, very clean, which works for their natural science theme, but the space is a bit much. It’s a huge store! I hope that means they have big plans! I do always enjoy myself when I go to Liberty Health Sciences Bonita Springs no matter what! I will definitely be recommending more patients and will be ordering again very soon. Thank you again!*A note for Liberty Health Sciences: It would be nice to access my loyalty points via my online account or be able to send balance inquiries via text. We get an update text when we receive new points only. Here is a pic of the Super A5!
Sky Retzer
Sky R.
23:28 24 Jun 19
Excellent staff very friendly courteous and knowledgeable. Product selection is very good at fair and reasonable prices.
Lou D'Antuono
Lou D.
23:24 24 Jun 19
A big shout out to a very polite staff. They are knowledgeable of all products & will go the extra mile to make you happy. Best Price & quality on Flower , Have tried most products and give all 5 stars . Liberty is my Number 1 choice , Thanks Liberty
Don Otto
Don O.
21:59 24 Jun 19
Rory Hodges
Rory H.
21:03 24 Jun 19
Amazingly nice and informative workers I love this place
Just a Bit Random
Just a Bit R.
11:27 24 Jun 19
I love coming to this location! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and they really make you feel welcome! If you have any questions, they are very knowledgeable and will help you understand what you need to know. I highly recommend visting!!
Jenni Kelley
Jenni K.
04:45 24 Jun 19
Lee Fallis
Lee F.
19:27 23 Jun 19
Jose Rodriguez
Jose R.
17:04 23 Jun 19
Absolutely the best dispensary around. Great products and the BEST staff. Keep up the great work. (Gainesville Florida location number one)☆☆☆☆☆
Bruce Tucker
Bruce T.
14:04 23 Jun 19
Tyson M
Tyson M
18:03 22 Jun 19
Amazing experience every time. Great products and customer service.
Omnipotent Funk
Omnipotent F.
15:47 21 Jun 19
Great place to go for all your dispensary needs. Staff is very nice and they work very quickly to make sure everyone gets what they need as quick as possible. Great staff and great pricing. I never go anywhere else.
Aaron Culbreth
Aaron C.
14:02 21 Jun 19
Great place. Great staff.Prices are unbeatable. Even if LHS is out of my product I don't mind the wait.
Joshua Ward
Joshua W.
13:18 21 Jun 19
The best service ever....appreciate you guys and girl!!
Linda Streznetcky
Linda S.
23:49 20 Jun 19
jeromie johnson
jeromie J.
20:36 20 Jun 19
Very nice staff
Dj Monsta
Dj M.
19:53 20 Jun 19
Robert Maiorana
Robert M.
18:11 20 Jun 19
Very organized store and staff is very nice! Shout out to Sam for helping me today :)
Kayla B.
Kayla B.
14:51 20 Jun 19
Great in and out and they had exactly what I wanted I will definitely be coming back
Anthony Rogers
Anthony R.
14:44 20 Jun 19
Great service
Faith Tracey
Faith T.
11:11 20 Jun 19
Such friendly friendly workers, always a pleasure to see their smiling faces when picking up flower :)
Brittany Arato
Brittany A.
00:17 20 Jun 19
Flower in stock
angela foote
angela F.
18:24 19 Jun 19
Best prices that I have found in any of the dispensaries that I have been using. I love the selection and the staff is very efficient and friendly.
Roger Catron
Roger C.
17:28 19 Jun 19
LHS is an amazing dispensary in Palm Harbor! Beautiful store & the most helpful of employees (Genaro & Nick). Thanks to them I will be back again for sure!
Amanda Mitchell
Amanda M.
14:18 19 Jun 19
Staff is very informative and is willing to help you with what you need to feel better
Becky Dourado
Becky D.
01:42 19 Jun 19
Caroline is so sweet and helpful! I used to get my stuff delivered but the service has been stopped. So, I have visited this dispensary a couple of times. I love the level of professionalism I have received and the employees are all top notch!
Ruth Marie
Ruth M.
23:43 18 Jun 19
The staff at this dispensary are knowledgeable and professional. All my questions were answered. The products are good quality. They carry PAX vapes and this is the best so far for my needs. They are in a temporary location with only street parking. Difficult for any movement impaired person.
Cynthia Gould Gould
Cynthia Gould G.
15:19 17 Jun 19
Very clean neat Place. Fantastic products. Amazing staff. Highly recommended
Ghosts Are Real
Ghosts Are R.
05:14 17 Jun 19
Best dispensary in the area. All the other ones are horribly overpriced.
Vibrant Junglist
Vibrant J.
21:31 16 Jun 19
The store and staff are amazing. Great options. The transdermal patches work wonders.
Richard De La Cruz Jr.
Richard De La Cruz J.
20:22 16 Jun 19
Great service, with some awesome prices on flower, just $28 an eighth, and $12 pre-roll. Clean place with a great rewards program!
Luis M
Luis M
22:34 14 Jun 19
Awesome place to shop.
jason minner
jason M.
14:11 14 Jun 19
Blake Rice
Blake R.
13:58 14 Jun 19
Liechy Sanchez
Liechy S.
01:42 14 Jun 19
Great dispensary. Good value and knowledgeable staff. Way better than trueleve.
Aaron Higgs
Aaron H.
22:44 13 Jun 19
The people here are fantastic!
Khronos Studios Gaming
Khronos Studios G.
21:54 13 Jun 19
LOVE this place! Must check out!
Bridget Robison
Bridget R.
17:12 13 Jun 19
Sam is awesome!G is the best!Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! This is my go to dispensary!
Listings Manager
Listings M.
21:31 12 Jun 19
Clean, friendly, and very approachable. Product is of good to great quality, prices are better than I thought they would be.
[OG] Old Gamers 2M8ER
[OG] Old Gamers 2.
16:13 12 Jun 19
Very Nice Product..Will definitely Be Back..✌
KayaLove561 Nasir
KayaLove561 N.
14:35 12 Jun 19
Bruce N Vanessa
Bruce N V.
23:34 11 Jun 19
Thad and his staff are personable and welcoming. Glad to see a dispensary closer to home with great products and service!
Nessa Kretz
Nessa K.
21:15 11 Jun 19
This place looks great
Bob Kromphold
Bob K.
17:14 10 Jun 19
They are so helpful and pratice.
Stephanie OConnor
Stephanie O.
15:00 10 Jun 19
Logan Redmond
Logan R.
14:48 10 Jun 19
They are great up there
JR Amerind
01:01 10 Jun 19
Professional, great service and products.
Marilyn LeDuc
Marilyn L.
21:03 09 Jun 19
Adnahs DALG
Adnahs D.
17:20 09 Jun 19
Jolenny Piedra
Jolenny P.
16:44 09 Jun 19
This place is amazing. Awesome people Awesome customer service
Diamond Chasteen
Diamond C.
15:29 09 Jun 19
Lee Ann Leffew
Lee Ann L.
04:21 09 Jun 19
The staff here are very knowledgeable and polite. It's rarely busy here and the location is perfect. Easy to get in and out, there's also a lot of space inside and comfortable seating. The frosted glass provides a nice environment with muted light and a positive healing energy. :) Check it out!
Mike Thomas
Mike T.
00:22 09 Jun 19
Great staff, super friendly, helpful and fair prices.
Daniel Accola
Daniel A.
21:43 08 Jun 19
barry sutherland
barry S.
20:34 08 Jun 19
Very helpful
Lynne Ralston
Lynne R.
17:11 08 Jun 19
Awesome place great staff great inventory no wait time!
corey french
corey F.
17:08 08 Jun 19
Dinks doghouse
Dinks D.
16:58 08 Jun 19
Awesome customer service staff has knowledge of their product! 10 stars!!
Truman Schifferle
Truman S.
16:47 08 Jun 19
Very quick and Sam is the best sales man
Donna Rivera
Donna R.
15:55 08 Jun 19
Carlos Vargas
Carlos V.
15:23 08 Jun 19
Great place
peter kalessis
peter K.
14:03 08 Jun 19
Chris shattuck
Chris S.
13:37 08 Jun 19
Friendly staff. Clean place. Lowest flower prices around. Could stand to have more product availability.
Shawn Donadio
Shawn D.
08:26 08 Jun 19
Been there through the rough times, excellent staff, knowledgeable about product line.
Katrina Christensen
Katrina C.
23:26 07 Jun 19
I Have 2 Reason Why I Can't Give 5Stars🙊1 Is Because I Don't Like The Fact You Can't Pre-Order Certain Products (Mostly Pre-Rolls & Loose Cannabis) Online So You Have To Go In-Store BUT By Time You Get There There All Out🙄🤷🏾Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂And 2 The Website Isn't ALWAYS Accurate🤦🏽Online Maybe Saying🗣It's In Stock But When U Call📞OR DRIVE🚗💨ALL THE WAY THERE😤To Be Told Their Outta Stock🚫SMFH Besides That Their Great👍🏾Especially With The Prices So In My Opinion Liberty Has The Cheapest Cannabis Prices In Town. Customer Service Is Always Good & Friendly.
Ebony Anderson
Ebony A.
20:17 07 Jun 19
Nice place, will visit again!
Jeff Collins
Jeff C.
16:39 07 Jun 19
Prices are fair and the flower was good. The place is new and they are very accommodating. Glad to see a new addition to the dispensaries in Lee County.
Bud Bundy
Bud B.
15:23 07 Jun 19
Angel Rodriguez
Angel R.
00:32 07 Jun 19
It's a Blue Dream 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅
Jess Clack
Jess C.
21:12 06 Jun 19
Good dispensary. Top shelf concentrate. Amazing carts as well. The Marys Medical CBN is a great product. Tired the smokable flower (Blue Dream 18.3%THC) which was very nice too. Good prices on smokeables. 25% veteran discount which is badass. 10/10 would recommend. EDIT: Tried the Super A5 flower. WOW! 24.4% THC!
John Johnson
John J.
10:42 06 Jun 19
The staff at this store are wonderful! Very knowledgeable on their products and very willing to help and answer any questions. The store is clean and looks really nice seeing as how it used to be an old bank! :D they did a great job renovating and this store is exactly what Cape Coral needed!
Natalia Riccardi
Natalia R.
03:10 06 Jun 19
best dispensary around
Rick Grimes
Rick G.
23:47 05 Jun 19
Friendly professional staff. Out of crtain products sometimes however the products are great flower concentrates etc.
Orlando Alvarado
Orlando A.
23:08 05 Jun 19
The staff was extremely pleasant and helped me to make educated decisions. I was very satisfied with the overall experience,
Sheryl N.
Sheryl N.
07:21 05 Jun 19
Great staff. Tried oils and flower and its great! Highly recommend this place!
bryan danny
bryan D.
03:47 05 Jun 19
Myguys Bogoski
Myguys B.
20:43 04 Jun 19
Great place, nice people, fun to go.
Steven Greene
Steven G.
19:46 04 Jun 19
Bery nice and helpful staff..great place
12:31 04 Jun 19
Nice on the senses, sterile like but w the warmth of humanity. Staff friendly and knowledgeable. In and out service. Private consulting rooms,in case you want to consult w someone. This place is legit. And the prices are better than i could get on the street's.
Derbil Mc Dillet
Derbil Mc D.
05:36 04 Jun 19
Thad, Michael and all the staff in the Cape Coral location of Liberty Health Sciences are top notch in the business. They know their products well and they are the best at customer service. This place is hands down the best in the area for all your medical marijuana needs.
Steven Wallace
Steven W.
23:19 03 Jun 19
Steven Rains
Steven R.
16:15 03 Jun 19
Irene Von Leue
Irene Von L.
15:40 03 Jun 19
Autumn Caravona
Autumn C.
23:29 02 Jun 19
Good location, fast service. Clean place. Open now. No line no wait.will return soon.
J Billie
J B.
16:36 02 Jun 19
Great people
Elyssa Birchfield
Elyssa B.
20:44 01 Jun 19
Rob B
Rob B
17:57 01 Jun 19
Fig In Ybor
Fig In Y.
17:04 01 Jun 19
They are very Professional and Ultra Courteous !! Their Staff took time to put us at ease, explain the products ,and complete the purchase.We will be back !!
Tom Lewis
Tom L.
16:13 01 Jun 19
The staff at Liberty Health Sciences was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel at ease with my first purchase. I would definitely recommend them over any other company I've been to!!
Tiana Terry
Tiana T.
14:45 01 Jun 19
Top quality products, nice rewards program and always has my product in stock!!
Allison Crocker
Allison C.
10:23 01 Jun 19
Luis Cruz
Luis C.
00:32 01 Jun 19
Super friendly and fast customer service!!! I love these guys and gals!!
Tricia Henix
Tricia H.
19:54 31 May 19
Get points and get ur discounts its cheapers and awesome
Angela Frost
Angela F.
17:13 31 May 19
Friendly / Polite / Fast Service / Able to answer all Questions about products / Very Fair Pricing / Rewards program is awesome / This is my number 1 dispensary / Thank you Liberty
Don Otto
Don O.
16:53 31 May 19
Jeff Beatty
Jeff B.
23:23 30 May 19
Kimi Dodd
Kimi D.
21:25 30 May 19
The flower here is cheaper and better than anywhere else. Promise you wont be disappointed I shop truliev for crumble and other things but their flower is horrible. Oh and liberty has the pax! It's a little drive for me but they have really made it worth it
lorraine juarbe
lorraine J.
19:19 30 May 19
Awesome staff, great service! All ex military should visit this place!
Marc Taylor
Marc T.
18:11 30 May 19
Wow. No locked in glass doors very open floor plan. Very different from other place. Best deal in Florida on flower.
Thomas Braddy
Thomas B.
16:44 30 May 19
Beautiful facility I can't wait until they have more smokeables available in stock you better call ahead
Jeffrey Clayton
Jeffrey C.
15:29 30 May 19
Hands down best dispensary in SWFL. The staff and product are on point, I won't go anywhere else. Five stars!
Corrine Greenwood
Corrine G.
15:30 29 May 19
Sam and everyone was so helpful and treated me with excellent service. I look forward to being a customer for years to come. I have found my despencery! Thanks Sam!
Penny Clarson
Penny C.
19:32 27 May 19
Great medicine great prices and amazing staff
Fortnite King
Fortnite K.
16:23 27 May 19
vanesha wright
vanesha W.
23:53 26 May 19
Vincent Cerbini
Vincent C.
21:00 26 May 19
I went to the store in downtown Gainesville, & I love it. Their products are AMAZING ! & the workers are so nice & helpful. & hardly no wait time. (Compared to Trulieve-this is awesome.) I loved the cartridges! I get the indica-based ones. They only have 3 kinds,1 for each strain. The indica is "pineapple express". I think the hybrid is "I-A 25", or something ??, & “Blue Dream” for the Sativah-leaning strand. I'm usually a Trulieve customer, but heard this company was great, from my dr. He told me to try "Aphria", & said that they were a Canadian company coming to FL & merging locally. All of the weed is grown & processed in Alachua! & it is all natural. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It’s nice & thick, dark & robust tasting. I like it better than Trulieve's. & I love them. Their 500 mg cartridges r stronger than Trulieve’s regular kind! They're about 74+ thc (compared to Trulieve's 600 mg cartridges at about 54%) & the CBD oil is .4% (much of the time Trulieve's have no cbd oil at all-& cbd oil is very healing). & to top it off, the price is cheaper than Trulieve's. They both give u $75 off of $150 purchase as a new customer. Buttheir 500 mg cartridges are only $60 ($54 or less if u are a vet or have SNAP). I am very pleased. I wish they had crush & shatter, more flavors, but they are in their starting stages. I love this store & will be coming back! I would recommend it to anyone! It's great . I'm very satisfied!PS They also have free coffee-an awesome machine! A great treat! ☕️ 😋 def recommend Liberty🗽Health Sciences🧪
ShineOnU UCrazyDiamond
ShineOnU U.
02:10 25 May 19
Brandon Woodard
Brandon W.
01:02 25 May 19
Be Jammin
Be J.
22:08 24 May 19
Leonardo Vargas-galarza
Leonardo V.
19:27 24 May 19
Pretty fair
Sean Geisel
Sean G.
17:47 24 May 19
This was my first time here. The place is very big inside. It has a great open floor plan. It reminds me of a jewelry store. The different brands and items are in displays almost like a museum. The staff is personable and accommodating. I'll be back
carey copeland
carey C.
20:32 23 May 19
Great price 👍👌 guality
Robert Monticelli
Robert M.
20:24 23 May 19
Very friendly very helpful
Stephanie Justman
Stephanie J.
16:24 23 May 19
My favorite dispensary! These guys are always on top of their game and are able to answer any questions. They are all very nice and accommodating. Love their products! I highly recommend!
Cheryl Morrison
Cheryl M.
21:47 22 May 19
Very friendly place the staff is nice A+
21:13 22 May 19
Brad Smith
Brad S.
17:15 22 May 19
Very informative and friendly. I had a couple of questions and they were promptly answered. Thanks
Jose Almeida
Jose A.
16:41 22 May 19
Great customer service and prices!
16:08 22 May 19
vfrwy velez
vfrwy V.
18:31 20 May 19
B cottrell
B C.
17:51 20 May 19
You have your card there's no waiting you're taken care of and for first-time military veterans get a 25% discount the first time buyer and then they have a points club but they were very professional I recommend
Robert Pidcock
Robert P.
23:52 18 May 19
15:33 18 May 19
Brad Smith
Brad S.
17:53 17 May 19
I went to the store in orange park. Their products are AMAZING 😉! & the workers at orange park are so sweet & helpful! Grace was so accommodating. & NO wait time! (Except in the morning, from what I hear. Compared to Trulieve-this is awesome.) I loved the cartridges! I get the indica. They only have one kind right now (for each 3 strains-but this is in orange park-Gainesville is main store-so I’ll edit this when I visit here next week). I’m usually a Trulieve customer, but heard this company was great, from my dr. He told me to try “Aphria”, that they were a Canadian company coming to FL & merging locally. Most of the weed is grown in Alachua! & is all natural. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. I almost like it better than Trulieve’s. & their 500 mg cartridges r stronger! They’re 74+ thc (compared to Trulieve’s 600 mg cartridges at 54%) & the CBD oil is .4% (much of the time Trulieve’s have no cbd oil at all-& it’s very healing). & to top it off, the price is cheaper than Trulieve’s. They give u $75 off of $150 purchase as a new customer. & their 500 mg cartridges are only $60 ($50 if u are a vet or have SNAP). I am very pleased. I wish they had crush & shatter, more flavors, & that their cartridges vaped a little slower, but they are in their starting stages. I love this store & will be coming back! I would recommend it to anyone! It’s great 👍. I’m very satisfied!PS. & the Orange Park store had free coffee ☕️!! I love coffee & am always tired by the time I leave these places-so I pray the main Gainesville branch has free coffee ☕️ as well! I’m a coffee fiend! (Pls get coffee Gainesville branch.)
ShineOnU UCrazyDiamond
ShineOnU U.
13:08 17 May 19
Just got my card, first time in a dispensary, deer in headlights; Malakai was tremendous. He made the process educational and enjoyable. No need for another source.
Mario Alonso
Mario A.
18:07 16 May 19
Judy Jolley
Judy J.
16:23 16 May 19
1st of all the mass texting is great if only others would do the same 2nd nice show out lots of people at the door in response to the text, quick check in and out great prices on STAR KILLER flower 28 1/8th 2 per patient.
Jamie McClanahan
Jamie M.
14:58 16 May 19
Maria Hurley
Maria H.
21:23 15 May 19
Quality products with, in my opinion, more appropriate size and price increments. The staff is extremely helpful, as one in particular took time to show me how to use a more tech-type instrument. Also nice to not have to drive 1+ hours for great products.