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The Liberty Health Sciences suite of cannabis brands are tailored to providing patients with the best quality of life medicinal products on the market today.

*Products from some brands pending Florida Department of Health approval.

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Our LHS360 Innovation Campus is comprised of 250,000 square feet of growing and production capacity.

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What Patients Are Saying

High quality products, help informative staff, quick in and out. Great place with great people!
Jeb Bjorn
Jeb B.
23:16 23 Jan 20
Jodi Bayes
Jodi B.
20:46 23 Jan 20
Good deals and wonderful staff
Tree Sekaon
Tree S.
19:32 23 Jan 20
Very good service
Alejandro Delgado
Alejandro D.
17:44 23 Jan 20
Tyler Rivera
Tyler R.
12:56 23 Jan 20
jeannie lynn
jeannie L.
12:44 23 Jan 20
Family member is a patient and their prices are the best around! The staff is always helpful.
Dessa Dawn
Dessa D.
12:39 23 Jan 20
Real medicine
Jericho Malachi
Jericho M.
02:56 23 Jan 20
I love this team! I❤️❤️❤️❤️ Liberty!!
Maria Voulo
Maria V.
00:30 23 Jan 20
Wayne Woodham
Wayne W.
21:25 22 Jan 20
20:52 22 Jan 20
Solid prices for flower...A consistent product...Friendly Staff.
Bobby Wincott
Bobby W.
19:30 22 Jan 20
Great place, great prices. Every staff member is awesome!
Danny Trimino
Danny T.
16:59 22 Jan 20
Flower improved, price went up, more product was good, but often out, changed reward program to exclude flower a week before I earned enough points. Staff is always great though!
Mr. CannaBus
Mr. C.
20:43 21 Jan 20
Products are great but expensive
Vibrant Junglist
Vibrant J.
19:10 21 Jan 20