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The Liberty Health Sciences suite of cannabis brands are tailored to providing patients with the best quality of life medicinal products on the market today.

*Products from some brands pending Florida Department of Health approval.

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Our LHS360 Innovation Campus is comprised of 250,000 square feet of growing and production capacity.

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What Patients Are Saying

Nice people
Patrick McAuliffe
Patrick M.
02:43 15 Sep 19
Nice clean. Place the get you in and out. Check your order before you got to make sure you have it and it's in the boxes and container . I have had empty boxes. But I return the box the next day with bactch# and all and it was replace. They are very helpful. Only complaints are they need their discounts to apply on all the stuff like flower and pax not just the liberty vape cartridges. Would help get more people in there . Most other desperately give all discounts on all and allow you to stcck them
James Graham
James G.
00:19 15 Sep 19
Quick convenient and a great idea to put in a bank vault
Dakota Boyd
Dakota B.
20:20 14 Sep 19
Very good place to go . Sale personal. Nice and knowledgable.took a few things. But mostly the A5"nevilles haze was the reason for being there"of course .great products/staff ..but more re variety though.
stephen roldan
stephen R.
20:07 14 Sep 19
Great employees and pretty good product. Not enough variety is the biggest issue.
Kasey Haggerty
Kasey H.
19:02 14 Sep 19
debbie scott
debbie S.
18:30 14 Sep 19
Very nice place and helpful staff! I look forward to going back!
Eric C
Eric C
00:25 14 Sep 19
Slider Johnson
Slider J.
00:01 14 Sep 19
Love the staff here very helpful♡☆thank you
Anna Edwards
Anna E.
20:20 13 Sep 19
Great prices, great people, and product. Sometimes a little hectic, but generally a smooth experience.
Chris Badger
Chris B.
17:36 13 Sep 19
I went to the store in downtown Gainesville, & I love it. Best medical mj place in FL.Their products are AMAZING ! & the workers are so nice & helpful.& hardly no wait time.I loved the cartridges. I get the indica-based ones. They have 3 kinds, 1 for each strain. The indica is "pineapple express". I think the hybrid is "Super A-25", & “Blue Dream” for the Sativah-leaning strand. I heard this company was great, from my Dr. He told me to try "Aphria", & said that they were a Canadian company coming to FL & merging locally. All of the weed is grown & processed in Alachua! & it is all natural. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It’s nice & thick, dark & robust tasting. I like it better than Trulieve's & Curaleaf’s. For the flower, they have “Super-A-25” for the indica-based flower, “blue dream” for the sativa-based flower, “Jack Frost” for the hybrid, & they’re getting a new indica-strain called “StarFlower”, soon.Their 500 mg cartridges r stronger than Trulieve’s regular kind! They're about 74%+thc (compared to Trulieve's 600 mg cartridges at about 54%) & the CBD oil is about .4% (much of the time Trulieve's have no cbd oil at all-& cbd oil is very healing). & to top it off, the price is cheaper than Trulieve's & Curaleaf. & Curaleaf uses a chemical to cut their vapes-& it is DISGUSTING! I couldn’t finish their cartridge. They all give u $75 off of $150 purchase as a new customer. Buttheir 500 mg cartridges are only $60 ($54 or less if u are a vet or have SNAP). I am very pleased. They also have many other products-like PAX vapes, & Mary’s products (transdermal patches etc). I love this store & will be coming back! I would recommend it to anyone! It's great . I'm very satisfied!PS They also have free coffee-an awesome machine! A great treat! ☕️ 😋 def recommend Liberty🗽Health Sciences🧪PPS The one thing that sort of sucks, is that they don’t give u ur discounts on the flower anymore.. & u can’t use ur loyalty points on the flower anymore. Good thing I like their Aphria cartridges & Mary Products. I understand, tho. They sell their products for such a Low price already-& they have to stay competitive & still make money. -emily
ShineOnU UCrazyDiamond
ShineOnU U.
14:28 13 Sep 19
Update: Liberty seems to have ironed out the kinks in its supply lines. Since publishing my original review, I have had no further out-of-stock encounters. The flower is reliable, tasty and AFFORDABLE.I dinged them a star because they have a counselor who is brusque, dismissive and kept talking over me.The rest of the staff is top-notch: friendly, knowledgable and helpful. James, in particular, is awesome! He has the patience of a saint even when dealing with difficult patients (which I can be).Original: I don't know how this place can call itself a medical treatment facility when they cannot keep their main product in stock. I have never gone into Walgreens and had them tell me "oh sorry, we're out of your heart medication, how about some antidepressants instead?" Their website and literature are full of flowery language about how much they care for their patients, but it doesn't bother them in the least that their incompetence is leaving people untreated.They don't offer discounts, rain checks or anything else to compensate for their failings, just a shrug and a smile. My black market supplier was more reliable.They get an extra star for having the cheapest flower prices -- when it's in stock.
Mike Kaiser
Mike K.
14:16 13 Sep 19
Gisel Rolon
Gisel R.
19:18 12 Sep 19
Keri Beal
Keri B.
18:46 12 Sep 19
Everything is always great!!
Shawntee smith
Shawntee S.
16:54 12 Sep 19